What Makes OregonPatchWorks Stand Out From Other Machine Embroidery Services?

Are you an embroidery enthusiast who is in search of a machine embroidery service that offers the very best selection of quality designs?  Make OregonPatchWorks your first choice, as there is no other machine embroidery service that has such an extensive selection of designs, all digitized to perfection. Over the past 17 years, OregonPatchWorks has emerged as the most reputed machine embroidery digitizing services available.

Let’s quickly have a look at a few of the reasons that make OregonPatchWorks stand out from all the other machine embroidery services.

Sizzling Summer Deals and Discounts

Time and again, OregonPatch Works offers great discounts on their designs. Many of the designers at OPW run special offers on their unique line of embroidery designs on a regular basis. Currently, OPW is running the “Summer Sizzle Sale”, offering great discounts on thousands of designs. Based on your individual interests and choices, you can pick up quality designs and save money also. The OPW Mall’s embroidery design gallery has almost any type of embroidery design that you can think of.

Exceptional Services To All Customers, All The Time!

At OPW, every customer is treated equally. It doesn’t matter whether you a return customer or shopping for the first time. The staff at OPW will not leave any stone unturned if you run into an issue or have questions. They will assist you in a couteous, friendly manner and provide you with an answer to all your queries. As a customer, you are welcome to contact the OPW staff as often as you need to. Customer satisfaction has and will always remain the top priority for the staff at OPW. Need to try a few samples before you start shopping? OPW offers free samples for trial purposes.  There is a whole page available to everyone. And when you subscribe to the newsletter, you gain access to the Members Only area that has hundreds of exclusive free designs, not offered anywhere else.You will also receive announcements about the latest designs, deals and discounts that are on offer each week.

Create Your Own Unique Embroidery Design

The machine embroidery designs offered by OPW enable embroidery enthusiasts to create their own unique and visually appealing projects. Use your imagination to create one-of-kind masterpieces with the wide range of machine embroidery designs available .There are endless ideas like placements, fabric, mug rugs, table runners, cushions, napkin monograms and many more where an embroiderer can explore and express their own creativity. All these designs are available for immediate download and at very competitive prices.

Summing Up

OregonPatchWorks is a one-stop shop that offers a diverse range of high-quality embroidery designs. The nearly 100 outstanding digitizers housed by OPW are always committed to offer amazing embroidery designs that are hard to find anywhere else. All the OPW customers enjoy the very best experience when shopping for designs and always get their money’s worth.

So, what are you still waiting for? All you need to do is visit today, start browsing and select the embroidery design of your choice to get started. As an OPW customer, you will never be disappointed.


Expansive Collection of Machine Embroidery Designs at OregonPatchWorks

Embroidery Designs
With the plethora of embroidery digitizing services out there, picking out the best can prove to be a tedious job. As an embroidery enthusiast, there are quite a few factors you need to consider while making the final choice for any of the services. The service should offer you a wide collection of all the latest embroidery designs at competitive prices, as well as outstanding customer serve. So, if you are among those who are in search of an embroidery digitizing service like this, you are about to hear of the very place that combines these attributes.

OregonPatchWorks is a leading machine embroidery digitizing service that has an expansive collection of embroidery designs. All the designs delivered by it are digitized to perfection which means that as a customer you will be provided with top-notch designs, every time. The nearly 100 machine embroidery digitizers constantly work towards delivering beautiful and unique designs to each and every customer.

OPW Mall: Your One-Stop Embroidery Design Gallery

The OPW Mall’s embroidery design gallery features every imagineable embroidery design to  meet the needs of all types of embroiderers. It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional or an amateur, you will be able to find nearly any type of design. Customers are able to choose conveniently from this wide selection of embroidery designs in one convenient shopping experience and pick out the best for their projects. All the customers are provided with immediate electronic delivery which enables them to download their orders easily when they purchase them. Customers can even order backup CDs or USB drives where each backup consists of 15 collections.

Customers are Always First

OregonPatchWorks believes in excellent customer services and always delivers, thanks to its knowledgeable and friendly staff. For all staff members at OPW, customer satisfaction is the highest priority. The daily addition of new embroidery designs ensures that the customers are always provided with the latest and greatest in the field of embroidery. OPW staff takes pride in answering the queries of its customers. Ask any of the many return customers why they continue to shop at OPW Mall, year after year!

Keep Up-to-Date With the Latest Offers

As a customer at OPW, you will be offered all the latest deals and discounts on embroidery designs. You can also enjoy exclusive free designs, available to OPW members only.  All you need to do to become a member is subscribe to OPW’s newsletter to be kept updated with all the latest that is on offered and to gain access to the exclusive designs. Many of the designers at OPW run special discounts often on their embroidery designs which will enable you to save many of your dollars.

