As Thanksgiving is almost here, have you started planning your Thanksgiving celebration yest and how you will be decorating your home?  Surprise your friends and family this year by creating beautiful projects with unique embroidery designs on them.  Here are 5 new embroidery ideas to beautify your home or to give as hostess gifts for the Thanksgiving occasion.

1) Thanksgiving Mylar With Project –

Thanksgiving Mylar With Project set is digitized by designer “Sewaz Designs.” It features beautiful autumn designs including 4 leaves, a cornucopia, and pumpkin basket. They are perfect for Thanksgiving decorations, fast and easy to stitch out. The leaf designs are available in the hoop size of 4×4, cornucopia in 5×7, and pumpkin basket in 6×10 hoop size. This set also includes instructions to create the table topper and table runner.

View Thanksgiving Mylar With Project Set here

Thanksgiving Mylar With Embroidery Project 

2) Thankful Bunting –

Thankful Bunting set is digitized by designer “Embroidershoppe.” You can hang a THANKFUL above the fireplace, at your front door or any place you want to welcome guests with love and warmth into your home during this time of gratitude. This ‘in-the-hoop’ project is done in the 5x 7 hoop. It is easy to stitch and will catch everybody’s attention.

View Thankful Bunting Set here

Thankful Bunting Embroidery Designs

3) Happy Thanksgiving –

Happy Thanksgiving set is digitized by designer “Sweet Heirloom Embroidery.” This set features 16 unique Thanksgiving embroidery designs. They are perfect for decorating you’re the kitchen, living room, dining room and more etc. during Thanksgiving. Done in a color linework technique, they stitch up very quickly and give a vintage appeal to your table settings.  This set is available in three different hoop sizes including 4×4, 5×5, and 6×6.

View Happy Thanksgiving Set here

Happy Thanksgiving Embroidery Designs 

4) Thanksgiving Collection –

Thanksgiving Collection set is digitized by designer “Babynucci Embroidery Designs.” This darling set features 10 unique embroidery designs in a colorful, fun look. You can use these designs for your kid’s clothes and to decorate their room too. These 10 unique designs are available in different hoop sizes including 4×4 and 5×7.

View Thanksgiving Collection Set here

Thanksgiving Embroidery Collection

5) Give Thanks –

Give Thanks set is digitized by designer “Wind Bell Embroidery.” The set features 10 unique embroidery designs. It will help you to get ready for the holiday. These designs are perfect for wall hangings, cushion covers, and wall paintings, kitchen towels, pot holders, placemats, aprons, etc. This collection is available in two different hoop sizes including 4×4 and 5×5.

 View Give Thanks Set here

Give Thanks Embroidery

We wish you a very happy upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday! For more designs, you can visit The OPW Mall – where YOU are always #1.


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