Expansive Collection of Machine Embroidery Designs at OregonPatchWorks

Embroidery Designs
With the plethora of embroidery digitizing services out there, picking out the best can prove to be a tedious job. As an embroidery enthusiast, there are quite a few factors you need to consider while making the final choice for any of the services. The service should offer you a wide collection of all the latest embroidery designs at competitive prices, as well as outstanding customer serve. So, if you are among those who are in search of an embroidery digitizing service like this, you are about to hear of the very place that combines these attributes.

OregonPatchWorks is a leading machine embroidery digitizing service that has an expansive collection of embroidery designs. All the designs delivered by it are digitized to perfection which means that as a customer you will be provided with top-notch designs, every time. The nearly 100 machine embroidery digitizers constantly work towards delivering beautiful and unique designs to each and every customer.

OPW Mall: Your One-Stop Embroidery Design Gallery

The OPW Mall’s embroidery design gallery features every imagineable embroidery design to  meet the needs of all types of embroiderers. It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional or an amateur, you will be able to find nearly any type of design. Customers are able to choose conveniently from this wide selection of embroidery designs in one convenient shopping experience and pick out the best for their projects. All the customers are provided with immediate electronic delivery which enables them to download their orders easily when they purchase them. Customers can even order backup CDs or USB drives where each backup consists of 15 collections.

Customers are Always First

OregonPatchWorks believes in excellent customer services and always delivers, thanks to its knowledgeable and friendly staff. For all staff members at OPW, customer satisfaction is the highest priority. The daily addition of new embroidery designs ensures that the customers are always provided with the latest and greatest in the field of embroidery. OPW staff takes pride in answering the queries of its customers. Ask any of the many return customers why they continue to shop at OPW Mall, year after year!

Keep Up-to-Date With the Latest Offers

As a customer at OPW, you will be offered all the latest deals and discounts on embroidery designs. You can also enjoy exclusive free designs, available to OPW members only.  All you need to do to become a member is subscribe to OPW’s newsletter to be kept updated with all the latest that is on offered and to gain access to the exclusive designs. Many of the designers at OPW run special discounts often on their embroidery designs which will enable you to save many of your dollars.

Summing Up

Still looking for reasons to choose OregonPatchWorks? Don’t wait. Just visit the website and get started. OregonPatchWorks will ensure that you get the desired embroidery designs related to your individual requirements or projects.  At OPW Mall, YOU are always #1 !

OregnPatchWorks: High-Grade Machine Embroidery Designs All Under One Roof

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OregonPatchWorks has been a pioneer in delivering a multitude of high-quality and visually appealing machine embroidery designs for years now. It has become one of the most trusted embroidery digitizing services out there. At OregonPatchWorks, as an embroidery enthusiast, you will be able to find all sorts of designs. There is something which is available for every occasion or purpose.

Now, we are going to have a look at a few of the reasons that make OregonPatchWorks stand out of the competition.

Designs Digitized to Perfection:
OregonPatchWorks (OPW) Mall’s embroidery design gallery features a wide range of designs all that have been digitized to perfection. With nearly 100 machine embroidery digitizers, OPW delivers a brilliant array of high-grade designs are delivered to you. This means that as a customer there is no need to look at other embroidery digitizing services. The design gallery will ensure that you will be able to enjoy designs which are quite diverse and specific to different purposes and occasions. It features almost any design that you can possibly think of.

Create Your Own Personalized Designs:
The machine embroidery designs offered by OregonPatchWorks will enable you to create visually appealing and high-quality finished designs. There is no limit as you will be able to use your imagination to the wide range of machine embroidery designs that are available for immediate download. All these designs can be accessed at very competitive prices. A few of the popular types of machine embroidery designs at OPW include cross stitch, applique, fill stitch, free standing lace, redwork, shadow work, photostitch and many more. Choose any design which you feel is perfect for your project and get started.

Grab the Latest Deals:
OregonPatchWorks offers its esteemed customers some amazing bonus offers and frequent specials. As a customer, with OPW you will be able to get the most out of your investment. To keep yourself updated with all the latest happenings all you got to do is subscribe to the weekly newsletter. In addition to weekly exclusive free samples, you will receive all the announcements regarding the latest designs and samples. There are many free samples that are available on the website. The designers at OPW run special offers which will enable you to save a few of your dollars on the hobby you love best.

