FSL Baby Booties – Fun Video Instructions

Freestanding Lace Baby Booties

By Loronda of Heav’n Sent Creations

So easy to create fun gift projects!
Using OPW Premium Embroidery Thread


Watch the video below and learn how to easily put together freestanding lace embroidery designs parts to create cute baby booties.  These make wonderful gifts and also work well for craft shows.  They are small and can be made relatively inexpensively.  Everybody loves them, we hope you do too!


Changing Colors Changes The Look Of Embroidery

How The Colours You Use Can Change An Embroidery Significantly…

By Hazel of Graceful Embroidery

Using designs from Rachel Kathryn Bridal 5

As I have been testing out the final designs in the Rachel Kathryn collection I have been reminded again how important the choice of thread colour is, and how dramatically that choice can effect the finished embroidery.


I like to do some stitch outs using other colours just to see how they look and I just love experimenting with colour. I am always looking for the next fascinating colour combination! As I make any selection, I am aware that it is much like an artist with his palette of oils, except mine are on my thread racks on the wall, out of the sunshine. In this case, I knew I should do at least one stitch out in one colour alone, to show you how “bland” it can appear in comparison to the combination of the palest of colours that I have selected for Rachel Kathryn Bridal collection! So I set GFE-RKB-5-9 up and left it embroidering in Sulky Rayon 40 wt 1071 Off white on white dupion silk. The bobbin ran out before the last three colours which are flower centers.While changing the bobbin thread, I examined the embroidery deciding to use Sulky Rayon 40wt 520 Bone for some contrast for these centers. It made quite a difference. However if your embroidery is going to be embellished with hot fix pearls and crystals, they too will make the flowers pop. It is really down to personal preference though.

As the light hits your rayon thread there is often some variation in colour and shine, and the type of stitching and the angle that the stitches are lying in, will effect this too, which is why I have tried to add as many contrasts in the way the stitches are grouped, in this set and also in my other collections.

Quite a few years ago I started to use polyester thread for my embroidery as it is not so expensive, but it lacked the luster of rayon, and those thread spools remain unused in my sewing room as I found that it did not catch the light so much and therefore there was less contrast.

One of my other stitch outs featured Sulky Rayon 40wt 1209 Light avocado which has become one of my favorite greens. At the moment the country lanes around here are a marvelous tapestry of lush greens as all the leaves are in fresh abundance. I have heard digitizes say that when they are out and see something interesting they start to digitize it in their head. I have to confess that I am more likely to be deciding which thread colour would be the closest match. Yesterday when I was out I could see many examples of Light avocado in the trees and in the hedge rows.

This just has to be my favorite time of year, for as well as all the lush growth in the trees, the lanes are beginning to adopt the annual display of lace borders formed by Cow parsley (Queen Anne’s lace) which I adore and digitized a while back, in my Summer Meadow collection. There are beautiful flowers everywhere now, here in the south of England as the days warm up and lengthen, lilacs, wisterias, dicentras (bleeding hearts) and forget me knots. I parked under a Horse chestnut tree and its orchid type flowers were close enough to get this photograph. There is just so much to inspire me each time I go out, but I think that capturing these “exotic” flowers would be huge and impossible challenge. Now you can see why I am not so enamored with single coloured embroidery, there are just too many gorgeous colours out there!

Back to my second stitch out, GFE-RKB-5-2 which is an interesting shape.

This time around I used ivory silk dupion for the embroidery and made a few colour changes.

You can see that I used my favorite green for the large roses in this embroidery. As the final designs in the collection are for the extra large Husqvarna Imperial hoop, which measures 360mm x 260mm (14″ x 10.5″) you cannot see much detail when I photograph the whole design, so here is half of it.

On this close up you can see how the light is hitting the large five petaled flower, at the top right and how each petal looks different. There are 10 designs in this final set and I love this one below, GFE-RKB-5-1, but as for a favorite that is quite difficult. I hope you love them all and find them useful for your bridal or heirloom embroidery.

Remember these are very special designs which will stitch out on all your bridal fabric but also on sheer fabric like tulle, so they are perfect for veil embroidery. It is essential if you are doing this to use good quality wash away stabilizer, and if you are putting any colour in the veil embroidery, do test it first as I find that colours darken slightly when the stabilizer is washed away! This can be very frustrating and I would love to know how to overcome it.

