Innovative Embroidery Designs for Children

Machine Embroidery

Embroidery is a great way to dress up your family’s clothing and accessories.  Embroidered apparel has a unique appeal and looks very modern and attractive. Whether you have a newborn baby, active toddler, teenager or even young adult child, making clothes for them is always exciting.  Seeing your family dolled up in cute outfits is always a joy for any parent, hence, it is natural to be keen on creating trendy and comfortable outfits for your loved ones of all ages.

Younger children are especially fun to create fabric projects for.  Embroidery for kids can be customized to include designs that your little one will love.  There are great embroidery designs online available these days. Get in touch with other crafters at the most popular site where you can get embroidery designs of all types, including cute designs for kids.

Embroidering clothing for kids is special when you personalize the project by including favorite action or cartoon characters. You can also include their names or initials embroidered on the article for a personal touch. Embroidered outfits are always welcomed gifts on special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, Baptism, and more. This article talks about some innovative ideas, using high quality embroidery designs and your imagination to create children’s outfits and accessories.

Animal Embroidery Designs

Animals such as elephants, turtles, dolphins, dinosaurs, bears, ducks, (the list goes on and on), are absolutely loved by young people. Check the most popular embroidery design store to find unique designs using these animal figures. Animals can be embroidered using bright, colorful thread and unique embroidery stitches, making them stand-out on clothes. The possibilities are endless. You can also request custom embroidery designs featuring animal patterns for any time of the year. Embroidered designs of animals look fabulous on onesies, t-shirts, bibs, etc.

Princess Themed Patterns

Little girls love everything to do with princesses. Your online embroidery store has many princess designs, which you can customize for your girls. Princess embroidery patterns done in pretty, girly colors such as pinks, purples, soft greens and blues, etc. are very appealing. To further enhance your embroidery using a princess theme, consider including other girly details such as a crown, magic wand, or other details.  For a final touch, have your sweetheart’s name embroidered on the item you are embellishing. Princess themed embroidery looks great on little girls’ apparel, organizers, back-packs, purses, and more.

Teddy Bear Embroidery Designs

Teddy bears are loved by “kids” of all ages. This very popular embroidery theme has been a mainstay for generations. Sweet teddies look great on kids’ clothing, quilts, hooded towels, pillows, cloth books, bibs and more. Don’t get stuck thinking you have to use brown or black all the time. The perfect teddy bear is often in various colors that can be quite unexpected and will create admiration in others when they see the article he is embroidered on. For an innovative touch when using a teddy bear embroidery design, customize it by also including other animals.  This can create a fun and playful embroidery or applique design which is truly one of a kind. Elephants, lady bugs, unicorns, bumble bees, etc. are some of the other popular cute animals that can be included alongside Teddy in your next embroidery project.

Embroidery Designs

Embroidered Toys and Games

Did you know you can custom design darling stuffed toys and fun games for your kids, making them feel special, using thoughtful embroidered patterns?   Embroidered games and toys can be made with “minky”, an extra soft and plush fabric that is frequently used for baby and young children projects.  You can even use “faux fur” along with other types of fabric to create toys that will give them sensory pleasure as they touch and play with them.  A quilt made with a plush fabric and cute embroidered cards in pretty colors can be used to make a fun memory game, which is a big hit with kids of all ages. Embroidered finger puppets and cloth books in colorful threads are more ways to teach kids numbers, colors, letters, shapes, and more.

OregonPatchWorks Premium Embroidery Designs Mall has a vast library of online embroidery designs that are available for instant download, including many samples and bonus offers.  So get your embroidery machine set up, choose your favorite fabrics and colors and start stitching your next embroidered masterpiece now!



Unique Designs to Customize Your Jeans

Looking for embroidery designs to customize your jeans, shorts, or jackets? We have compiled a list of 5 unique embroidery design sets that you can use on your old jeans, pants, jackets etc. and give it a new, fresh look. You can also customize your new jeans too and personalize them to your heart’s content.  Check out these unique embroidery designs below.

1) Floral Music Notes –

Floral Music Notes set is digitized by designer “Ace Points.” This set features 10 unique floral embroidery designs. These work perfectly to revive old jeans. Just stitch them anywhere on your jeans and get ready to flaunt your new style. These music designs are available in three different hoop sizes including 4 x 4, 5 x 5, and 6 x 6.

