Best Machine Embroidery Designs to Try This Winter

The first machine-made embroideries came from 19th century Switzerland. Modern technology has made it possible for almost anyone to be able to make beautiful designs on fabric. Have you ever seen a gorgeous embroidery design on an item of clothing or other object and thought, “I wish I could do that.” Well now you can. In today’s world nothing is out of reach. Once you invest in a quality embroidery machine, a few basic supplies, and find a good supplier of digital embroidery designs you are on your way. Finding a plethora of quality-machine embroidery design is the easy part, but beware, because once you get started you won’t want to stop.

Winter Baby Projects

If there is a Winter baby shower in the near future, you can embroider cute burp towels with snowmen. Other cute Winter themes for baby blankets or hooded bath towels are snowy trees with squirrels in red Santa hats with acorns or young deer with snow on their coats eating apples. Make a mobile with embroidered angels and other young animals to hang over the baby’s crib. There are many other sweet Winter scenes available for you to embroider on a onesie or other outfit.

Winter Home Decor

Winter scenes embroidered on throw pillows are always a big hit. Another idea is to embroider Winter designs on a round piece of fabric and hang it on the wall with a ribbon right on the metal hoop. For your bedroom, embroider the edges of plain pillow cases with Winter scenes, holly, or snowflake designs. Your guests will love your embroidered table runner in the dining room, or embroidered hand towels in the powder room.

Winter Crafts for Yourself or Gifting

Try a cute saying on a cloth purse or shopping bag such as “Let it Snow” or “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” Embroider bookmarks, bags, granny quilt squares, aprons, and placemats with fancy digital embroidery designs. An open-front jacket would look sharp with machine embroidered lapels, or embroidery down the entire length of the front. Let your creativity run wild through machine embroidery. Once you get started, you’ll find the sky’s the limit.

Winter Design Categories

There are hundreds of categories to choose from when searching for that perfect embroidery design. Winter scenes with Christmas trees, scenic landscapes, reindeer and other animals, snowmen, ice skaters, and many more cute ideas are out there. How about cross-country skiing, snowboarding, or alpine skiing embroidered onto a hat, neck warmer, or scarf. Don’t forget about romantic or funny Winter holiday designs around New Year’s or Valentine’s Day. Thanksgiving might be over this season, but it will be back next year, and you have all Winter to embroider some yummy cookie recipes onto kitchen towels for gift giving. The OPW Mall has almost any design you can think of. If you have a design idea of your own, you can have it digitized too as a custom design order.

Where to Find Winter Designs for Digitized Machine Embroidery

There are many services that have embroidery designs for sale, but make sure the service offers you a wide collection of high quality designs at competitive prices. The customer service should be welcoming and as helpful as possible, whether you’re a first-time customer, or they know you by name. You can find fantastic embroidery designs online. There are literally thousands of digitized embroidery files for sale online. The embroidery design service should offer seasonal sales and some discounted prices. Almost everyone has the opportunity and the aptitude to learn to embroider by machine, so get started this Winter and embroider something memorable for yourself, your friends and family this year. You have available a complete one-stop shopping store online for all your embroidery needs, so get busy and create your own unforgettable art. Visit OregonPatchWorks today.



Whimsical Embroidery Inspirations to Brighten the Holidays

Brighten your holiday season with whimsical embroidery inspirations. The ways you can display machine embroidery designs are countless. Go with a consistent theme like the Santa Claus tradition, a floral theme, or a more traditional design grounded in the birth of Jesus. Choose a theme and find embroidery designs online to suit your taste.

Christmas Decorations

Supplement your yearly Christmas decorations with embroidered creations. Place an embroidered Christmas skirt over the base of your Christmas tree. Try a design with different colored wrapped presents, a jack-in-the-box, elves, or a Santa Claus. Place a pattern on stockings hanging from a mantle or around a fireplace. You can place a name, initials, or a relationship—mom or dad—on the stocking. You can have a bone embroidered on a stocking for your family pet.