Happy embroidering from Hazel



FSL Cup Koozie & Helpful Step-By-Step Instructions

Freestanding Lace Cup Koozie

By Loronda of Heav’n Sent Creations

Learn how easy it is to create a Koozie!
Using OPW Premium Embroidery Thread


This project can be personalized with any embroidery motif you would like.  You get a blank background as well as two versions with designs already added to the front, but you can go wild with all sorts of machine embroidery designs to create gifts for young and old alike.  Made entirely of embroidery thread, you machine does all the work.  You just do a few finishing touches and voila!  You have a pretty koozie to dress up any drinking glass or cup.  Watch the video below and see how easy it is.  The Blue and Gold Alphabet is sold separately.



Quilting- The Joy of Gifting

Thoughts about Quilting, Crafting, Embroidery and Life…

It is better to give than to receive. This is a quote that most of us know. For me, it is also very true. I love Christmas, birthdays and other gift giving occasions like new babies, weddings, anniversaries, housewarmings, and more. I adore giving hostess gifts whenever we are invited to someone’s home as well. I just love giving gifts. I’ve never been able to afford extravagant gifts, but I think that my joy in giving shows in the choices of the gifts.


With my love of quilting, machine embroidery designs, crochet, cross-stitch and decorative painting, along with soap-making and cooking, I’ve given my share of homemade gifts over the years. With rare exception, my gifts have always been much appreciated. I’m very glad I took up soap-making and made time for embroidery as these are the quickest of crafts!

During a recent online discussion at a machine embroidery group, it came up that those of us who make homemade gifts rarely receive homemade gifts. Instead, we receive purchased items. While any gift is appreciated, it is the consensus that we would all love to receive something that was crafted just for us, by the loving hands of those we love.

While I do create homemade items for my friends who are also crafters, they never reciprocate. They show me their projects for praise and pointers, overjoyed when I compliment their work (I always pronounce every project as perfect). But, alas… I am never the recipient of their artistry!  Maybe they feel that it’s not good enough or maybe they feel that I could just make it myself if it was something I wanted in the first place, so an item they make isn’t needed.

I had been quilting and doing my other fiber arts for 10-15 years before I finally allowed myself to purchase that first embroidery machine. I had convinced myself that I just didn’t have time for it with everything else that I was doing. I was both right and wrong in that assumption. While learning the intricacies of machine embroidery and discovering all the free embroidery designs I could find online, my other fiber arts suffered from neglect. But, once I stopped discovering and started stitching, my new embroidery passion enhanced all of my others crafts! I’d call that a win!

Not long after this, after a huge bout of stocking up on new-to-me embroidery supplies, I realized that I would like to digitize my own designs. While I could find just about anything I wanted to stitch, I like to think that my style is just a bit different and I wanted to be able to reflect that in embroidery thread. So, new software and thick manuals once again took time away from my quilting. I forgot how to crochet and cross-stitch entirely. Cooking became a dirty word followed by dirty dishes!

Like many before me, I had the thought that I no longer needed to purchase beautiful linens or someone else’s embroidery designs. I could do it all myself. And, like all those before me, I was woefully wrong! While I gained the knowledge and skill to be able to make just about anything my heart desired, I still lacked all the time in the world to do it all.

Ten years later, I have a system. I will happily buy pretty linens and clothing if they fit in my budget. If not, I will think about the time needed to digitize similar designs. If I can find something close at my favorite embroidery design gallery, I will humbly succumb to another embroidery designers artistry. It’s all about time, now.

It works great for me. Now, if I could only convey to my crafty friends that I really can’t just make whatever I want and would love one of their homemade hand-painted silk shopping bags or crocheted cashmere scarf, my world would be complete!