Impeccable Customer Service:
Serving customers in the best possible manner is the sole aim of the knowledgeable staff at OPW. Due to this, most of the customers served have stuck with OPW for a very long time. The staff at OPW ensures that every customer is delivered with a service that makes them come back for their embroidery designs, time and time again. All the customers are served equally and they can easily contact the staff whenever they feel the need to, through live chat, email and toll free phone service.

Summing Up:
OregonPatchWorks, as an embroidery digitizing service has been able to build a name for itself among its customers. The expansive customer base served by it is enough to portray the trust that OPW has been able to muster over the years.  Check out the 500+ 5-star ratings on Google! www.tinyurl.com/OregonPatchWorks

So what are you waiting for? Choose OregonPatchWorks as your embroidery digitizing partner and get high-quality embroidery designs and excellent service.


5 Best Embroidery Projects You Must Try

Do you feel like trying something new? Our versatile digitizers have come up with these 5 amazing embroidery designs to inspire you to try something new. Here is a list of embroidery projects that you must try:

1) Heirloom Rose Tissue Box Cover –

Heirloom Rose Tissue Box Cover set is digitized by designer “Stitch Delight.” This tissue box cover is a perfect gift for any female whether she is your mother, sister, friend, or fiancé. This project can be done in two different hoop sizes 5X7/6X10.

View Heirloom Rose Tissue Box Cover Set Here

Heirloom Rose Tissue Box Embroidery Cover

2) Serenity Table Runner –

Serenity Table Runner set is digitized by designer “Alinaline.” Serenity project consists of intricate floral embroidery that offers an organic and flowing look to your dining area. The combination of multiple thread colors adds more dimension and life to your table runner. These designs are available in the hoop size of 5X7.

View Serenity Table Runner Set Here

Serenity Table Runner Embroidery Designs

3) Velvet Party Gloves Project –

Velvet Party Gloves Project set is digitized by designer “Oriental Embroidery.” The ‘Party Gloves’ project consists of 3 units that fit the hoop size of 5X7. A complete set of instructions is also included within this set.

View Velvet Party Gloves Project Set Here

Velvet Party Gloves Embroidery Project

4) ITH Cherry Blossom Bag –

ITH Cherry Blossom Bag set is digitized by designer “JHB Creations.” This stylish and delicate bag can be prepared with or without the zipper closure. The finished dimensions of this bag are 10X14X3 inches. This set also comes with a complete set of instructions in the zip format. These embroidery designs are available in the hoop size of 5X7.

View ITH Cherry Blossom Bag Set Here

ITH Cherry Blossom Embroidery Bag

5) Small Borders Table Mat Project –

Small Borders Table Mat Project set is digitized by designer “MM Embroidery.” The collection includes four embroidery designs, PDF templates, detailed instructions, and a color chart to help you complete a circular table mat. These embroidery files vary in size and create finished table mats 16 to 20 in diameter.

View Small Borders Table Mat Project Set Here

Small Borders Table Mat Embroidery Project

Do share your images with us in the comment section below. For more designs, you can visit The OPW Mall – where YOU are always #1. 


Stitch It Crafty – Embroidery Patterns for Your Toddlers

Special treat for new moms! Create amazing and cute embroidery projects for your toddlers with these darling crafty designs. Check these beautiful embroidery designs offered by OPW Mall below:

1) NNC Tim Tom The Cat And Family – NNC Tim Tom The Cat And Family set is digitized by designer “Nonnienoo Creations.” This cute ITH Kitty set will surely capture everyone’s heart. The Tim Tom embroidery project is perfect gift for your baby. You can easily personalize these designs with a name or date of birth, or a message. This set also includes easy to follow photo instructions. These designs are available in 5 different hoop sizes i.e., 4×4, 5×7, 6×10, 7×12, and 8×14.

Get NNC Tim Tom The Cat And Family Set

NNC Tim Tom The Cat And Family

2) ITH Bear Slider and Tshirt Design – ITH Bear Slider and Tshirt Design set is digitized by designer “U&I Unique Embroidery.” The moon and bear embroidery design is perfect for your toddler’s Tshirts. This bear slider design (made in the hoop) can be used as a hair barrette or head band. This Tshirt design is embroidered in the size 5X7 and bear slider is embroidered in the size 4X4 inch hoop.

