What Makes OregonPatchWorks the Preferred Choice for Machine Embroidery Designs ?

Machine embroidery designs have revolutionalized the whole art of embroidery. Gone are the days when engraving embroidery designs on a fabric or other materials proved to be a cumbersome task. The manual process of embroidery requires a lot of patience and skill from the embroiderer. However, with the advent of computerized embroidery machines, this process has eased off. All you need to do is look for an
embroidery digitizing service. One such service is OregonPatchWorks which will offer you stunning range of machine embroidery designs.

OregonPatchWorks has become the preferred choice of millions all over the globe who are in search of high-quality embroidery designs. Below I am going to highlight a few of the points which showcase that OregonPatchWorks is the perfect one-stop shop for the embroidery design enthusiasts.

Plethora of Machine Embroidery Designs

The embroidery designs which are available at the OregonPatchWorks Premium Embroidery Design Mall (OPW Mall) are quite diverse. All the designs have been digitized to perfection which includes fill stitch, free standing lace, appliqué, shadow work, cutwork, cross stitch embroidery designs and many more. As a customer, you will be able to enjoy the designs in the form of monograms, alphabets, art deco, floral, vintage embroidery designs and a lot more. All sorts of holiday designs for Christmas, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Halloween etc. are exclusively catered by the OPW mall. There are more than 100 brilliant digitizers of machine embroidery who are dedicated to offering beautiful and unique styles.

Irresistible Deals and Discounts

The standout aspect of the embroidery designs available at the OPW mall is the deals and discount embroidery designs that are offered. As a customer, all you need to do is subscribe to the newsletter and you will be offered with all the latest stuff directly in your inbox and get an edge over others. You will be able to enjoy the free designs, giveaways, discounts and special offers. Most of the designers run special offers on the various embroidery designs every week.

Courteous and Customer Centric Service

The sole aim of each and every staff member at the OPW mall is to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction. The value of the time and money of the customers is kept in high regard. All the queries will be answered by the OPW mall staff which is dedicated to assisting their customers. The reason behind the impromptu service is to keep all the customers happy and make them feel special.

Final Thoughts

A premium embroidery design mall, OregonPatchWorks is the perfect destination to convert your dreams into a reality. The diversity in the embroidery designs which are available at the OPW mall is one of the prime aspects why embroidery enthusiasts prefer it. As an amateur, there is so much to learn from the embroidery tutorials.

So, are you in search of an embroidery digitizing service? If yes, then OregonPatchWorks should be your choice. It is a comprehensive embroidery service that has enough designs to meet the demands of embroidery lovers.


OregonPatchWorks: Premier Destination for Embroidery Designs

OregonPatchWorks is a name which is quite popular in the world of embroidery designs. Over the last 16 years, there have been loads of people who have shown their trust in this fantastic marketplace, by returning time and again to enjoy the warm atmosphere and top quality embroidery designs offered. With more than 200 Google Reviews featuring 5 STAR Ratings, OPW has made good customer service and quality embroidery designs their goals and reputation.  

Long standing visitors are aware of the constant evolution which the site has undergone over the years. Embroidery design options are presented on a fun and easy to navigate site, which brings hours of enjoyment to everyone who visits regularly. One of the best things about the mall is that you are offered free embroidery downloads every single week, which are exclusive to OPW, only available at this one embroidery outlet.

There is a wide variety of other embroidery designs available to download for free and to purchase at the OPW mall. There are many types and sizes in an endless assortment of quality embroidery patterns. Here, we will discuss a few more of the aspects which make OregonPatchWorks stand apart from the other embroidery design options available.

Free Download Embroidery Designs Library

As mentioned above, OPW mall offers three or more exclusive samples each week which are totally free as well as giveaway alphabet letters announced on the newsletters. When you sign up for the newsletter,  you are able to download many designs in the  free download embroidery designs library. Then each week, a newsletter announces new embroidery designs for sale, new special offered and more free exclusive designs to download. You will be able to stay connected to all the latest new embroideries that are being offered by the OPW mall. All a user needs to do is sign up for the free MembersOnly Club and you will never miss the newest and latest at the mall.

There are also free downloads available among the designers’ designs in their stores.  You can visit any of the designer’s stores by clicking on their names. And don’t miss the Free For All page, which is filled with even more free downloads!  Now you are on your way to create your own embroidery designs library!