View Floral Music Notes here


2) Floral Golden Glow ­–

Floral Golden Glow set is digitized by designer “Threads Of Time.” These pretty one color embroidery designs are shown here in golden color threads, you can use any colors you wish. You can use these designs for any of your projects.  They look especially great on jeans. This set features 10 unique embroidery patterns, available in the hoop sizes of 4 x 4 and 5 x 7.

View Floral Golden Glow here


3) Decorative Dolphins –

Decorative Dolphins set is digitized by designer “Erina’s Designs.” This set features 6 unique dolphin designs. You can add them on your jeans, cushion covers, towels, and more. These designs feature lots of decorative details. This set is available in the hoop size of 5 x 7.

View Decorative Dolphins here


4) Tattoo Jeans –

Tattoo Jeans set is digitized by designer “Creations By Kara.” This set features 12 unique embroidery patterns with project instructions on how to take your jeans and make them into new fabulous and fashionable creations. These design sizes vary from the smallest design 86 mm x 74 mm to the largest design 112 mm x 316 mm.

View Tattoo Jeans here


5) Yin Yang In Damask –

Yin Yang In Damask set is digitized by designer “All stitch.” These designs stitches out beautifully and easily. This set features a truly versatile collection that can be used for towels, linens, decor items, table clothes, and more. This Yin Yang set has 20 beautiful designs, available in the hoop size of 5 x 7.

View Yin Yang In Damask here


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5 Embroidery Designs for Your Thanksgiving Decorations

As Thanksgiving is almost here, have you started planning your Thanksgiving celebration yest and how you will be decorating your home?  Surprise your friends and family this year by creating beautiful projects with unique embroidery designs on them.  Here are 5 new embroidery ideas to beautify your home or to give as hostess gifts for the Thanksgiving occasion.

1) Thanksgiving Mylar With Project –

Thanksgiving Mylar With Project set is digitized by designer “Sewaz Designs.” It features beautiful autumn designs including 4 leaves, a cornucopia, and pumpkin basket. They are perfect for Thanksgiving decorations, fast and easy to stitch out. The leaf designs are available in the hoop size of 4×4, cornucopia in 5×7, and pumpkin basket in 6×10 hoop size. This set also includes instructions to create the table topper and table runner.

View Thanksgiving Mylar With Project Set here

Thanksgiving Mylar With Embroidery Project 

2) Thankful Bunting –

Thankful Bunting set is digitized by designer “Embroidershoppe.” You can hang a THANKFUL above the fireplace, at your front door or any place you want to welcome guests with love and warmth into your home during this time of gratitude. This ‘in-the-hoop’ project is done in the 5x 7 hoop. It is easy to stitch and will catch everybody’s attention.

View Thankful Bunting Set here

Thankful Bunting Embroidery Designs

3) Happy Thanksgiving –

Happy Thanksgiving set is digitized by designer “Sweet Heirloom Embroidery.” This set features 16 unique Thanksgiving embroidery designs. They are perfect for decorating you’re the kitchen, living room, dining room and more etc. during Thanksgiving. Done in a color linework technique, they stitch up very quickly and give a vintage appeal to your table settings.  This set is available in three different hoop sizes including 4×4, 5×5, and 6×6.

View Happy Thanksgiving Set here

Happy Thanksgiving Embroidery Designs 

4) Thanksgiving Collection –

Thanksgiving Collection set is digitized by designer “Babynucci Embroidery Designs.” This darling set features 10 unique embroidery designs in a colorful, fun look. You can use these designs for your kid’s clothes and to decorate their room too. These 10 unique designs are available in different hoop sizes including 4×4 and 5×7.

View Thanksgiving Collection Set here

Thanksgiving Embroidery Collection

5) Give Thanks –

Give Thanks set is digitized by designer “Wind Bell Embroidery.” The set features 10 unique embroidery designs. It will help you to get ready for the holiday. These designs are perfect for wall hangings, cushion covers, and wall paintings, kitchen towels, pot holders, placemats, aprons, etc. This collection is available in two different hoop sizes including 4×4 and 5×5.

 View Give Thanks Set here

Give Thanks Embroidery

We wish you a very happy upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday! For more designs, you can visit The OPW Mall – where YOU are always #1.

