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Embroidery Designs
With the plethora of embroidery digitizing services out there, picking out the best can prove to be a tedious job. As an embroidery enthusiast, there are quite a few factors you need to consider while making the final choice for any of the services. The service should offer you a wide collection of all the latest embroidery designs at competitive prices, as well as outstanding customer serve. So, if you are among those who are in search of an embroidery digitizing service like this, you are about to hear of the very place that combines these attributes.

OregonPatchWorks is a leading machine embroidery digitizing service that has an expansive collection of embroidery designs. All the designs delivered by it are digitized to perfection which means that as a customer you will be provided with top-notch designs, every time. The nearly 100 machine embroidery digitizers constantly work towards delivering beautiful and unique designs to each and every customer.

OPW Mall: Your One-Stop Embroidery Design Gallery

The OPW Mall’s embroidery design gallery features every imagineable embroidery design to  meet the needs of all types of embroiderers. It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional or an amateur, you will be able to find nearly any type of design. Customers are able to choose conveniently from this wide selection of embroidery designs in one convenient shopping experience and pick out the best for their projects. All the customers are provided with immediate electronic delivery which enables them to download their orders easily when they purchase them. Customers can even order backup CDs or USB drives where each backup consists of 15 collections.

Customers are Always First

OregonPatchWorks believes in excellent customer services and always delivers, thanks to its knowledgeable and friendly staff. For all staff members at OPW, customer satisfaction is the highest priority. The daily addition of new embroidery designs ensures that the customers are always provided with the latest and greatest in the field of embroidery. OPW staff takes pride in answering the queries of its customers. Ask any of the many return customers why they continue to shop at OPW Mall, year after year!

Keep Up-to-Date With the Latest Offers

As a customer at OPW, you will be offered all the latest deals and discounts on embroidery designs. You can also enjoy exclusive free designs, available to OPW members only.  All you need to do to become a member is subscribe to OPW’s newsletter to be kept updated with all the latest that is on offered and to gain access to the exclusive designs. Many of the designers at OPW run special discounts often on their embroidery designs which will enable you to save many of your dollars.

Summing Up

Still looking for reasons to choose OregonPatchWorks? Don’t wait. Just visit the website and get started. OregonPatchWorks will ensure that you get the desired embroidery designs related to your individual requirements or projects.  At OPW Mall, YOU are always #1 !

OregnPatchWorks: High-Grade Machine Embroidery Designs All Under One Roof

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OregonPatchWorks has been a pioneer in delivering a multitude of high-quality and visually appealing machine embroidery designs for years now. It has become one of the most trusted embroidery digitizing services out there. At OregonPatchWorks, as an embroidery enthusiast, you will be able to find all sorts of designs. There is something which is available for every occasion or purpose.

Now, we are going to have a look at a few of the reasons that make OregonPatchWorks stand out of the competition.

Designs Digitized to Perfection:
OregonPatchWorks (OPW) Mall’s embroidery design gallery features a wide range of designs all that have been digitized to perfection. With nearly 100 machine embroidery digitizers, OPW delivers a brilliant array of high-grade designs are delivered to you. This means that as a customer there is no need to look at other embroidery digitizing services. The design gallery will ensure that you will be able to enjoy designs which are quite diverse and specific to different purposes and occasions. It features almost any design that you can possibly think of.

Create Your Own Personalized Designs:
The machine embroidery designs offered by OregonPatchWorks will enable you to create visually appealing and high-quality finished designs. There is no limit as you will be able to use your imagination to the wide range of machine embroidery designs that are available for immediate download. All these designs can be accessed at very competitive prices. A few of the popular types of machine embroidery designs at OPW include cross stitch, applique, fill stitch, free standing lace, redwork, shadow work, photostitch and many more. Choose any design which you feel is perfect for your project and get started.

Grab the Latest Deals:
OregonPatchWorks offers its esteemed customers some amazing bonus offers and frequent specials. As a customer, with OPW you will be able to get the most out of your investment. To keep yourself updated with all the latest happenings all you got to do is subscribe to the weekly newsletter. In addition to weekly exclusive free samples, you will receive all the announcements regarding the latest designs and samples. There are many free samples that are available on the website. The designers at OPW run special offers which will enable you to save a few of your dollars on the hobby you love best.