Hang embroidered patterns throughout your home. A scene of Santa Claus and his reindeer or dancing snowmen bring a little humor to your living area décor. Strike a more serious note with a pattern of the nativity scene. Bring a little Christmas to your chairs and sofa by adding embroidered coverings to your cushions. Patterns of holly, poinsettias, or bells can be used for the Christmas season. You can add levity with an embroidered Grinch or Scrooge on a cushion.

Christmas Dinner

Use embroidered patterns to brighten your table for your Christmas dinner or Christmas parties. Many patterns can be used to make a beautiful tablecloth. A white Christmas tablecloth with red bells, green holly, or blue snowflakes will add a flair to your table. Use a similar pattern with your place mats and table runner. If you have a buffet-style dinner or a counter for desserts, add a covering with embroidered cookies or gingerbread. Your Christmas napkins can have an embroidered figure like a bell, snowflake, candle, or star, or you can have your family name embroidered in red or green.

Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Your holiday decorations can extend to bedrooms. Add an embroidered pattern to sheets, pillowcases, or bedding. You can have embroidered patterns for your towels in your bathrooms. You can add a whimsical design to your toilet seat cover.


You can add embroidery to your holiday clothing. You can place a pattern on your blouse or sweatshirt that makes a statement about you. You can go with a floral pattern with a poinsettia or holly. You can pick a pattern of Santa Claus, an elf, or the Grinch. You can have words, like peace, joy, or love, embroidered to invoke the spirit of Christmas. You can add an embroidered pattern, like a green Christmas tree or a red bell, to a white scarf. You can have your robes embroidered with a small Christmas tree or a bell.


Embroidered patterns can be hung throughout your home. You can have patterns hung with inspirational words. You can go with funny quotes or sayings that have special meaning to you and your family. Think of how many patterns you can have of a Christmas tree—a tree in a pot, a decorated tree, a plain green tree, or a tree of multiple colors. You can have an embroidered pattern of an animal—a cat, a mouse, or a dog dressed as Santa Claus—framed to get a laugh. Framed embroidered patterns can become a Christmas tradition you can pass down to younger generations. Embroidered items also make great Christmas gifts.

OregonPatchWorks offers high-quality embroidery designs. Call now to get a pattern to add a little spirit to your holiday.



Home Crafting History of Machine Embroidery

Modern-day embroidery machines allow us to stitch beautiful, intricate patterns onto fabric without too much manual labor required. Home sewing machines today make stitching quilts, leather, lace and more a breeze. Browsing embroidery patterns for sale online makes it even easier to find a beautifully embroidered item that is created with the utmost care. While it’s difficult to imagine in this day and age, it’s important to look back at the history of embroidery machines in order to understand how we got here. From large changes in the size of sewing machines to the way they operate, machine embroidery has come a long way since it’s conception in 1846.

The Emergence of Embroidery

Regarded as an incredible invention for its time, Josue Heilmann’s hand embroidery machine could do the work of four people embroidering by hand. While much more efficient, this prototype still required a great amount of focus and attention to detail from the person stitching. The machine allowed for stitching in any direction and was designed to have the fabric meet the needle, as opposed to vice versa. The Schiffli Machine was the first automatic machine and was largely responsible for the emergence of the home sewing machine we know today.

Modern Day Machines

As technology continued to develop throughout the 20th century and into the 21st century, so too did embroidery machines. The biggest advancement was made in 1911 when Singer Sewer Company released a 6-headed sewing machine that was electric, making it much easier to sew thread and yarn onto all sorts of items. With the advent of the internet came embroidery digitizing, which was a way of computerizing embroidery designs to ensure perfect precision. Now, in 2019, you can find online machine embroidery patterns of all shapes and sizes that can be stitched onto almost anything, including baseball caps, jackets and pants.

Knowing Which Machine is Best for Your Home

With so many high-quality sewing machines on the market today, it can be hard to determine which machine is best for you. Whether you plan on using your embroidery machine for commercial or leisurely purposes, you’ll want to purchase a machine that is up to each and every task. You can opt for a machine that has built-in designs along with the ability to edit images before having them stitched on to a material. Looking for something simpler? Brother has a line of embroidery machines that are easy to use and are intended for beginners. Do your research on the varying types of sewing machines out there in order to determine which unit is best for you!