Summing Up

Still looking for reasons to choose OregonPatchWorks? Don’t wait. Just visit the website and get started. OregonPatchWorks will ensure that you get the desired embroidery designs related to your individual requirements or projects.  At OPW Mall, YOU are always #1 !

OregnPatchWorks: High-Grade Machine Embroidery Designs All Under One Roof

Embroidery Designs (1)
OregonPatchWorks has been a pioneer in delivering a multitude of high-quality and visually appealing machine embroidery designs for years now. It has become one of the most trusted embroidery digitizing services out there. At OregonPatchWorks, as an embroidery enthusiast, you will be able to find all sorts of designs. There is something which is available for every occasion or purpose.

Now, we are going to have a look at a few of the reasons that make OregonPatchWorks stand out of the competition.

Designs Digitized to Perfection:
OregonPatchWorks (OPW) Mall’s embroidery design gallery features a wide range of designs all that have been digitized to perfection. With nearly 100 machine embroidery digitizers, OPW delivers a brilliant array of high-grade designs are delivered to you. This means that as a customer there is no need to look at other embroidery digitizing services. The design gallery will ensure that you will be able to enjoy designs which are quite diverse and specific to different purposes and occasions. It features almost any design that you can possibly think of.

Create Your Own Personalized Designs:
The machine embroidery designs offered by OregonPatchWorks will enable you to create visually appealing and high-quality finished designs. There is no limit as you will be able to use your imagination to the wide range of machine embroidery designs that are available for immediate download. All these designs can be accessed at very competitive prices. A few of the popular types of machine embroidery designs at OPW include cross stitch, applique, fill stitch, free standing lace, redwork, shadow work, photostitch and many more. Choose any design which you feel is perfect for your project and get started.

Grab the Latest Deals:
OregonPatchWorks offers its esteemed customers some amazing bonus offers and frequent specials. As a customer, with OPW you will be able to get the most out of your investment. To keep yourself updated with all the latest happenings all you got to do is subscribe to the weekly newsletter. In addition to weekly exclusive free samples, you will receive all the announcements regarding the latest designs and samples. There are many free samples that are available on the website. The designers at OPW run special offers which will enable you to save a few of your dollars on the hobby you love best.

Impeccable Customer Service:
Serving customers in the best possible manner is the sole aim of the knowledgeable staff at OPW. Due to this, most of the customers served have stuck with OPW for a very long time. The staff at OPW ensures that every customer is delivered with a service that makes them come back for their embroidery designs, time and time again. All the customers are served equally and they can easily contact the staff whenever they feel the need to, through live chat, email and toll free phone service.

Summing Up:
OregonPatchWorks, as an embroidery digitizing service has been able to build a name for itself among its customers. The expansive customer base served by it is enough to portray the trust that OPW has been able to muster over the years.  Check out the 500+ 5-star ratings on Google! www.tinyurl.com/OregonPatchWorks

So what are you waiting for? Choose OregonPatchWorks as your embroidery digitizing partner and get high-quality embroidery designs and excellent service.


What Makes OregonPatchWorks the Preferred Choice for Machine Embroidery Designs ?

Machine embroidery designs have revolutionalized the whole art of embroidery. Gone are the days when engraving embroidery designs on a fabric or other materials proved to be a cumbersome task. The manual process of embroidery requires a lot of patience and skill from the embroiderer. However, with the advent of computerized embroidery machines, this process has eased off. All you need to do is look for an
embroidery digitizing service. One such service is OregonPatchWorks which will offer you stunning range of machine embroidery designs.

OregonPatchWorks has become the preferred choice of millions all over the globe who are in search of high-quality embroidery designs. Below I am going to highlight a few of the points which showcase that OregonPatchWorks is the perfect one-stop shop for the embroidery design enthusiasts.

Plethora of Machine Embroidery Designs

The embroidery designs which are available at the OregonPatchWorks Premium Embroidery Design Mall (OPW Mall) are quite diverse. All the designs have been digitized to perfection which includes fill stitch, free standing lace, appliqué, shadow work, cutwork, cross stitch embroidery designs and many more. As a customer, you will be able to enjoy the designs in the form of monograms, alphabets, art deco, floral, vintage embroidery designs and a lot more. All sorts of holiday designs for Christmas, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Halloween etc. are exclusively catered by the OPW mall. There are more than 100 brilliant digitizers of machine embroidery who are dedicated to offering beautiful and unique styles.