Best Embroidery Design Ideas for Spring

Embroidery designs

Creating decorative crafts and embroidered accessories is a pleasurable hobby. If creating crafts from machine embroidery designs is your passion, you can derive inspiration from everything around you. Spring is the most beautiful time of the year, when the bleak winter paves the way for sunshine and blooming flowers. For embroidery designers, spring offers the perfect motivation to include vivid colors and cute motifs when creating stunning embroidery designs. For those getting ready for spring stitching, this collection of machine embroidery designs will get you started! This blog covers everything associated with the beauty of spring and has design inspirations that you’ll love working on.

Pretty Butterfly Designs

Spring is when butterflies start fluttering around, unleashing the magic of their colorful wings. Butterfly motifs can easily be embroidered on shirts, skirts, and other apparel. Butterfly embroidered designs are also great for baby or toddler outfits, and make for perfect DIY gifts. Use a combination of dark and light hued threads of the same color to create a striking visual effect for your butterfly shape. Start by outlining the entire shape with a triple stitch line and then use pattern fills to fill it in the outlined areas. Use satin stitch to detail the center of the butterfly and embroider the center with a contrasting thread color to create a stunningly detailed design.

Bold Floral Embroidery

Floral detailing is a hot fashion trend.  Embroidery is the perfect way to bring this style to your outfits. Floral embroidery in bright colors can spruce up your spring wear. Floral motifs look great on solid colored crop tops, shorts, and pastel dresses. Use striking thread colors in hot pink, burnt orange, yellow, and purple to create tasteful spring inspired embroidery. 3 dimensional stitch work and additional features such as beads or sequins make embroidery patterns pop.

Blue Bird Pattern

Chirping birds are synonymous with springtime! Cute bird embroidery designs in alluring shades of blue are perfect for baby or toddler dresses, kids’ pouches, and quilts. Spring inspired colors such as yellow, green, and blue makes a vintage themed embroidery pattern look outstanding. A combination of stitches such as triple stitch, satin stitch,  and candlewick knots can be used to create a cute spring inspired embroidery motif.

Word Designs

Create words and phrases welcoming spring with fonts.  Most embroidery machines have built in fonts or you can use pre-digitized fonts to create the words.  Phrases such as ‘Hello Spring’ and ‘Welcome Spring’ can be machine embroidered using a combination of various stitch styles. Pastel-hued thread work, when combined with a few brightly colored details, make for the perfect embroidery palette to welcome spring. These alphabet embroidery designs can be used to create spring-themed table napkins and placemats, brightly detailed throw pillows and lap quilts, table runners and wall hangings, to name a few.

Machine Embroidery

Spring Branch Motifs

Everything comes back to life during the springtime, and trees are no exception! To celebrate the sprouting of the first branches on trees, use patterns like blossoming branches as your embroidery inspiration. These delicate patterns can be enhanced by including little flowers and tiny buds. Simple stitches such as satin and fill stitch are all you need to create elegant embroidery detail. Branch motifs look best when embroidered with green, brown, and a few vibrant colors, but you can let your imagination soar with other colors you would normally not associate with flowers, trees and plants.

Spring inspired stitching is a fun way to welcome this beautiful season into your home through beautifully detailed embroidery. Visit us online at OregonPatchWorks to find beautiful embroidery designs and essential supplies you need to create stunning embroidery projects of your own.



Machine vs. Manual Embroidery: What to Choose?

Embroidery designs

If you are in the embroidery industry, or if you’re looking to venture into it, there are two types of embroidery that you are going to encounter. There is machine embroidery and hand embroidery. These two types of embroidering have their differences, as well as varying pros and cons. Before choosing one, it is important to understand what each of them entails so that you can choose the most suitable one for your requirements. OregonPatchWorks gives insight into these two methods of embroidery.

Hand Embroidery

If you are a beginner, or if you simply want to make pieces of art, hand embroidery is the best place to begin. This method is seen to be more artistic, as each garment produced is entirely unique.

Before proceeding to machine embroidery, you should learn more about the basic methods in terms of possibilities, techniques, and tools. Hand embroidery will give you the perfect opportunity to master all of this, with a minimal investment into the craft.

To start, a piece of fabric is stretched over a plastic or wood loop tightly. The crafter decides the color of thread and type of stitch to use, and they can change these options as the stitching progresses. Every time a garment is made using hand embroidery, a unique piece is produced. Even if the exact thread color or pattern is used, there will always be subtle differences in each separate garment.