10 Machine Embroidery Designs to Enhance Your Cushion and Pillow Covers

Every New Year we get an artistic desire to inspire our regulars to create something new.  This year, we are going to help you design bright and beautiful cushion covers that will surely enhance your home decor.

Check these beautiful machine embroidery designs for your cushion covers:

  1. Simple Flowers Pincushions – A lovely set of pincushions designed by JHB Creation. These designs are done in the hoop and may require some amount of hand sewing. These embroidery designs are available in the hoop size of 5X7.

Cushion Cover Embroidery

Image Credits: JHB CREATIONS

2. Primerose Pincushions – These cushion embroidery designs are perfect to               enhance the look of your room. It could be a perfect gift for your mother or an old friend.     The Primerose Pincushion set by digitizer “Garden Of Daisies” is available in the hoop         size of 4X4.
Cushion Cover Embroidery

                                            Image Credits: GARDEN OF DAISIES

3. Iris Cushion – “One of our favorite” – This 3D machine embroidery design by           “Enchanting Designs” is an exquisite 3D flower with lavender and magenta colors. This       3D Organza Iris flower will look gorgeous on quilts, cushion covers, hangings, handbags,     quilts or table decors. But remember that this flower needs to be hand stitched to the           cushion with the help of few stitches. This set of design is available in the hoop sizes of         5X7 and 4X4. Applique instructions also included!

Cushion Cover Embroidery


4. Quilted Christmas Pillows Combo – The quilted Christmas pillow combo include 4      rectangular embroidery designs. The center of the pillows is quilted in the hoop and              borders are attached while still in the hoop. These quilted Christmas pillow covers are          for standard travel size pillows. You will also receive a plain, quilted center without any       design by ordering this Christmas Pillow Combo. The set is available in the hoop size of       6X12.

Pillow Cover Embroidery

Image Credits: OMA’S PLACE

5. Aljay Seasonal Trees Set 1 Large – Aljay Seasonal Trees Set 1 Large by digitizer              “Aljay Designs” is a set of 12 different tree designs. The set contains tree designs for             each season as well as label for each season in horizontal and vertical format. These             designs are perfect to create beautiful cushions or wall hangings. You can also download     the step by step instructions of this design for free on our website. This set is available in     the hoop size of 127 X 178 Mm (5 X 7 Inches).

Cushion Cover Embroidery Designs

Image Credits: ALJAY DESIGNS

6. Silk Rose Cushions – Beautiful roses embroidered on stylish silk dupione will be perfect for enhancing décor of any room. Give an elegant look to your cushions with “Silk Rose Cushions” designs. The finished cushion size is 15 ½ x 15 ½ inch and detailed instructions for the placement of embroidery design is also available.

Cushion Cover Embroidery Designs

Image Credits: DESIGNS 4 AFRICA

7. Pams Pillows – Pams Pillows is a set of 11 different designs. The flowers are quilted         and then assembled and added to the pillows. There is a set of complete instructions for     the flowers and the pillows available with the designs. You can also use them to make           wonderful gifts! Designs are available in hoop size of 5X7.

Cushion Cover Embroidery Designs

Image Credits: PAM’S 3D DESIGNS

8. Applique African Pots Scatter Cushion – Scatter cushions by Erina’s Designs can        easily spruce up your living room or bedroom. The finished size of cushion is 12″ by 12″        and it is available in the hoop size of 5X7. Step by step instructions can be downloaded        in PDF format. Don’t forget to check the special offers by this digitizer.

Cushion Cover Embroidery Designs

Image Credits: ERINA’S DESIGNS

9. In The Hoop Beautiful Cushion – Digitized by “U&I Unique Embroidery,” this in          the hoop beautiful cushion designs are available in size 9 x 6 ¾ inches. This design also      comes with picture instructions.

Cushion Cover Embroidery Designs


10. Embroidered Cushion Carmella – This elegant free standing lace design with                flower embroidery pillow case by digitizer “Embroidered Necessity” is available at                discounted prices. You can find full instructions in a PDF format when you buy the               design.

      Cushion Cover Embroidery Designs

                                            Image Credits: EMBROIDERED NECESSITY

 These beautiful cushion cover designs will not only enhance the decor of your home but    will also gratify the creative embroiderer in you! Visit OPW Mall today for latest machine embroidery designs. Come often…stay long…enjoy much!

Best Machine Embroidery Designs