Irresistible Deals and Discounts

The standout aspect of the embroidery designs available at the OPW mall is the deals and discount embroidery designs that are offered. As a customer, all you need to do is subscribe to the newsletter and you will be offered with all the latest stuff directly in your inbox and get an edge over others. You will be able to enjoy the free designs, giveaways, discounts and special offers. Most of the designers run special offers on the various embroidery designs every week.

Courteous and Customer Centric Service

The sole aim of each and every staff member at the OPW mall is to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction. The value of the time and money of the customers is kept in high regard. All the queries will be answered by the OPW mall staff which is dedicated to assisting their customers. The reason behind the impromptu service is to keep all the customers happy and make them feel special.

Final Thoughts

A premium embroidery design mall, OregonPatchWorks is the perfect destination to convert your dreams into a reality. The diversity in the embroidery designs which are available at the OPW mall is one of the prime aspects why embroidery enthusiasts prefer it. As an amateur, there is so much to learn from the embroidery tutorials.

So, are you in search of an embroidery digitizing service? If yes, then OregonPatchWorks should be your choice. It is a comprehensive embroidery service that has enough designs to meet the demands of embroidery lovers.

5 Amazing 3D Embroidery Designs To Create Unique Projects

Looking for outstanding embroidery designs to create unique 3D projects? Try your hand at stitching up these eye-popping 3-D embroidery designs. Bursting with colors, these amazing 3D projects will give positive vibes to your home and make excellent gifts.

1) 3D Christmas Dragon Ball –

3D Christmas Dragon Ball set is digitized by designer “Oriental Embroidery.” This ball is perfect for home decoration. This set is available in 8 different formats and fits the hoop size of 5×7. You’ll also get a PDF tutorial along with this set.

View 3D Christmas Dragon Ball here

3D Christmas Dragon Embroidery Ball

2) Tree Ornaments Set –

Tree Ornaments set is digitized by designer “Enigma Embroidery.” These beautiful ornaments are easy to sew and quick to make. You can use these embroidery designs to decorate any corner of your home (and your tree, of course). This set features 12 unique embroidery designs that fits the hoop size of 4×4.

View Tree Ornaments here

Tree Ornaments Embroidery Set

3) FSL Bow And Red Hat Bowls –

FSL Bow And Red Hat Bowls set is digitized by designer “Artistic Designs.” These bowls are perfect to decorate tables at your home or to give as a gift to your red hat friends. You also get a bowl decorated with FSL bows, great for Christmas or any occassision. You can use these bowls to store candies, potpourri and any small items. This set is available in the hoop size of 4×4.

View FSL Bow And Red Hat Bowls here

FSL Bow And Red Hat Bowls Embroidery Designs

4) ITH Butterfly Dreams Sq Tissue Box Cover –

ITH Butterfly Dreams Sq Tissue Box Cover set is digitized by designer “JHB Creations.” This tissue box cover is made ‘In-The-Hoop’ and fits the hoop size of 5×7. You can use this beautiful, decorative tissue box to store tissues in your home and workplace or to give as gifts.

View ITH Butterfly Dreams Sq Tissue Box Cover here

ITH Butterfly Dreams Sq Tissue Box Cover Machine Embroidery

5) 3D Roses And Umbrella –

3D Roses And Umbrella set is digitized by designer “Enchanting Designs.” These embroidery designs are perfect for cushion covers, wall hangings, table covers, and more. This set is available in two different hoop sizes 5×7 and 6×10.

View 3D Roses And Umbrella here

3D Roses And Umbrella Machine Embroidery Designs and Patterns

If you loved reading about and viewing these beautiful designs, share this page with your friends. For more fantastic embroidery designs, visit The OPW Mall – where YOU are always #1.


Perfect Embroidery Designs ; Patterns For Your Projects

It was early afternoon today when my son and I realized that we hadn’t seen our two kittens since early morning. On any normal day, this wouldn’t have been much of a concern. On a moving day, though, all bets are off. Especially when the kittens’ favorite hiding place is inside the couch and those couches have been fully encapsulated with cardboard and tape.

It’s not a good feeling to think of what could have happened. Luckily, with the help of the movers, we were able to find them and remove them from the couch before it began its 12-week journey. The scare was horrid, but the joy at finding them soon overshadowed it. Still, I was rattled for quite a while.

I find myself responding like this more often these days when creating my beloved machine embroidery designs. Once I get the machine set up and going, I tend to do other things until the next color stop. If I leave the room, I keep an ear open for audible changes that could signal disaster. After four years here in Greece, my embroidery machine is making strange noises more and more. Taking it to the dealer for service is something I look forward to.