Frequent Special Offers

With around 100 different designers at the mall, OPW always has a plethora of special offers to help you save money.  OPW Mall has an entire section dedicated to show you the current specials being offered.  At any given time, you will find 85+ generous offers available. You can quickly and easily find out the best value on the type of designs you want. OPW is dedicated to providing the best services and opportunities to the embroidery community.

Latest Embroidery Designs and Patterns

Another aspect where OregonPatchWorks is leagues ahead is in adding new embroidery designs and patterns daily, featuring the latest, most popular trends. Every design is unique in its own way and will offer something different to every user. The wide range of embroidery designs insures the greatest number of satisfied users at OPW Mall. Due to this, most of the people prefer OregonPatchWorks over any other design services.  OPW has something for everyone!

Custom Embroidery Designs and Digitizing Services

The custom embroidery digitizing services offered allows OPW Mall to start with your desired artwork and create one of a kind, top quality designs for your special needs, which are exclusive to you. All you need to do is email your desired requirements and we prepare a quote for you to approve based on the stitch count, size and complexity.  The work is done by our own expert digitizers, who create the best quality embroidery designs available at OregonPatchWorks. You can look at a few of the embroidery designs were previously created on the website. This will enable you to get an idea of the quality you are being offered by this excellent custom embroidery digitizing service.

Summing Up

OregonPatchWorks is on a continuing mission to cater to all embroidery design enthusiasts with the best and latest embroidery designs and services. OPW puts your satisfaction first and will always be responsive to you when a question or need arises. The folks at OPW are eager to become a part of your family and friends and will always treat you with respect and integrity.  Don’t hesitate to reach out to the BEST of the BEST! The OPW Mall is where your dreams become a reality, one stitch at a time!

Double The Fun With These Latest Embroidery Designs

Creating projects with embroidery designs is always fun. Let’s double that fun with these amazing embroidery designs that are recently added in our OPW Mall’s collection.

1) Leafpetal –

Leafpetal set is digitized by designer “Designastitch.” You can use these modern embroidery designs to decorate any room of your home or to make special gifts such as place mats, table clothes, cushion covers, and potholders etc. This set is available in various hoop sizes including 4×4, 5×7, 8×8, 10×10, 12×12, and 16×16.

View Leafpetal Set here

Leafpetal Embroidery Designs

2) NNC ITH Rescue Me KR –

NNC ITH Rescue Me KR set is digitized by designer “Nonnienoo Creations.” This ‘in-the-hoop’ keyfob is easy to sew and an excellent way to use up your bits of scrap faux leather or felt fabrics. The finished size of this keyfob is 2.5 x 1.5 inches (not including D-Ring). This “Rescue Me KR” embroidery design is available in the hoop size of 4×4.

View NNC ITH Rescue Me KR Set here

NNC ITH Embroidery Designs

3) Pewter Roses –

Pewter Roses set is digitized by designer “Cuddle Me Crazy.” This set features 10 unique rose embroidery designs. You can use them for cushion covers, mug rugs, table clothes, kitchen towels, and more. This set is available in the hoop size of 5×7.

View Pewter Roses Set here

Pewter Rose Embroidery Designs 

4) Lavender –

Lavender set is digitized by designer “Elsa’s Designs.” This set features 10 unique embroidery designs. You can use them for bed sheets, table clothes, mug rugs, and cushion covers etc. These lavender designs will surely add a different color to your home’s decoration. This set is available in the hoop size of 4×4.

View 4×4 Lavender Set here

Lavender Embroidery Designs

5) On The Farm –

On The Farm set is digitized by designer “Sweet Heirloom Embroidery.” This set features 10 cute designs that are perfect to decorate your kid’s room. You can use them for kid’s clothes, bed sheets, cushion covers, bed sheets, bags and more. These designs are available in the hoop size of 4×4.

View On The Farm Set here

On The Farm Embroidery Designs

Make cute projects with these latest embroidery designsFor more great designs, you can visit The OPW Mall – where YOU are always #1.