OregnPatchWorks: High-Grade Machine Embroidery Designs All Under One Roof

Embroidery Designs (1)
OregonPatchWorks has been a pioneer in delivering a multitude of high-quality and visually appealing machine embroidery designs for years now. It has become one of the most trusted embroidery digitizing services out there. At OregonPatchWorks, as an embroidery enthusiast, you will be able to find all sorts of designs. There is something which is available for every occasion or purpose.

Now, we are going to have a look at a few of the reasons that make OregonPatchWorks stand out of the competition.

Designs Digitized to Perfection:
OregonPatchWorks (OPW) Mall’s embroidery design gallery features a wide range of designs all that have been digitized to perfection. With nearly 100 machine embroidery digitizers, OPW delivers a brilliant array of high-grade designs are delivered to you. This means that as a customer there is no need to look at other embroidery digitizing services. The design gallery will ensure that you will be able to enjoy designs which are quite diverse and specific to different purposes and occasions. It features almost any design that you can possibly think of.

Create Your Own Personalized Designs:
The machine embroidery designs offered by OregonPatchWorks will enable you to create visually appealing and high-quality finished designs. There is no limit as you will be able to use your imagination to the wide range of machine embroidery designs that are available for immediate download. All these designs can be accessed at very competitive prices. A few of the popular types of machine embroidery designs at OPW include cross stitch, applique, fill stitch, free standing lace, redwork, shadow work, photostitch and many more. Choose any design which you feel is perfect for your project and get started.

Grab the Latest Deals:
OregonPatchWorks offers its esteemed customers some amazing bonus offers and frequent specials. As a customer, with OPW you will be able to get the most out of your investment. To keep yourself updated with all the latest happenings all you got to do is subscribe to the weekly newsletter. In addition to weekly exclusive free samples, you will receive all the announcements regarding the latest designs and samples. There are many free samples that are available on the website. The designers at OPW run special offers which will enable you to save a few of your dollars on the hobby you love best.

Impeccable Customer Service:
Serving customers in the best possible manner is the sole aim of the knowledgeable staff at OPW. Due to this, most of the customers served have stuck with OPW for a very long time. The staff at OPW ensures that every customer is delivered with a service that makes them come back for their embroidery designs, time and time again. All the customers are served equally and they can easily contact the staff whenever they feel the need to, through live chat, email and toll free phone service.

Summing Up:
OregonPatchWorks, as an embroidery digitizing service has been able to build a name for itself among its customers. The expansive customer base served by it is enough to portray the trust that OPW has been able to muster over the years.  Check out the 500+ 5-star ratings on Google!

So what are you waiting for? Choose OregonPatchWorks as your embroidery digitizing partner and get high-quality embroidery designs and excellent service.


5 Stunning and Versatile Applique Heart Embroidery Collections

Looking for something to gift your friends or family members on their wedding or anniversary or any other occasion? Sewing some cute applique hearts on a favorite project is perfect for gift giving. Discover five stunning and versatile applique heart embroidery designs below:

1)  Applique Hearts –

Applique Hearts set is digitized by designer “Garden Of Daisies.” These charming applique designs are perfect for Valentine’s Day, anniversary or for the little princess in your life! They measure between 2 & 2.5 inch. The small floral patterns are approx. 3/4 inch in size. This heart set is available in the hoop size of 4X4.

Get Applique Hearts Set


2) Patchwork Applique Hearts –

Patchwork Applique Hearts set is digitized by designer “Rease’s Realistic Designs.” This set features a total of nine heart designs in various patterned fabric pieced applique. Two of the heart designs use only one piece of Applique material. You can also put a monogram in the center of the Hearts, or can also add your own trims, or fancy stitches to the seams of the multi-piece hearts to create your own style. This patchwork set is available in the hoop size of 4X4.

Get Patchwork Applique Hearts Set


3) 407 Applique Hearts –

This Applique Hearts set is digitized by designer “Bunnycup Embroidery.” This funky and modern set is a delight for sure. The set features 25 versatile heart designs. You can use these designs on your towels, t-shirts, cushion covers, table linens etc. These designs are available in the hoop size of 4X4 and 5X7.