Impeccable Customer Service:
Serving customers in the best possible manner is the sole aim of the knowledgeable staff at OPW. Due to this, most of the customers served have stuck with OPW for a very long time. The staff at OPW ensures that every customer is delivered with a service that makes them come back for their embroidery designs, time and time again. All the customers are served equally and they can easily contact the staff whenever they feel the need to, through live chat, email and toll free phone service.

Summing Up:
OregonPatchWorks, as an embroidery digitizing service has been able to build a name for itself among its customers. The expansive customer base served by it is enough to portray the trust that OPW has been able to muster over the years.  Check out the 500+ 5-star ratings on Google! www.tinyurl.com/OregonPatchWorks

So what are you waiting for? Choose OregonPatchWorks as your embroidery digitizing partner and get high-quality embroidery designs and excellent service.


Unique Designs to Customize Your Jeans

Looking for embroidery designs to customize your jeans, shorts, or jackets? We have compiled a list of 5 unique embroidery design sets that you can use on your old jeans, pants, jackets etc. and give it a new, fresh look. You can also customize your new jeans too and personalize them to your heart’s content.  Check out these unique embroidery designs below.

1) Floral Music Notes –

Floral Music Notes set is digitized by designer “Ace Points.” This set features 10 unique floral embroidery designs. These work perfectly to revive old jeans. Just stitch them anywhere on your jeans and get ready to flaunt your new style. These music designs are available in three different hoop sizes including 4 x 4, 5 x 5, and 6 x 6.

View Floral Music Notes here


2) Floral Golden Glow ­–

Floral Golden Glow set is digitized by designer “Threads Of Time.” These pretty one color embroidery designs are shown here in golden color threads, you can use any colors you wish. You can use these designs for any of your projects.  They look especially great on jeans. This set features 10 unique embroidery patterns, available in the hoop sizes of 4 x 4 and 5 x 7.

View Floral Golden Glow here


3) Decorative Dolphins –

Decorative Dolphins set is digitized by designer “Erina’s Designs.” This set features 6 unique dolphin designs. You can add them on your jeans, cushion covers, towels, and more. These designs feature lots of decorative details. This set is available in the hoop size of 5 x 7.

View Decorative Dolphins here


4) Tattoo Jeans –

Tattoo Jeans set is digitized by designer “Creations By Kara.” This set features 12 unique embroidery patterns with project instructions on how to take your jeans and make them into new fabulous and fashionable creations. These design sizes vary from the smallest design 86 mm x 74 mm to the largest design 112 mm x 316 mm.

View Tattoo Jeans here


5) Yin Yang In Damask –

Yin Yang In Damask set is digitized by designer “All stitch.” These designs stitches out beautifully and easily. This set features a truly versatile collection that can be used for towels, linens, decor items, table clothes, and more. This Yin Yang set has 20 beautiful designs, available in the hoop size of 5 x 7.

View Yin Yang In Damask here


Looking for more embroidery designs ? There are THOUSANDS of them at OPW.  Visit The OPW Mall – where YOU are always #1!
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Participate in Springtime Bunny Hunt And Win Free Embroidery Designs

Springtime Bunny Hunt– Find the bunny and win prizes!!!

OregonPatchWorks is running a “Springtime Bunny Hunt” contest for the embroidery lovers. In this contest, you’ve to search bunnies and share their set names and URLs with us. By doing so, you win FREE designs! The contest will run through April 30, 2017.

Springtime-Bunny-Hunt-at-OPW-MallInstructions for Springtime Bunny Hun

1. Please read the instructions thoroughly before taking part in the contest. There are a total of 96 bunnies on the mall, one in each store.

2. You can start HERE. This page contains all the 96 store links. Click a link, which takes you to the store’s index page. Click the thumbnails on the index page and search for the bunny, which is hidden on one of the pages for that store.

3. When you find a bunny, copy and paste the set’s name and its URL in the Designer List form.
(Note: Make sure to put the set name and its URL in front of set designer’s name.)

4. The winners of the contest can win the following prizes:

  • Prize #1: Find 1-15 bunnies and get a free bonus design. The design will be emailed to you and will take 7-10 days for processing.
  • Prize #2: Find 16-50 bunnies: Choose and get a FREE SAMPLER (no purchase necessary) including Prize #1!
  • Prize #3: Find 51-95 bunnies: Get a free set from the FREE SET LIST along with Prize #1 and Prize #2!


  • Prize #4: Find all 96 bunnies: Choose a FREE archive from HERE along with Prize #1, Prize #2, and Prize #3! You’ll get it all.