The thread used in hand embroidery is different from that used in machine embroidery designs. It is usually stranded, and mostly it’s cotton, silk, or wool. Sometimes the strands are separated or combined to make some areas flatter or bulkier, giving the different areas more texture and distinction.

Machine Embroidery

The process and designs for machine embroidery are more uniform and exact than those of hand embroidery, not to mention, much quicker to achieve results.  Although hand embroidery gives the crafter the option of choosing from many different designs and thread colors, editing along the way requires computer ediiting software specifically designed to edit machine embroidery files.

With machine embroidery, each piece is an exact copy of the original because it uses predesigned patterns loaded to the machine. Every time it’s used, the exact same pattern is produced.

Embroidery machines use a uniformly dense thread which is much different than the one used in hand embroidery. Typically, it is 40wt thread, made of rayon, polyester, or metallic. Also available is a 30wt thread, which is thicker and 50wt cotton, which is thinner. The thread is wound, not stranded, and it can’t be separated to create a variation of texture in any part of the embroidery. However, there are many ways of creating dimension with machine embroidery, by varying the stitch type and density.

Person Using Embroidery Machine

Which is Best?

Machine embroidery and hand embroidery are two distinct stitching methods, each with its own purpose. A hand embroidered piece is more personal and artistic. It takes more time and dedication to produce a piece that will stand out.  It is much faster to produce a finished piece with machine embroidery, but it requires an initial investment into a specialized sewing machine which usually does both regular sewing and machine embroidery.

Machine embroidery produces more professional work in a shorter time, albeit “cookie-cutter” (each pattern the same). There is a broad selection of designs on machine embroidery sites for both businesses and personal use.  The array of machine embroidery designs is continually growing as digitizing artists produce new embroidery files from artwork every day.

If you are just starting to explore embroidery, it does not mean that you are limited on choices. Every expert had to start with a first piece. If you prefer machine embroidery, you just have to decide the design and colors.  The machine will do the rest. Now that you are into embroidery and looking for new embroidery designs, visit us online today at OregonPatchWorks.



Evolution of Machine Embroidery Through the Ages

Embroidery Hoop

Embroidery has been around for as long as humans have been in existence. There have even been fossilized remains of hand-stitched clothing, boots, and hats in Siberia. Shell embroidery dates back to 6,000 BC while Chinese thread embroidery dates to 3,500 BC. With elaborate embroidery machine designs and other automation, embroidery has come a long way. Here is a brief timeline of the evolution of automated embroidery.

The Early Days of Automation

While hand-crafted embroidery played a major role in the decorations of clothing, religious objects, and household items throughout the world, the first automation of embroidery came about during the 19th century. It marked the first time mass production could be used to make elaborate clothing. A single machine, it is reported, could do the work of four hand stitch embroiderers, and the output was much more uniform.


The next hallmark moment in automated embroidery happened in the 1880s, when printed color patterns were introduced. Automation also made bead embroidery popular as it was much quicker to use a machine to do it than to laboriously stitch each bead by hand.

Early 1900s

The production output of the embroidery machine was further enhanced with the invention of the first multi-head embroidery machine. This allowed a single station to produce multiple pieces of work at once.


By the 1980s, computers had taken over much of the automation process, and embroidery production evolved once again. The number of units that could be produced increased and the potential complexity of embroidered designs broadened.

Computerization led to the introduction of the first graphic design system that was managed by a microcomputer and allowed for printable machine embroidery designs. This development was introduced by the companies Wilcom and Melco, with Wilco introducing the first graphic design system and Melco creating the first embroidery sample head and digitized system. Both of these creations made embroidery popular on a factory basis and for personal use at home. During this time, designers trying to figure out where to buy embroidery patterns had an easier time, as the production of affordable, pre-manufactured designs were made possible.

Embroidery Machine

The Quest for Efficiency, Speed, and Quality

New technology has once again reengineered embroidery. Machines made now are faster, more accurate, and include more needles per head, greater flexibility with attachments, and laser-guided stitching and cutting. All of this has also been enhanced by production management software, making the manufacturing process even more efficient.