Get ITH Bear Slider and T shirt Design Set

ITH Bear Slider and Tshirt Design

3) RAG Dolls – Cute And Crafty – RAG Dolls – Cute And Crafty set is digitized by designer “Dancing Needle.” These designs are perfect for your daughter’s Tshirts, tote bags, quilts, and more. These doll designs are easy to sew and the results are amazing. They are available in the hoop size of 4X4 and 5X7.

Get RAG Dolls – Cute And Crafty Set


4) Giraffe Babies – Giraffe Babies set is digitized by designer “Hatched In Africa.” This set is great for cot sheets, burp cloths, quilts, pillows, and even a tshirt or onsie! These darling machine embroidery designs will sew out easily on your next soon to be fabulous project. This set features 16 designs. 10 of these designs are available in the hoop size of 5X7 and the remaining 6 are available in the hoop size of 4X4.

Get Giraffe Babies Set


5) Crafty Catz – Bring out your inner cat lover with Crafty Catz designs. Crafty Catz set is digitized by designer “Embroidery Playground.” These colorful and creative cat designs will surely become your favorite! All the 10 designs come as a part of this crafty set and are perfect for your next embroidery project. These designs are available in the hoop size of 5×7.

 Get Crafty Catz Set

Crafty Catz

Can’t decide which design to choose for your little one? Choose any or all, they are just beautiful on projects! For more designs, visit OPW – where YOU are always #1.


5 Amazing Embroidery Projects that You will LOVE to Stitch!

Pressed for time? We’ve compiled some amazing and unique embroidery designs projects  so you can get started right away and create something fun and beautiful. From cute stuffed teddies, a fun garden tote, a fashionable hand bag, a unique gift pocket project and a fabric pieced and embroidered table runner, this article gives you a taste of a variety of projects.  Take a look at these 5 amazing embroidery projects that you’ll love.

1) NNC ITH Mr Ted –NNC ITH Mr Ted set is digitized by designer “Nonnienoo Creations.” Mr. Ted is a 3D pattern, with several finished sizes available. He’s a perfect baby gift. He will thrill any child and become a favorite toy. You can easily personalize him with a name, birth-date or message. This set is an ‘in the hoop’ project and is done in four hoopings. You will also need a few hand-stitches to close the opening for the stuffing. A step-by-step photo instruction is available with this set and you can watch the video tutorial showing the steps. The designs are available in the hoop size of 4×4, 5×7, 6×10, 7×12, and 8×14.

View NNC ITH Mr Ted and more fun stuffed animals by NonnieNoo Creations


2) Plant The Seed – Plant The Seed project is created by designer “MM Embroidery.” It is a wonderful gardening tote bag. Construct this attractive, useful tote, then pack it chock full of gardening goodies and give as a welcome gift to your favorite gardener! The flowers are about 3 x 3 hoop size. A complete set of instructions is available in the PDF format with this set. The design is available in the hoop size of 4×4. Have fun!

View Plant The Seed collectio and more designs by MM Embroidery 

Plant The Seed

 3) Heart Owl Gift Pocket – The Heart Owl Gift Pocket is digitized by designer “Oma’s Place.” This cute heart owl is an ‘in the hoop’ project. It’s a perfect gift that you can give to anyone for any occasion. Just tuck the gift card in the back for a welcome surprise. Then you can hang it on a door knob, bedpost, or peg board for decoration. The design is available in the hoop size of 5×7. A full set of instructions is available with the download.

View Heart Owl Gift Pocket Collection and more in-the-hoop projects by Oma’s Place

Heart Owl Gift Pocket

4) Dreams Come True – Dream Come True is digitized by designer “Embroiders Eye.” This set consists of two beautifully unique heart shaped bags that are embroidered in panels. These bags are great as wedding bags, evening accessories or for any occasion. The bags are available in the hoop size of 4×4 and 5×7.

View Dreams Come True Collectio and more by Embroiders Eye

Dreams Come True

5) Poinsettia Tablerunner – Poinsettia Tablerunner set is created by designer “Kreations By Kara.” This project is a great way to welcome the Autumn season or use Spring colors for a totally different look. The table runner is beautifully decorated with a subtle one color wreath as the center piece. Smallest hoop size 5×7 with larger designs included for the 14×14 hoop.. Full instructions to construct the quilt pieced project are included.

View Poinsettia Tablerunner Collection

Poinsettia Tablerunner

Get these amazing embroidery patterns and many more beautiful designs and projects at www.oregonpatchworks.com to stitch on your embroidery machine. When you’re done, send us a picture of your project to show us how it you used the designs, you get entered into a drawing for free designs, with every project entry! For more creative project ideas and fantastic machine embroidery designs, visit The OPW Mall – where YOU are always #1.