5. Once you complete Designer List form, email it to us before April 30, 2017.

6. Do not share answers with other contestants.

7. Only one participant can take part per household.

8. One person can make only one entry.

For more queries about the contest, you can email us to support@oregonpatchworks.com

Unique Embroidery Designs That Are Completely Free

Looking for free embroidery designs to enhance your home décor, clothes, tote bags etc? Let us help you out! Just click on the image below and begin downloading free embroidery designs from the OPW Mall. You can also visit most of the designers’ stores just by clicking on the names of designers to find more fantastic embroidery patterns and great offers by each designer.

These embroidery machine designs available at OPW Mall are easy to stitch out and available for free. Download these free embroidery designs and many more today!


In addition to free designs, OPW Mall offers different types of Machine Embroidery Designs such as:  Applique, Redwork, In-The-Hoop, Free Standing Lace, Cross Stitch, Filled, Colorwork, Cutwork, Satin Stitch and many more. The designs are available in different hoop sizes and file formats that will work with your machine.

Take your time and choose from the designs on the link above.  There are also free designs in the designers’ sections which can be access from the Main Embroidery Index. And you can sign up for our Newsletters, which give you access to Exclusive Free Designs, new ones are added every week!  Don’t forget to BOOKMARK OregonPatchWorks.com for your easy reference later.


Our designs have brought smiles to millions of people. They used our free designs to enhance their home décor and created unique and amazing projects for their loved ones. Give us an opportunity to put a smile on your face as well. Visit OPW Mall today!

Find free and best machine embroidery patterns at reasonable prices when you shop at The OPW Mall, where YOU are always #1.

Download 5 Free Machine Embroidery Designs

Looking for free machine embroidery designs to personalize your home items, clothes and more? Let us help you out. Just click on the links below and download the designs right from the OPW Mall’s gallery. You can also click the name of the digitizer (in the description) to visit their store in the mall, where you will find more free designs, fantastic embroidery patterns and great offers.  The designs listed below are easy to stitch out and are available for free. Download these free embroidery designs today!

1). Flower Vase Embroidery Design – The stunning flower vase machine embroidery design is digitized by the designer “Erina’s Designs.” Use this free machine embroidery pattern to beautify your kid’s clothes, table runners, towels, home décor items, and linens, etc.

     Free Embroidery Designs

free embroidery downloads 

2) Embroidery Heart – The pleasing heart embroidery design by the designer “EMS Designs” is perfect for enhancing your cushion covers perfectly. You can also use these free embroidery patterns to enhance your quilts, bags, kid’s clothes, towels, and sweat shirts, etc.

     Free Heart Embroidery Design

free embroidery downloads 

3) Cute Fish Embroidery Design – This darling fish design by the designer “Heav’n Sent Creations” is perfect to decorate your kid’s towels, clothes, cushions, and bags, etc.       Free Fish Machine Embroidery Design

              free embroidery downloads 

4) Adorable Teddy– This cute teddy design by the designer “Zari’s Embroidery Delights” is perfect for decorating your kid’s room. You can also use this design to beautify their cushions, clothes, quilts, bed sheets, towels, and bags, etc.

     Free Teddy Embroidery Design

free embroidery downloads 

5) Pretty Poinsettia design – This pretty design is digitized by the designer “Lizanne-Creations”. Use this free floral embroidery design to decorate your home décor items, towels, table runners, and linens, etc.

  Free Floral Embroidery Design

free embroidery downloads 

Find these and more free embroidery designs by OregonPatchWorks embroidery professionals at http://goo.gl/wTxmfq

Our designs have brought smiles to millions of peoples’ faces when they use them to enhance their home décor and decorate projects for friends and family. Let us take this opportunity to invite you to visit us and put a smile on your face as well. Find free and premium embroidery designs at affordable prices when you shop at The OPW Mall, where your dreams become a reality, one stitch at a time!

Best Machine Embroidery Designs

8 Valentine’s Embroidery Ideas for Embroidery Enthusiasts

The Fall Holidays may be over, but here’s another reason to shop, and this time it’s for Valentine’s Day. From candy bags to personalized mementos, we’re going to help you take the stress out of Valentine’s Day embroidery shopping with these unique machine embroidery designs. Here are a few of the many  embroidery patterns that you can use to personalize your gift items for Valentine’s Day.