The problems got worse and worse as the noises became more frequent. I became flustered thinking that I was somehow forgetting my knowledge of machine embroidery. I thought the mistakes were my fault, instead of the fault of a machine that needs some tender loving care. Regardless, each mistake or problem makes me more jumpy than the last. Finally, I watched every stitch as it formed. That, along with listening closely, helped me to finish more projects.

When I become nervous about something, I do a lot of research on the subject until I feel certain that I can overcome any issues. With embroidery, I end up at my favorite embroidery design gallery instead. It’s so much more interesting than reading about a million and one machine problems. I’d much rather be finding new embroidery patterns! And I’m always guaranteed of finding a new free embroidery design for my efforts. Much more fun than research!

Now that I’m an experienced embroidery artist, I think I need to remind myself of the lessons I learned as a newcomer. It’s important to take time to get the project hooped properly. Take a little more time to study the embroidery designs before they stitch so that I am familiar with them. Then, just stitch. If it gets messed up, it gets messed up. There will always be some flaws or issues with machine embroidery, so it’s important to just go with it as much as possible. Agonizing over mistakes or what ifs will only suck all the joy out of the endeavor.

One thing that I do enjoy about watching every stitch form, though, is the knowledge I gain in how each embroidery design is created; how the beauty forms. If mistakes didn’t occur, I probably wouldn’t remember to take the great opportunity of this. Much like my cats hiding in a sofa and scaring me so badly, mistakes in embroidery offers a wonderful silver lining.

My number one tip is to just enjoy the calm after the storm, although dancing in the rain can be fun, too.

Embroidery- Let the creativity flow

This has been a weird sort of week. First, we have a house guest; a female friend of my son visiting from Finland. Then, my husband who usually works a 2-day-on/2-day-off shift schedule is in a class for two weeks. That means instead of coming home after his 48-hour shift, he’s in class and only gets to come home a couple of nights each week. It’s really messing with my calm, especially since he’s the more social of the two of us. But, our house guest is very shy, and I think she’s afraid of my husband, so I guess it’s better that it’s just me here trying to make sure she has a good time.

Strangely, other than spending a bit more time each day keeping the house tidy, I have found myself getting a lot more done than I usually do! I’ve met all my deadlines for the month, when I usually am rushing to get done. I’ve been working on quilting, embroidery and my writing as the mood hits. It’s a wonderful feeling!

With all this energy for work, I’ve managed to get quite a few machine embroidery designs completed. I love digitizing, but it can be very time consuming. This week, the work has flowed so easily. Maybe I should have a house guest more often! My husband already works 72 hours a week, so I don’t think I can ask him to work even more so I can work on my embroidery passion.

Because my creativity has come so easily this week, I’ve even tried a few new techniques and have ordered some new embroidery supplies as well. I’m looking forward to trying out my new embroidery designs on the Mulberry Paper that’s coming. Embroidered holiday cards have always been a favorite of mine, but I never had time to do them by hand. Thank goodness for machine embroidery!

Once my son and his guest go out for the day, and leave the internet to my sole use, I’ll upload a new set of designs to the embroidery design gallery that I belong to. While I’m there, I’ll also look over all the great designs by the other digitizers. If I’m lucky, I’ll find a couple of awesome free embroidery downloads or a couple of new embroidery patterns. Although I’m a digitizer, I still stitch lots of embroidery designs by other designers. We all have such different talents and styles.

Now that the day is coming to a close, I need to rush a bit to complete the embroidery projects that I set for the week. Tomorrow, I’ll be getting my hair done (a rarity) and then getting the house in order and making lasagna. My husband will be home tomorrow night and Saturday, and I want it to be as pleasant as possible for him. The embroidery can be put on hold for him.

As much as I love machine embroidery, I love my husband more. Actually, without his support I wouldn’t even be involved in the art of machine embroidery or the creative endeavor of digitizing embroidery designs.

Maybe his favorite cherry pie after dinner would be a good way to tell him how much I appreciate him. I wonder if my Finish guest will like it.

Embroidery Designs: The Delight of variety

I only began my machine embroidery passion after many, many years of sewing and quilting. Once I understood just how versatile embroidery designs could be, I decided to try my hand at digitizing my own. My first attempts were awful, but I enjoyed the process so much that I just kept trying. I soon realized that I had discovered a passion that I could actually embrace as my new full-time job, leaving behind the dry and boring career of accounting forever. This was something I had been looking to find for a long time, so you can imagine my excitement!