Thanksgiving Day Embroidery Designs at OPW Mall

Being surrounded by family, friends and loved ones is a gift in itself. Without them no celebrations, occasions, and events have meaning and make sense. On Thanksgiving Day, most people gather with their near and dear ones, creating an atmosphere of warmth, comfort and family.

Thanksgiving Day is the national holiday celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November in the USA, tracing its roots back to November 1623, when Governor William Bradfor of the 1620 Pilgrim Colony in Plymouth, Massachusetts said:  “All ye Pilgrims with your wives and little ones, do gather at the Meeting House, on the hill… there to listen to the pastor, and render Thanksgiving to the Almighty God for all His blessings.”

It’s a time to acknowledge the blessings that God has showered on us with each passing day. We all have much to be thankful for in our modern, convenient lives and Thanksgiving Day is the perfect time to share this with others.  It’s a time to be with family, friends and loved ones, focusing your time on sharing, enjoying time together and appreciating each other.

Many people enjoy decorating their homes for Thanksgiving, Fall and Christmas. This year, have fun decorating with fabric art, using machine embroidery designs.

OregonPatchWorks is one of the best sources of machine embroidery, including Thanksgiving Day embroidery patterns.

Here is the list of 10 machine embroidery patterns that you can buy from OPW Mall for your Thanksgiving decorating this year.

 1. Autumn Animals – Sweet Heirloom Embroidery has the cutest set of little Autumn Animals playing in the leaves of Fall.  Perfect for a lap quilt, book bag, sweatshirt or baby book.  These embroiery designs are for the 4×4 hoop.  A big discount is offered now!

Autumn Animals

2. Give Thanks – This is an amazing embroidery collection by Daffy Down Dilly.  Give Thanks can be used to create attractive apparel for your kids or a cute table runner or placemats. Kids will love these darling machine embroidery designs. An average size of the designs is 2 (9/16)” X 3 (5/8)” : 6823 Stitches.  Special offer applies!

Give Thanks

3. Thanksgiving Greetings 2 – You can stitch Thanksgiving Greetings 2 as  gift cards to give as special gifts to your near and dears. Various greetings are available in the set designed by Emerald Originals and are offered at a substantial discount.

Thanksgiving Greetings 2

4. Thanksgiving Blessings – Decorate your table by embroidering runners, napkins, bread cloth and more with Thanksgiving Blessings offered by Attic Treasures.  You can get available special offers on these wonderful embroidery designs.

Thanksgiving Blessings

5. FSL Happy Thanksgiving – This is a fun FSL Thanksgiving Banner, just stitch out the free standing lace designs and string them up to greet your guests.  Very cute and fast!  They are on sale too!

FSL Happy Thanksgiving

6. 3D Turkey In The Hoop – Make this cute centerpiece for your festive table this year.  Change the look totally by choosing different fabrics and thread colors.  This fun embroidery project is perfect for gift giving too.  Bonus offer included from the designer (Digidoodlez) when you get the 3D Turkey In The Hoop.

3D Turkey In The Hoop

7. Thanksgiving Turkey Dangler – Greet your loved ones with the beautiful Thanksgiving Turkey Dangler embroidery design project. The set is designed by Sewaz Designs and is available in 5×7/ 6×10/ 8×10 hoops. Discounted for a limited time.

Thanksgiving Turkey Dangler

8. Sweet Little Pilgrims – This set is sew cute!  Make a cloth book to teach your little ones about the history of Thanksgiving or add an embroidery design to personalize their favorite sweatshirt or jumper for the big day.  Sweet Little Pilgrims consists of 7 designs for the 4×4 hoop, by Babynucci Embroidery.

Sweet Little Pilgrims

9. Thanksgiving Pumpkins – Decorate your home with Thanksgiving Pumpkins embroidery designs, digitized by Wind Bell Embroidery.   Perfect for a fall quilt, placemats, table runner, wall hanging or kitchen towels.  You can also get special offers on these designs when you get them now.

Thanksgiving Pumpkins

10. Thanksgiving Bowl With Doily – Beautiful Applique Thanksgiving Bowl with Doily is a project by Sunshine Embroidery. You can buy this creative set to quickly and easily make this wonderful project. You can get available special offers on these wonderful embroidery designs.

