Machine Embroidery

Embroidery is a great way to dress up your family’s clothing and accessories.  Embroidered apparel has a unique appeal and looks very modern and attractive. Whether you have a newborn baby, active toddler, teenager or even young adult child, making clothes for them is always exciting.  Seeing your family dolled up in cute outfits is always a joy for any parent, hence, it is natural to be keen on creating trendy and comfortable outfits for your loved ones of all ages.

Younger children are especially fun to create fabric projects for.  Embroidery for kids can be customized to include designs that your little one will love.  There are great embroidery designs online available these days. Get in touch with other crafters at the most popular site where you can get embroidery designs of all types, including cute designs for kids.

Embroidering clothing for kids is special when you personalize the project by including favorite action or cartoon characters. You can also include their names or initials embroidered on the article for a personal touch. Embroidered outfits are always welcomed gifts on special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, Baptism, and more. This article talks about some innovative ideas, using high quality embroidery designs and your imagination to create children’s outfits and accessories.

Animal Embroidery Designs

Animals such as elephants, turtles, dolphins, dinosaurs, bears, ducks, (the list goes on and on), are absolutely loved by young people. Check the most popular embroidery design store to find unique designs using these animal figures. Animals can be embroidered using bright, colorful thread and unique embroidery stitches, making them stand-out on clothes. The possibilities are endless. You can also request custom embroidery designs featuring animal patterns for any time of the year. Embroidered designs of animals look fabulous on onesies, t-shirts, bibs, etc.

Princess Themed Patterns

Little girls love everything to do with princesses. Your online embroidery store has many princess designs, which you can customize for your girls. Princess embroidery patterns done in pretty, girly colors such as pinks, purples, soft greens and blues, etc. are very appealing. To further enhance your embroidery using a princess theme, consider including other girly details such as a crown, magic wand, or other details.  For a final touch, have your sweetheart’s name embroidered on the item you are embellishing. Princess themed embroidery looks great on little girls’ apparel, organizers, back-packs, purses, and more.

Teddy Bear Embroidery Designs

Teddy bears are loved by “kids” of all ages. This very popular embroidery theme has been a mainstay for generations. Sweet teddies look great on kids’ clothing, quilts, hooded towels, pillows, cloth books, bibs and more. Don’t get stuck thinking you have to use brown or black all the time. The perfect teddy bear is often in various colors that can be quite unexpected and will create admiration in others when they see the article he is embroidered on. For an innovative touch when using a teddy bear embroidery design, customize it by also including other animals.  This can create a fun and playful embroidery or applique design which is truly one of a kind. Elephants, lady bugs, unicorns, bumble bees, etc. are some of the other popular cute animals that can be included alongside Teddy in your next embroidery project.

Embroidery Designs

Embroidered Toys and Games

Did you know you can custom design darling stuffed toys and fun games for your kids, making them feel special, using thoughtful embroidered patterns?   Embroidered games and toys can be made with “minky”, an extra soft and plush fabric that is frequently used for baby and young children projects.  You can even use “faux fur” along with other types of fabric to create toys that will give them sensory pleasure as they touch and play with them.  A quilt made with a plush fabric and cute embroidered cards in pretty colors can be used to make a fun memory game, which is a big hit with kids of all ages. Embroidered finger puppets and cloth books in colorful threads are more ways to teach kids numbers, colors, letters, shapes, and more.

OregonPatchWorks Premium Embroidery Designs Mall has a vast library of online embroidery designs that are available for instant download, including many samples and bonus offers.  So get your embroidery machine set up, choose your favorite fabrics and colors and start stitching your next embroidered masterpiece now!



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