Get 407 Applique Hearts Set


4) Hearts With Wings –

Hearts With Wings set is digitized by designer “V-Stitch.” You can use these patterns to decorate your quilts, pillow, wall hangings and more. The Angel and the Queen of Hearts can be cut out using templates provided. You can also sew them using the traditional applique method. This set features 4 designs and is available in the hoop size of 4.25×6.5 inch.

Get Hearts With Wings Set


5) FSL Applique Hearts –

FSL Applique Hearts set is digitized by designer “Ace Points.” These romantic FSL applique hearts are perfect for plain towels to make anniversary and wedding gifts.  You can also use them to decorate your quilts and pillows. Or create beautiful fabric jewelry or gift tags with these beautiful designs.  These FSL embroidery designs are available in the hoop size of 4X4.

Get FSL Applique Hearts Sets


All of these designs stitch up quickly and can be easily accommodate your busy schedule! Moreover, they appear great on every project you choose. For more designs, you can visit OPW Mall – where YOU are always #1.

5 Cute Machine Embroidered Bags for Your Kids

Cute bags are the ones that are always loved by children. If you’re looking for bags for your kids, check out our cute machine embroidered bags. All of these designs are easy to create. You can personalize them to your liking by adding pockets, names, adjustable straps and more.

1. Applique Kitty Treatbags –

Applique Kitty Treatbags set is digitized by designer “Stitch Delight.” You can use the kitty treatbags to store your treats or as a cute little handbag for a child to hold their treasures. This treat bag set is available in the hoop size of 5X7.

Get Applique Kitty Treatbags set


2. Book Bags Galore –

Book Bags Galore set is digitized by designer “Emerald Originals.” It’s a fun tote bag and you can whichever designs you wish. Create these bags as gifts as well as for yourself to pack all sorts of stuff including books, groceries, etc. A step-by-step instruction guide is also available with this set. These Book Bags Galore embroidery designs are available in the hoop size of 4X4, 5×7, 6×10, and 8×12. Just make sure to hoop and stabilize designs properly as some of these embroidery patterns are very large.

Get Book Bags Galore set


3. Spring Bloom Favor/Tote Bags –

Spring Bloom Favor tote bags are digitized by designer “Embroiders Eye.” These big, bright, and colorful tote bags with peep-holes in the corners are available in three different sizes. You can use these bags as a perfect gift bag. The bags span from a 4×4 (for smaller gifts) across, 5×7 (for medium size gifts) and 6×10 bag (for large gifts), each with unique freestanding lace corners. The tote bags are easy and quick to put together and are available with full instructions.

 Get Spring Bloom Favor/Tote Bags set


4. ITH Bags –

ITH Bags are digitized by designer “JHB Creations.” It’s a completely ‘in-the-hoop’ project and girls can use these bags to store their treasures. A complete set of instructions is available with this ‘in-the-hoop’ machine embroidery design. The designs are available for the hoop size of 8×8.

Get ITH Bags set


5. Sweet Sewing Box –

Sweet Sewing Box is digitized by designer “Enchanting Designs.” Give this fantastic project to the junior seamstress in your family to encourage their interest in this enjoyable hobby. Decorate the top with the beautiful design that has thread spools, scissors and stained glass window.  Create the perfect sewing box to keep all your sewing notions together. A complete set of instructions, step-by-step photos as well as applique instructions are available with the sewing box to make it easier for you to complete. These embroidery patterns are available in the hoop size of 5×7.

 Get Sweet Sewing Box set


 Stitch up one of these designs to create a unique and cute bag for your kids to carry or store their stuff.  For more designs, you can visit OPW Mall – where YOU are always #1.


Make Your Quilt Pop With Trapunto Machine Embroidery Designs

Trapunto quilting is done to add texture and dimension to projects. Puffy and raised areas offer a unique fullness and beauty to your quilt. It is also known as “stuffing technique” because specific parts of the quilt are filled. Trapunto embroidery designs offer an elegant, sophisticated look to your design projects. Here is a list of some of the Trapunto designs that you can use to make your quilt pop:

1) Trapunto Cats – Trapunto Cats set is digitized by designer “Always J Designs.” This amazing set contains 10 unique machine embroidery designs that you can use for your quilts. You can also use these designs for creating tote bags, cushion covers, table covers and many more items. These easy to stitch cat designs are available in the hoop size of 4X4.