Today’s Developments

Most of the developments in embroidery technology over the past 30 years have focused on precision, quality, speed, and cost reduction. That trend continues. New innovations like the introduction of embroidery heads that can all run independently of each other as well as have bobbins changed independently are just one example. Greater thread control is another quality enhancement, and automatic tension management ensures uniformity of patterns.

Embroidery has come a long way since the days of stitching shells to animal hides. Every few years, it seems, new technology changes the very way things are done. That trend shows no sign of stopping. To shop for the best embroidered designs you can find, visit Oregon Patchworks online today!



Finding a Machine Embroidery Design Provider

Embroidery Machine

Do you love to create designs with machine embroidery, but have difficulty finding a good selection of designs? At Oregon Patchworks, we understand that everyone has different styles and that you may need to find patterns or designs for a specific gift, season, or décor. We also understand that what you’re looking for today may be very different than the design you will be looking for tomorrow. It is important to us that no matter what kind of digital embroidery designs you are looking for, you can find a variety of options to fit your needs. If you’re trying to find the right place to get your designs, keep reading to learn how to find an embroidery design provider that meets your needs.

Will the Design Work with Your Machine?

This is the first question you need answered because you don’t want to make a purchase you can’t use. Machine types vary, and embroidery designers aren’t able to support every type of software on the market. When you find an embroidery design you like, check the specifications to make sure it matches your machine’s requirements.

There are many formats used by embroidery designers to deliver the design to your machine. These formats include:

  • V3
  • DST
  • EXP
  • HUS
  • JEF
  • PCS
  • PES
  • SEW
  • VIP
  • VP3

To figure out what formats your machine accepts, refer to your owner’s manual.

Customized Sizes

Depending on what you need the design for, you might need customized sizing. If this is the case, find designers that offer this service or designers who offer a wide range of sizes. Most embroidery designers recommend that you don’t increase the size of the original design more than 20%. Doing so affects the quality of the design, and you may not be happy with the product. Before you buy, figure out how big you need the design to be, and purchase according to these specifications.

Ratings Matter

When you buy embroidery designs online, pay close attention to the ratings. Like any other business, embroidery businesses are rated by their customers. Choosing the best companies with great ratings often means you can expect quality designs, great customer service, and fast shipping.

Customer Support

No matter how many times you’ve bought digital designs, you still might have a question or two. That’s why it’s important to work with a design provider who values customer service as much as you do. A provider who has a troubleshooting page on their website is a good start, but you also want to be able to pick up the phone and speak with a person should you need personal assistance. Before placing an order with a new provider, make sure they have a contact number.

Embroidery Design

Thread Recommendations

When searching for a design provider, look for one whose thread recommendations work with your machine and your preferences. Embroiders like particular threads for their durability and workability. If your machine works better with certain threads, make sure that the thread recommendations the provider mentions match up with your machine. This will save you a lot of headaches and frustration and help you achieve a beautiful finish.

Where Can I Buy Embroidery Designs?

Embroidery is a wonderful way to create beautiful customized apparel that doesn’t snag or fade after washing. The finished product is a clean look that gives your logo a 3-D feel. It’s the perfect option for small projects and large projects for professional organization. When you’re ready to buy digital embroidery designs, contact OregonPatchWorks to view an extensive collection of embroidery designs in all shapes, sizes, and colors. You’re sure to find the perfect design for your custom embroidery project.



What Makes OregonPatchWorks Stand Out From Other Machine Embroidery Services?

Are you an embroidery enthusiast who is in search of a machine embroidery service that offers the very best selection of quality designs?  Make OregonPatchWorks your first choice, as there is no other machine embroidery service that has such an extensive selection of designs, all digitized to perfection. Over the past 17 years, OregonPatchWorks has emerged as the most reputed machine embroidery digitizing services available.

Let’s quickly have a look at a few of the reasons that make OregonPatchWorks stand out from all the other machine embroidery services.

Sizzling Summer Deals and Discounts

Time and again, OregonPatch Works offers great discounts on their designs. Many of the designers at OPW run special offers on their unique line of embroidery designs on a regular basis. Currently, OPW is running the “Summer Sizzle Sale”, offering great discounts on thousands of designs. Based on your individual interests and choices, you can pick up quality designs and save money also. The OPW Mall’s embroidery design gallery has almost any type of embroidery design that you can think of.