5 Best Embroidery Projects You Must Try

Do you feel like trying something new? Our versatile digitizers have come up with these 5 amazing embroidery designs to inspire you to try something new. Here is a list of embroidery projects that you must try:

1) Heirloom Rose Tissue Box Cover –

Heirloom Rose Tissue Box Cover set is digitized by designer “Stitch Delight.” This tissue box cover is a perfect gift for any female whether she is your mother, sister, friend, or fiancé. This project can be done in two different hoop sizes 5X7/6X10.

View Heirloom Rose Tissue Box Cover Set Here

Heirloom Rose Tissue Box Embroidery Cover

2) Serenity Table Runner –

Serenity Table Runner set is digitized by designer “Alinaline.” Serenity project consists of intricate floral embroidery that offers an organic and flowing look to your dining area. The combination of multiple thread colors adds more dimension and life to your table runner. These designs are available in the hoop size of 5X7.

View Serenity Table Runner Set Here

Serenity Table Runner Embroidery Designs

3) Velvet Party Gloves Project –

Velvet Party Gloves Project set is digitized by designer “Oriental Embroidery.” The ‘Party Gloves’ project consists of 3 units that fit the hoop size of 5X7. A complete set of instructions is also included within this set.

View Velvet Party Gloves Project Set Here

Velvet Party Gloves Embroidery Project

4) ITH Cherry Blossom Bag –

ITH Cherry Blossom Bag set is digitized by designer “JHB Creations.” This stylish and delicate bag can be prepared with or without the zipper closure. The finished dimensions of this bag are 10X14X3 inches. This set also comes with a complete set of instructions in the zip format. These embroidery designs are available in the hoop size of 5X7.

View ITH Cherry Blossom Bag Set Here

ITH Cherry Blossom Embroidery Bag

5) Small Borders Table Mat Project –

Small Borders Table Mat Project set is digitized by designer “MM Embroidery.” The collection includes four embroidery designs, PDF templates, detailed instructions, and a color chart to help you complete a circular table mat. These embroidery files vary in size and create finished table mats 16 to 20 in diameter.

View Small Borders Table Mat Project Set Here

Small Borders Table Mat Embroidery Project

Do share your images with us in the comment section below. For more designs, you can visit The OPW Mall – where YOU are always #1. 


Grab Special Offers on Embroidery Designs at OPW Mall


If you love machine embroidery designs and like to create unique projects, visit The OPW Mall to buy your favorite embroidery designs. With thousands of embroidery designs to choose from, we’re sure that you’ll find the right embroidery design collection for your next project.

The OPW Mall

OregonPatchWorks is a one-stop store for high quality embroidery designs. We provide amazing machine embroidery designs, digitized by nearly 100 outstanding digitizers, each offering unique and beautiful styles.

You can find all types of embroidery designs including fill stitch, cutwork, cross stitch, in-the-hoop, applique and free standing lace, etc. You can use our embroidery designs for apparel or to decorate your home with embroidered table runners, quilts, bed sheets, cushion covers, mug rugs, and many other items.

We also offer frequent specials, bonus offers and incentives to all our users. Get more bang for the buck with our special offers.  Click here to find out more and to view the current special offers!

Special Offers at the OPW Mall

Each link on “Special Offers” page leads to a different designer’s store within the mall. Each designer offers various embroidery design sets in different sizes, styles, and formats! The designers provide their designs on “Special Offers” for a limited time period. You can enjoy extra savings by buying designs for your projects through this link. If you wish to see a complete list of all the embroidery designers’ stores at the mall, visit Main Embroidery Index. All of the embroidery designs are listed there.

Subscribe for Free Weekly Designs

Subscribe to The OPW Mall newsletter to get FREE weekly designs. You can also set notifications for “designers of the week specials,” and occasional announcements about special promotions.

At OPW Mall, YOU are always #1. We are always available to assist you in any way. You can contact us anytime for any of your query.

5 Valentine Embroidery Designs That Can Flutter Your Heart

Nothing shows your feelings better than a handmade Valentine gift. Your partner’s heart will skip a beat this Valentine’s Day when you present them a gift prepared with Valentine embroidery designs. Use these 5 embroidery designs to sew Valentine projects and make someone smile and feel loved!

1) Valentina Tea Doily –

Valentina Tea Doily is digitized by designer “Embroidered Necessity.” This tea doily Valentina is approximately 15 inches square and consists of applique technique border and hearts embroidery. It is a very easy project to make and is a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for someone special!