  1. Valentine Treat Bags – Planning to give a gift to a friend or your partner? Use the machine embroidery treat bags to wrap up goodies and chocolates for a personalized gift they will love.  You can make these treat bags in one hooping. The set is available in the hoop size of 4X4.

Valentine Treat Bags

Get Embroidery Designs for Valentine Treat Bags by Daffy Down Dilly

  1. Hearts and Flowers – These machine embroidery designs are perfect for Valentine’s Day. They can also be used for other occasions when you need vibrant, lovely colors to decorate your projects. Hearts and flowers designs embroider up beautifully. They can be used on bags, jackets, pillows, linens, and purses. These designs are available in the hoop size of 4X4 and 5X7.

Hearts and Flowers Embroidery

Get Hearts and Flowers Embroidery Designs by EMS Designs

  1. Romantic Hearts – Give loved ones a daily reminder of your love with these beautiful designs. You can embroider long lasting greeting cards, comfy cushions, a special lap blanket and more  with these romantic hearts embroidery designs. Equally lovely in any colors, they are fast to stitch out. These designs are available in the hoop size of 4X4, 5X5, 6X6.

Romantic Hearts

Get Romantic Hearts Embroidery Designs by Ace Points

  1. Love Squared –This Valentine, create something personalized for your loved one. Love squared design is the perfect door hanging gift that’s going to do wonders for your love life. The project is done “in-the-hoop” design project measures 3.85 inch square.  Add a ribbon for a hanger and instant finished gift!

Love Squared

Get Love Squared Machine Embroidery Design by Garden Of Daisies

  1. Hearts Galore – Keep this Valentine’s Day gift lighthearted with quirky quotes like “be-mine, for-you,” and more phrases. This will highlight your passionate side to your lover. Use these heart shaped machine embroidery patterns to make special Valentine gift. These are available in the hoop size of 4X4.

Hearts Galore

Get Hearts Galore Embroidery Patterns by Attic Treasures

  1. Valentines Gift Box – This Valentines Gift box is an amazing gift for your sweetheart. It is made with the help of embroidery machine but also requires some manual stitching. Use this gift box to make your partner feel loved and happy this Valentine’s day. This gift box is available in the hoop size of 5X7. You’ll also receive an “in the hoop” Valentines Bear when you download this file.

Valentines Gift Box

Get the Valentine Box Project designs and instructions by Embroidershoppe

Valentine Bear

Valentine Bear is a free bonus gift when you purchase the Valentine Box.

  1. Valentine Bowl – Use this free standing lace machine embroidered Valentine bowl for your home or as a cute gift. It’s perfect for filling hard candies, potpourri, and anything else you’d like. The bite-sized treats that are beautifully wrapped and served in this Valentine bowl will be an amazing hostess gift while visiting friends. It is available in the hoop size of 4X4.

Valentine Bowl

Get Machine Embroidery Design for Valentine Bowl by Erina’s Designs

  1. Trapunto Valentine Hearts – Trapunto box is perfect for a Valentine gift, filled with treasures for your sweetheart. It is available in the hoop size of 5X7.  A fabric Valentine card download file is available for free with Trapunto Valentine Hearts.

Trapunto Valentine Hearts

Get Trapunto Valentine Hearts Embroidery Design by Sunshine Embroidery

Free Valentine Card

Free Valentine Card can be downloaded on the webpage.

Get these machine embroidery patterns and more for your loved ones on this Valentine’s Day. You can also use these embroidery designs to enhance your sweat shirts, linens, cushion covers, and home décor items, etc. For more designs, visit OPW Mall, where your dreams become a reality, one stitch at a time!

By OPW Mall – Be the Part of #ILoveOPW Giveaway Contest and Win Free Embroidery Designs

I Love OPW

OPW is running #IloveOPW giveaway contest for its new and existing customers. To win free machine embroidery designs, all you have to do is to enter #IloveOPW giveaway contest and follow us on #Instagram; upload your project’s photos using OPW’s designs. In addition to this you can upload your project’s photos on our Facebook Page too. The best comments will win eight free machine embroidery designs.

Here are the three steps you need to follow:

  1. Follow @oregonpatchworks on Instagram
  2. Take a photo: Show us projects using OPW designs
  3. Tag @oregonpatchworks #ILoveOPW #Embroidery

Multi Thread Machine Embroidery Designs Available For Your Projects

Time is always a major obstacle for me. I keep so busy that there isn’t a lot of free time to fit in anything else. Urgent matters force me to give up other tasks or activities. Sometime, my wants take precedence. Like this week when I should be preparing for a yard sale. Instead, I took time to finish setting up my new sewing room.