Get Trapunto Cats here


2) Trapunto Aqua Marine Quiltblocks – Trapunto Aqua Marine Quiltblocks set is digitized by designer “Sunshine Embroidery.” Give your quilt an elegant look with these fun and attractive quilt blocks. You can also use them on towels, curtains and for shower curtains in the bathroom. These will decorate an absolutely stunning beach ensemble! The designs are available in the hoop size of 5X7.

Get Trapunto Aqua Marine Quiltblocks here


3) Trapunto Flower Blocks – Trapunto Flower Blocks set is digitized by designer “Designs By Lizette.” The set features 10 unique embroidery designs, done beautifully in any color. A complete PDF instruction guide with photos is available with the set. They are available in both the 4×4 and 5×7 hoop size.

Get Trapunto Flower Blocks here


4) Timeless Trapunto – Timeless Trapunto set is digitized by designer “Rease’s Realistic Designs.” This beautiful set can be used as just trapunto, applique or redwork. These 18 unique designs are available in three different hoop sizes 4X4, 5X7 and 6X10.

Get Timeless Trapunto here


5) Angel Wings Trapunto Quilt Blocks – Angel Wings Trapunto Quilt Blocks set is digitized by designer “JHB Creations.” These simple angel wings come to life with the trapunto technique, ready for your next quilt, nappy bag, and toiletry bag or to whatever your imagination takes you. A plain stippling block has been included in the set to enable you to add baby’s name. These designs are available in the hoop size of 5X5.

Get Angel Wings Trapunto Quilt Blocks here


Give Trapunto quilting a try on your next project. Add it to your pillow top, a baby quilt and more! If you are looking for more trapunto machine embroidery designs as well as 1000’s of others, visit OPW Mall ­ – where YOU are always #1.

Unique Embroidery Designs That Are Completely Free

Looking for free embroidery designs to enhance your home décor, clothes, tote bags etc? Let us help you out! Just click on the image below and begin downloading free embroidery designs from the OPW Mall. You can also visit most of the designers’ stores just by clicking on the names of designers to find more fantastic embroidery patterns and great offers by each designer.

These embroidery machine designs available at OPW Mall are easy to stitch out and available for free. Download these free embroidery designs and many more today!


In addition to free designs, OPW Mall offers different types of Machine Embroidery Designs such as:  Applique, Redwork, In-The-Hoop, Free Standing Lace, Cross Stitch, Filled, Colorwork, Cutwork, Satin Stitch and many more. The designs are available in different hoop sizes and file formats that will work with your machine.

Take your time and choose from the designs on the link above.  There are also free designs in the designers’ sections which can be access from the Main Embroidery Index. And you can sign up for our Newsletters, which give you access to Exclusive Free Designs, new ones are added every week!  Don’t forget to BOOKMARK for your easy reference later.


Our designs have brought smiles to millions of people. They used our free designs to enhance their home décor and created unique and amazing projects for their loved ones. Give us an opportunity to put a smile on your face as well. Visit OPW Mall today!

Find free and best machine embroidery patterns at reasonable prices when you shop at The OPW Mall, where YOU are always #1.

5 Adorable Apron Embroidery Designs for Kitchen Lovers

Cooking, baking, DIY food projects — all good reasons to wear an apron. It is important to look good and feel good while cooking or baking etc. So, how about creating an adorable apron embroidery pattern to feel good about yourself? Check out these 5 adorable apron embroidery designs for kitchen lovers below! Pick your favorite one and start sewing!

1. Cute Chefs – Cute Chefs set is digitized by designer “Kreative Kiwi Embroidery.” You can brighten up your kitchen with these wonderful embroidery designs. Use these designs for aprons, dishtowels, tablecloths and more. This set is available in two different sizes, one for the 4×4 hoop and one for the 5×7 hoop.