Get Valentina Tea Doily Set


2) ITH Valentine Mug Rug –

ITH Valentine Mug Rug is digitized by designer “U&I Unique Embroidery.” Create this lovely ‘in the hoop’ Valentine mug rug for you partner for Valentine’s Day and see the happiness it brings. It sews up easily and quickly. A complete set of photo instructions is also available with this set. These designs are available in the hoop size of 5X7.

Get ITH Valentine Mug Rug Set


3) A Valentine Card –

A Valentine Card set is digitized by designer “Emerald Originals.” These patterns are great for table decoration, clothing, kitchen hot pads, towels, aprons, placemats, napkins, quilts or any project you have in mind. This set features 56 different patterns. They sew very pretty and would make wonderful Valentine’s Cards or any card for any romantic occasion. These embroidery designs are available in the hoop size of 4X4.

Get A Valentine Card Set


4) Heart Mugrugs –

Heart Mugrugs set is digitized by designer “Mar-Lena Embroidery.” Stitch these mug rugs in red for your Valentine or any color that suits your decor to cheer up your loved ones. Put a string in before the last satin stitches and hang them everywhere in your house. These heart mug rug designs are available in the hoop size of 5X7.

Get Heart Mug Rugs Set


5) Rippled Valentine Day –

Rippled Valentine Day is digitized by designer “Sweet Heirloom Embroidery.” These rippled embroidery designs are perfect to sew on heart shaped pillow & cushion covers, table runners, mug rugs and many more. These designs are available in three different hoop sizes of 4X4, 5X5, and 6X6.

Get Rippled Valentine Day Set


We hope that you’ll like these Valentine embroidery designs. For more designs for all occasions and projects, you can visit The OPW Mall -where YOU are always #1.

Best Machine Embroidery Designs

Combining Designs and Discussing Their Use by Hazel of Grace Embroidery

When I create a collection of embroidery designs I usually create at least four sets for several sizes of hoops. In doing so I am trying to create lots of designs that contain the elements of the collection so you have plenty of choice and can mix and combine the designs to embroider the area required for most embroidery projects. In the last set of designs in the Une Petit Princesse collection there are some lovely panels and borders as these designs were created for the 14.2″ by 6″ hoop. I would like to share just a few uses for these designs to help you create your heirloom project. Embroider a pair of GFE-UPP-5-2, mirror imagining them and placing GFE-UPP-1-12 underneath them.


Notice the lovely shape that you get when this is done. The shapes that embroideries create are as important as the actual embroidery. The third design in the set has been digitized to create an interesting shaped panel. Stitch a row of these out using the outline alignment stitches as a guide, or remove the small segment on the left of the designs for a totally different look.


I took two of my favorite scalloped designs combining them to create this design shown below. I have adapted them somewhat but you will find that GFE-UPP-1-1 will join them nicely at the bottom and GFE-UPP-1-2 fits well above it.


In the instance of stitching this combination out I would combine the two smaller designs in your machine embroidery software, stitching them out first and then placing GFE-UPP-5-4 each side aligning carefully along the bottom.


GFE-UPP-5-5 has the scalloped button holes added so you can thread ribbon or strips of matching fabric through each pair of holes. If you require a wider band then edit the design to create another section to place each side including the button holes or just the scalloped segment. However some of you may prefer to use the middle section each side without the cross. It will depend on the width of embroidery that you require. I plan to create a tutorial on embroidering a Christening gown with this collection and would be interested to hear which your favorite designs are and what possible designs would enhance the versatility of this collection. Feedback from my customers is vital and I encourage it so that in the future I can improve my designs or add to collections.


I have gone into some detail on four of the designs in collection 5, however there are 8 more in this set, several of which are narrow borders like the one shown above.  There will be more ideas in the accompanying PDF which comes with the designs! I hope I have inspired you and that you will be able to create beautiful heirloom embroidered garments fit for a little princess or heirloom style accents for your home.