Of course, providing top quality machine embroidery designs takes more than just deciding to do so! It took more than a year to find my style and test my own designs until they were all that I hoped they would be. Placing my first designs for sale was both exciting and terrifying! What if I had failed? Dreams are hard to put aside, so I just kept moving forward. I’m so glad that I did.

Every digitizer of embroidery designs has their own style, own goals, and own ideas on what they want to provide for their customers. Because I love to share and teach, I like to provide free embroidery designs as often as possible. This allows embroiderers to test my designs to make sure they like them, and also allows me to help out those whose budgets don’t allow for a lot of different embroidery patterns.

My style keeps evolving, which is both wonderful and not. Each new style shift means many more hours of practice and test stitching, which takes away from my need to create. But, trying out new ideas also keeps my creativity going strong. It is obvious that I will never grow bored because there are so many different types of embroidery designs and styles to try out!

My goals are twofold. For those who stitch my designs, I want them to enjoy every step of the process and never have any issues with the embroidery that they create. I know that I will not always succeed with this goal, but I always try! For myself, I simply want to never have to go back to the staid, uncreative job of number-crunching. Creating machine embroidery designs will never make me monetarily successful, but my life is so much richer for the choice I made to follow my dream.

I sometimes wonder what the future may hold for me. Will I create my own line of embroidery supplies? Will I discover a machine embroidery thread that never breaks? Will I discover a way to make my embroidery machine also sweep the floor and fold the laundry? Hey, it’s my fantasy! Dreaming big just means that our smallest dreams will come true. We may have to work hard for the biggest dreams, but I believe the journey is worth it whether the dream is realized or not.

Take a moment each day to work towards your dream. Everyone should be as content as I am today.

Quilting- The Joy of Gifting

It is better to give than to receive. This is a quote that most of us know. For me, it is also very true. I love Christmas, birthdays and other gift giving occasions like new babies, weddings, anniversaries, housewarmings, and more. I adore giving hostess gifts whenever we are invited to someone’s home as well. I just love giving gifts. I’ve never been able to afford extravagant gifts, but I think that my joy in giving shows in the choices of the gifts.

With my love of quilting, machine embroidery, crochet, cross-stitch and decorative painting, along with soap-making and cooking, I’ve given my share of homemade gifts over the years. With rare exception, my gifts have always been much appreciated. I’m very glad I took up soap-making and made time for embroidery as these are the quickest of crafts!

During a recent online discussion at a machine embroidery group, it came up that those of us who make homemade gifts rarely receive homemade gifts. Instead, we receive purchased items. While any gift is appreciated, it is the consensus that we would all love to receive something that was crafted just for us.

While I do create homemade items for my friends who are also crafters, they never reciprocate. They show me their projects for praise and pointers, overjoyed when I compliment their work (I always pronounce ever project as perfect). But, I am never the recipient of their artistry. Maybe they feel that it’s not good enough, or maybe they feel that I could just make it myself if it was something I wanted in the first place.

I had been quilting and doing my other fiber arts for 10-15 years before I finally allowed myself to purchase that first embroidery machine. I had convinced myself that I just didn’t have time for it with everything else that I was doing. I was both right and wrong in that assumption. While learning the intricacies of machine embroidery and discovering all the free embroidery designs I could find online, my other fiber arts suffered from neglect. But, once I stopped discovering and started stitching, my new embroidery passion enhanced all of my others crafts! I’d call that a win!

Not long after this, and after a huge bout of stocking up on new-to-me embroidery supplies, I realized that I would like to digitize my own designs. While I could find just about anything I wanted to stitch, I like to think that my style is just a bit different, and I wanted to be able to reflect that in embroidery. So, new software and thick manuals once again took time away from my quilting. I forgot how to crochet and cross-stitch entirely. Cooking became a dirty word!

Like many before me, I had the thought that I no longer need purchase beautiful linens or someone else’s embroidery designs. I could do it all myself. And, like all those before me, I was woefully wrong! While I gained the knowledge and skill to be able to make just about anything my heart desired, I still lacked all the time in the world to do it all.

Ten years later, I have a system. I will happily buy pretty linens and clothing if they fit in my budget. If not, I will think about the time needed to digitize similar designs. If I can find something close at my favorite embroidery design gallery, I will humbly succumb to another digitizer’s artistry. It’s all about time, now.

It works great for me. Now, if I could only convey to my crafty friends that I really can’t just make whatever I want and would love one of their homemade hand-painted silk shopping bags or crocheted cashmere scarf, my world would be complete!