Get Cute Chefs set

Cute Chefs

2. Barbeque Time – Barbeque Time set is digitized by designer “Hatched In Africa.” The set consists of 29 different embroidery designs including wordings in English and Afrikaans language. These patterns will brighten up any table at a barbeque and is perfect for aprons, tablecloths, dishtowels, pot holders and even t-shirts! These designs are available in different sizes – 23 designs are available in the hoop size of 5×7 and the rest are in 4×4 hoop size.

Get Barbeque Time set

Barbeque Time

 3. FSL Applique Bottle Apron – FSL Applique Bottle Apron is digitized by designer “Sweet Heirloom Embroidery.” These fun bottle aprons are great to dress up wine bottles for gift giving. The set features 10 unique FSL applique embroidery designs. These designs are available in the hoop size of 5×7.

Get FSL Applique Bottle Apron set

 FSL Applique Bottle Apron

4. Apron Designs – Apron Designs set is digitized by designer “Allstitch.” The set features colorful apron machine embroidery patterns. These designs will definitely brighten up your kitchen. You can also use these designs to stitch a wall hanging, apron or appliance cover in fabric to match your decor. These designs are available in the hoop size of 5×7.

Get Apron Designs set

Apron Designs

5. Apron Attitudes – Apron Attitude set is digitized by designer “Designs 4 Africa.” The apron attitude set features 24 designs and humorous sayings. You will also get a complete set of instructions with pictures and a pattern on how to make an apron. These designs are very easy and quick to sew. The apron embroidery designs are available in the hoop size of 4×4.

Get Apron Attitudes set

Apron Attitudes

Whether you are creating projects for gift giving or stocking your own kitchen with useful accessories, these embroidery designs are sure to give you hours of enjoyment! For more designs, you can visit OPW Mall – where YOU are always #1.

Create Amazing Projects With Geometric Embroidery Patterns

We are pretty sure that the word “geometry” would recall some unpleasant memories of your high school, but don’t worry, our geometric embroidery patterns don’t require any knowledge of mathematics. You just need your creativity and embroidery machine to create amazing projects with geometric embroidery patterns.

1) Modern Floral Applique Modern Floral Applique set is digitized by designer “Kreations By Kara.” The floral embroidery designs are unique and colorful. These designs will surely add new dimension to your quilting and decorating projects. You can also use these beautiful applique machine embroidery designs to decorate your cushion covers, table runners, and more. The set is available in the hoop size of 5X7.

Get Modern Floral Applique Set

Modern Floral Applique

2) Over The Edge Applique Over The Edge Applique set is digitized by designer “Rease’s Realistic Designs.” Over the edge set includes hexagons, diamonds, triangles and one square with triangle. These appliqué embroidery designs are very simple to sew. The set features 20 designs – 10 frames that you can use alone, or with embroidery designs and 10 frames with embroidery designs. These designs are available in the hoop sizes of 4×4 & 5X7.

Get Over The Edge Applique Set

Over The Edge Applique

3) Just Geometric Flowers Just Geometric Flowers set is digitized by designer “VIV-A-LEE Embroidery.” These geometric flower designs are for the people who like everything to have a geometric neatness. They look lovely on bed linen, tablecloths and serviettes, and gorgeous on T-shirt sleeves or trousers. These designs are available in the size 4×4 and 5×5. A freebie is also available with this set.

Get Just Geometric Flowers Set

Just Geometric Flowers

4) Grandmas Closet Quilt Squares Grandmas Closet Quilt Squares set is digitized by designer “Jackie’s Embroidery Treasures.” These colorful embroidery patterns are perfect to decorate your quilts and other projects. You get 9 beautiful, unique squares. The size of each square is 3 1/2 Inches.

Get Grandmas Closet Quilt Squares

Grandmas Closet Quilt Squares

5) Geometric Cross Stitch Geometric Cross Stitch set is digitized by designer “Hennessy Embroidery.” The geometric designs are perfect for your table covers, cushion covers, bedsheets, and more. You just need to use your usual procedure to stitch these designs on your embroidery machine. You don’t need any special fabric or software for these designs. The designs are sized for a 14 count.

Get Geometric Cross Stitch Set

Geometric Cross Stitch

We are sure that you will definitely enjoy yourself while stitching these machine embroidery patterns on your projects. For more designs, you can visit OPW Mall – Where your dreams become a reality, one stitch at a time!