It is important that I have my embroidery machine available both for my own projects and to test the machine embroidery designs that I create. So, the machines are all in place, foot pedals matched to the correct one and power cords in place. Wouldn’t you just know it; I can’t find any of the tools and equipment that allows me to get designs into the embroidery machine!

It looks like those items are still out in the garage in plastic bins that I haven’t gotten to yet because I was concentrating on the cardboard boxes. So, I took time from unpacking and organizing to set up the sewing room and didn’t have all of my equipment to begin with! What a waste of time for both sets of tasks. And, yet, all of my embroidery supplies are organized, so I can’t complain too much.

I still haven’t found my smaller embroidery machine. I’d love nothing better than to tear the garage apart until it’s found, but that would be a time-waster when my first priority should be the yard sale. The garage is my staging area, so creating chaos in there will not help me. What if the machine should still be missing? I’ll waste time being upset about it instead of concentrating on the odds and ends I hope to sell in a few days. Like I said, time is a big thing in my life.

Back in my corporate days, I had a boss constantly tell me to work smarter, not harder. Because my tasks took up every moment of every day, all of it beyond my control, it was truly a stupid sentiment from him. When it comes to my personal life, though, working smarter is something I very much can control. That is why machine embroidery is so important to me. It allows me to create beautiful items quickly, adding charm to my life in little ways. Doing it by hand may be more satisfying, but it would take too much time to get anything done. Harder or smarter? Utilizing machine embroidery designs is definitely smarter!

I must say that walking into my newly organized sewing room does give me a thrill of joy and accomplishment, even if my main embroidery machine is nothing more than a large, white decorative piece. When I do find the missing equipment, it will be ready to go. I guess that’s still better than having everything on hand but not having it in order enough to use it.

Either way, I think I deserve a trip to my favorite online embroidery design gallery. I just know there will be a great new free embroidery design there for me to reward myself with. I’ll worry about time later. Much later.

The Art of Innovative Designing

Embroidery thread

Although I am very busy with our upcoming move to our new house, I have also been helping my brother with his new business venture … a clothing line embracing life and enjoyment. He is an artist in his own right, but his style is definitely not mine. I prefer traditional styles, while his preferences are much more squiggles and pop art. In the world of machine embroidery, the two are coming together quite well.

It started with a font in the collegiate style. But not. It also needed to be radical. As in “different”. Not rad, as in awesome. But it also had to encompass both. Wow. He and his business partner weren’t asking for much, were they? Luckily, there are so many wonderful embroidery designs out there that we could find many ideas for them.

It moved on to digitizing of his little squiggle people. Somehow, his original drawings look much more fun than my attempt to make them work for embroidery. More work is needed there. Luckily, I have lots and lots of thread for machine embroidery to facilitate the testing going on and on and on. Think lots of color.

I tried very hard to be outlandish in some of the Embroidery Designs I am creating, simply to find out where they would draw the line. It didn’t work. Apparently, the stranger the design the better. While their concept is for young, very modern people, they are loving the idea of adding embroidery to most of their items. And, for that, they need lots of weird designs. Okay!

When I ran out of ideas, I got inspiration from my favorite embroidery design galleryNo, I didn’t borrow anyone else’s idea. I just simply got an idea from a new embroidery pattern that I saw. It makes towels look embossed, with high and low areas in the stitching. I created a similar project using my brother’s main logo. I was quite impressed. My brother’s comment was, “YOU!” I have no idea what this means, but I’m assuming he likes it. Text messaging leaves a lot to be desired in emotional responses!

After that, I am burned out for the week. I got a newsletter this morning from that same embroidery design gallery, and now my creative spirit is at full speed to download free embroidery designs this week. My favorite is a set of floral designs with sparse stitching that makes the design look like stained glass. These would look wonderful in my new kitchen. Or, maybe my new bathroom.

Looking at this week explains why I love the world of machine embroidery. Whether one prefers tradition or modern designs, or something in between, there are so many options available. Lots of new free embroidery designs to try to see if I like the style. New ideas and inspiration continually. It can be made to fit projects fit for a queen, or lowly enough for the dog to snuggle on. And, as with my brother and I, it brings very different people together effortlessly.