Exceptional Services To All Customers, All The Time!

At OPW, every customer is treated equally. It doesn’t matter whether you a return customer or shopping for the first time. The staff at OPW will not leave any stone unturned if you run into an issue or have questions. They will assist you in a couteous, friendly manner and provide you with an answer to all your queries. As a customer, you are welcome to contact the OPW staff as often as you need to. Customer satisfaction has and will always remain the top priority for the staff at OPW. Need to try a few samples before you start shopping? OPW offers free samples for trial purposes.  There is a whole page available to everyone. And when you subscribe to the newsletter, you gain access to the Members Only area that has hundreds of exclusive free designs, not offered anywhere else.You will also receive announcements about the latest designs, deals and discounts that are on offer each week.

Create Your Own Unique Embroidery Design

The machine embroidery designs offered by OPW enable embroidery enthusiasts to create their own unique and visually appealing projects. Use your imagination to create one-of-kind masterpieces with the wide range of machine embroidery designs available .There are endless ideas like placements, fabric, mug rugs, table runners, cushions, napkin monograms and many more where an embroiderer can explore and express their own creativity. All these designs are available for immediate download and at very competitive prices.

Summing Up

OregonPatchWorks is a one-stop shop that offers a diverse range of high-quality embroidery designs. The nearly 100 outstanding digitizers housed by OPW are always committed to offer amazing embroidery designs that are hard to find anywhere else. All the OPW customers enjoy the very best experience when shopping for designs and always get their money’s worth.

So, what are you still waiting for? All you need to do is visit today, start browsing and select the embroidery design of your choice to get started. As an OPW customer, you will never be disappointed.



Expansive Collection of Machine Embroidery Designs at OregonPatchWorks

Embroidery Designs
With the plethora of embroidery digitizing services out there, picking out the best can prove to be a tedious job. As an embroidery enthusiast, there are quite a few factors you need to consider while making the final choice for any of the services. The service should offer you a wide collection of all the latest embroidery designs at competitive prices, as well as outstanding customer serve. So, if you are among those who are in search of an embroidery digitizing service like this, you are about to hear of the very place that combines these attributes.

OregonPatchWorks is a leading machine embroidery digitizing service that has an expansive collection of embroidery designs. All the designs delivered by it are digitized to perfection which means that as a customer you will be provided with top-notch designs, every time. The nearly 100 machine embroidery digitizers constantly work towards delivering beautiful and unique designs to each and every customer.

OPW Mall: Your One-Stop Embroidery Design Gallery

The OPW Mall’s embroidery design gallery features every imagineable embroidery design to  meet the needs of all types of embroiderers. It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional or an amateur, you will be able to find nearly any type of design. Customers are able to choose conveniently from this wide selection of embroidery designs in one convenient shopping experience and pick out the best for their projects. All the customers are provided with immediate electronic delivery which enables them to download their orders easily when they purchase them. Customers can even order backup CDs or USB drives where each backup consists of 15 collections.

Customers are Always First

OregonPatchWorks believes in excellent customer services and always delivers, thanks to its knowledgeable and friendly staff. For all staff members at OPW, customer satisfaction is the highest priority. The daily addition of new embroidery designs ensures that the customers are always provided with the latest and greatest in the field of embroidery. OPW staff takes pride in answering the queries of its customers. Ask any of the many return customers why they continue to shop at OPW Mall, year after year!

Keep Up-to-Date With the Latest Offers

As a customer at OPW, you will be offered all the latest deals and discounts on embroidery designs. You can also enjoy exclusive free designs, available to OPW members only.  All you need to do to become a member is subscribe to OPW’s newsletter to be kept updated with all the latest that is on offered and to gain access to the exclusive designs. Many of the designers at OPW run special discounts often on their embroidery designs which will enable you to save many of your dollars.

Summing Up

Still looking for reasons to choose OregonPatchWorks? Don’t wait. Just visit the website and get started. OregonPatchWorks will ensure that you get the desired embroidery designs related to your individual requirements or projects.  At OPW Mall, YOU are always #1 !