Une Petit Princesse 1   Une Petit Princesse 2   Une Petit Princesse 3

Une Petit Princesse 4   Une Petit Princesse 5

                                                      Happy embroidering from Hazel


DIY Machine Embroidery Projects for You

Create your own custom decor to add some fun flair to your home. These DIY embroidery projects are very easy to create. Just follow the step-by-step guides available for a fun and affordable projects. Here are the 5 DIY machine embroidery projects for you:

1. Kaola Handbag –

Kaola Handbag is digitized by designer “Embroidery Delight.” It’s ‘in-the-hoop’ project and includes some sewing to assemble the handbag. You can also use the 4 applique panels as a placemat. You get full instructions for how to stitch the 4 panels and how to make the handbag along with the set. The kaola machine embroidery design is available in the hoop size of 5X7.

Get Kaola Handbag set


2. Dogwood Hot Pad Potholder –

Dogwood Hot Pad Potholder project is digitized by designer “Oma’s Place.” This attractive hot pad is an ‘in-the-hoop project’ available in the hoop size of 6×10. The borders of the potholder are attached during the embroidery process in the stitch and flip method. The center is stipple quilted and only a small opening on the bottom of the hot pad needs to be closed by hand stitching or can be fused shut. A small amount of machine sewing is required as well. Thorough instructions in pdf format will guide you through the process of making this beautiful hot pad.

Get Dogwood Hot Pad Potholder set


3.Bean Bags –

Bean Bags project is digitized by designer “Embroidershoppe.” Bean bags are simple and easy ‘in-the-hoop’ projects. You also need to do a slight amount of sewing to close the bag opening after you stuff it with beans, buckwheat or rice. The set includes 32 machine embroidery designs including the complete alphabet, an apple, daisy, ice cream, star, heart, and scottie designs. Your kids will surely love these bean bags in their room to use as toss toys or use them as fun learning tools. The designs are available in the hoop size of 4X4.

Get Bean Bags set


4. Newborn Door Hanger –

Newborn Door Hanger is digitized by designer “U&I Unique Embroidery.” It’s completely ‘in-the-hoop’ project. The door hanger set is available along with complete photo instructions. The designs are digitized for the 180 x 130 mm i.e. 5X7 inch. The embroidery designs are available in various formats including ARTV4, ARTV6, DST, EXP, HUS, JEF, JEF+ PES, VIP, VP3, and XXX.

Get Newborn Door Hanger


5. Table Runner White Passion –

Table Runner White Passion project is digitized by designer “Alinaline.” It’s a wonderful, versatile design which can be used for a table runner, and many other design ideas. The crochet style FSL table runner is available with detailed, and illustrated instructions to create the table runner. The designs are available in two sizes i.e., 5X7 inch and 8X12 inch.

Get Table Runner White Passion


We are sure that these projects will help you to decorate your home in a creative way without breaking the bank! For more designs you can always visit OPW Mall – Where your dreams become a reality, one stitch at a time!

Make Your Quilt Pop With Trapunto Machine Embroidery Designs

Trapunto quilting is done to add texture and dimension to projects. Puffy and raised areas offer a unique fullness and beauty to your quilt. It is also known as “stuffing technique” because specific parts of the quilt are filled. Trapunto embroidery designs offer an elegant, sophisticated look to your design projects. Here is a list of some of the Trapunto designs that you can use to make your quilt pop:

1) Trapunto Cats – Trapunto Cats set is digitized by designer “Always J Designs.” This amazing set contains 10 unique machine embroidery designs that you can use for your quilts. You can also use these designs for creating tote bags, cushion covers, table covers and many more items. These easy to stitch cat designs are available in the hoop size of 4X4.

Get Trapunto Cats here


2) Trapunto Aqua Marine Quiltblocks – Trapunto Aqua Marine Quiltblocks set is digitized by designer “Sunshine Embroidery.” Give your quilt an elegant look with these fun and attractive quilt blocks. You can also use them on towels, curtains and for shower curtains in the bathroom. These will decorate an absolutely stunning beach ensemble! The designs are available in the hoop size of 5X7.

Get Trapunto Aqua Marine Quiltblocks here


3) Trapunto Flower Blocks – Trapunto Flower Blocks set is digitized by designer “Designs By Lizette.” The set features 10 unique embroidery designs, done beautifully in any color. A complete PDF instruction guide with photos is available with the set. They are available in both the 4×4 and 5×7 hoop size.

Get Trapunto Flower Blocks here


4) Timeless Trapunto – Timeless Trapunto set is digitized by designer “Rease’s Realistic Designs.” This beautiful set can be used as just trapunto, applique or redwork. These 18 unique designs are available in three different hoop sizes 4X4, 5X7 and 6X10.

Get Timeless Trapunto here


5) Angel Wings Trapunto Quilt Blocks – Angel Wings Trapunto Quilt Blocks set is digitized by designer “JHB Creations.” These simple angel wings come to life with the trapunto technique, ready for your next quilt, nappy bag, and toiletry bag or to whatever your imagination takes you. A plain stippling block has been included in the set to enable you to add baby’s name. These designs are available in the hoop size of 5X5.

Get Angel Wings Trapunto Quilt Blocks here


Give Trapunto quilting a try on your next project. Add it to your pillow top, a baby quilt and more! If you are looking for more trapunto machine embroidery designs as well as 1000’s of others, visit OPW Mall ­ – where YOU are always #1.

Multipurpose Embroidery Bags for Your Kids

Multipurpose bags are perfect gifts for your little ones to store their precious and important things. Multi-purpose bags are an adorable must-have accessory for everyone. These are just a few of the machine embroidery patterns to choose from.   Here is a list of 5 amazing, easy to sew embroidery designs for your kid’s multipurpose bags.

1. Owl Zipper Purse – Owl Zipper Purse set is digitized by designer “Hatched In Africa.” It is a completely ‘in-the-hoop’ body purse. You can also use one hooping to make a plain purse without an owl face, so you can add your choice of embellishments. The owl machine embroidery designs are available in three hoop sizes i.e., doll size is available in 4×4, coin purse is available in 5×7 and child size purse for teens and adults is available in 6×10 hoop size.

Get Owl Zipper Purse set

Owl Zipper Purse 

2. 3D Butterfly Purse – The darling 3D Butterfly Purse is digitized by designer “Oma’s Place.” The butterfly ‘in-the-hoop’ purse is not only pretty but also quite useful. It is a project for the 5×7 hoops and needs to be done in two hoopings. All seams are either hidden or finished. It is not available with the alphabet name or zipper pull design shown on the example (they are sold separately). You’ll also get a 3D butterfly (in two sizes) to be placed on other projects (such as tissue boxes, on your daughter’s dress, etc.) along with the 3D butterfly purse.

 Get 3D Butterfly Purse set

 3D Butterfly Purse

3. Coin Purses – The cute Coin Purses set is digitized by designer “Embroidershoppe.” These amazing purses with modern French Flair are great gifts for teenagers. You can also use it as a make-up storage bag, iPhone or iPod carrier bag, and more. The size of the purse measures 3.94×4.8 inches when the lid is closed. The bags are available in 2 designs: one has a lid with a buttonhole stand and second has a popper snap to close the bag. These embroidery machine designs are available in the hoop size of 5×7.

 Get Coin Purses set

 Coin Purses

4. ITH Giraffe Zipper Purse – The Giraffe Zipper Purse set is digitized by designer “U&I Unique Embroidery.” The Giraffe Zipper is completely ‘in-the-hoop’ project and is really easy to make. You’ll also get a complete set of photo instructions along with the embroidery designs. Embroidered in 2 hoopings, your child will just love this little giraffe zipper purse. The designs are available in various formats including ART, DST, EXP, HUS, JEF, JEF+, PES, VIP, VP3, and XXX. These designs are available in the sizes 5×7 inches (5.04 x 4.83 inches).

 Get ITH Giraffe Zipper Purse set

 ITH Giraffe Zipper Purse

5. NNC ITH Zippered Frog Purse – The Zippered Frog Purse is digitized by designer “Nonnienoo Creations.” The coin purse measures approximate 3.4 x 3.5 inches and is done entirely ‘in the hoop’. It is available with complete step by step photo instructions. A video with step by step instructions is also available at https://youtu.be/NGGoWiAdceE. Follow the video instructions to create a frog purse for your kid. These embroidery patterns are available in the hoop size of 4×4.

 Get NNC ITH Zippered Frog Purse Set

 NNC ITH Zippered Frog Purse

Doing something for kids is always rewarding for the parents but making something for them can be even more fun. Creating multipurpose embroidery bags for your kids is one way to make them feel extra-special. For more designs, you can visit OPW Mall – Where your dreams become a reality, one stitch at a time!