Thanksgiving Bowl With Doily

Multi Thread Machine Embroidery Designs Available For Your Projects

Time is always a major obstacle for me. I keep so busy that there isn’t a lot of free time to fit in anything else. Urgent matters force me to give up other tasks or activities. Sometime, my wants take precedence. Like this week when I should be preparing for a yard sale. Instead, I took time to finish setting up my new sewing room.

It is important that I have my embroidery machine available both for my own projects and to test the machine embroidery designs that I create. So, the machines are all in place, foot pedals matched to the correct one and power cords in place. Wouldn’t you just know it; I can’t find any of the tools and equipment that allows me to get designs into the embroidery machine!

It looks like those items are still out in the garage in plastic bins that I haven’t gotten to yet because I was concentrating on the cardboard boxes. So, I took time from unpacking and organizing to set up the sewing room and didn’t have all of my equipment to begin with! What a waste of time for both sets of tasks. And, yet, all of my embroidery supplies are organized, so I can’t complain too much.

I still haven’t found my smaller embroidery machine. I’d love nothing better than to tear the garage apart until it’s found, but that would be a time-waster when my first priority should be the yard sale. The garage is my staging area, so creating chaos in there will not help me. What if the machine should still be missing? I’ll waste time being upset about it instead of concentrating on the odds and ends I hope to sell in a few days. Like I said, time is a big thing in my life.

Back in my corporate days, I had a boss constantly tell me to work smarter, not harder. Because my tasks took up every moment of every day, all of it beyond my control, it was truly a stupid sentiment from him. When it comes to my personal life, though, working smarter is something I very much can control. That is why machine embroidery is so important to me. It allows me to create beautiful items quickly, adding charm to my life in little ways. Doing it by hand may be more satisfying, but it would take too much time to get anything done. Harder or smarter? Utilizing machine embroidery designs is definitely smarter!

I must say that walking into my newly organized sewing room does give me a thrill of joy and accomplishment, even if my main embroidery machine is nothing more than a large, white decorative piece. When I do find the missing equipment, it will be ready to go. I guess that’s still better than having everything on hand but not having it in order enough to use it.

Either way, I think I deserve a trip to my favorite online embroidery design gallery. I just know there will be a great new free embroidery design there for me to reward myself with. I’ll worry about time later. Much later.

Stunning Embroidery Designs for Pop Art

I know I’ve written before that I don’t do production work. I love machine embroidery and will occasionally do projects for those who ask me. For a business, though, digitizing and all the related activities keep me quite busy and my machines humming.

But, how can one say no to their younger brother who is so excited about his new venture? It started as a philosophy on life and has morphed into a line of clothing and outerwear. At least on paper. When he realized, though, that I am well placed to make his dream a reality, he is ready to go now!!! I love this enthusiasm from my normally placid brother but, dude, it’s Christmas time. My schedule is booked solid until mid-January at least. Not to mention that all my machines and embroidery supplies are in shipment from Greece to California.

While I don’t share his full philosophy, I see the huge potential his venture has. He will start with basic tees, hoodies and hats with simple embroidery designs created from his pop art and possibly some simple appliqué. I look forward to designing that. From there, though, he will need photo-stitch, which I don’t do, and screen printing (silkscreen) that is more my husband’s forte than mine. He’s even busier than I am. So, not only will I be helping in the design process, but I’ll also be instrumental in bringing in more people to make his design visions possible. It is probably a good thing I spent 20 years in the “corporate” world!

It’s funny. He’s always been the artistic one in the family, while I was the boring office manager. My creativity was through my quilting and embroidery hobbies, while his was shown in everything that he does. It is actually a huge compliment that he sees what I do as art. He is more modern while I am more traditional, but I look forward to seeing what we can come up with together.

We will be getting together later today to go over his needs. I plan on taking him to my favorite online embroidery design gallery to show him what types of things have been created with machine embroidery designs. This way, he will have a clearer understanding of what can and can’t be done without having to be the bad guy saying “no” over and over. I plan on having lots of drawing supplies on hand, which will prove to be awkward. I say that I have no drawing skills at all, but my sketches have helped on more than one occasion. My brother, as I’ve said, is an artist. Talk about facing one’s insecurities!

As busy as I am, I truly am looking forward to working with my brother. He’s a very kind man without an ounce of negativity in him. Very soothing. Plus, it will be nice to introduce traditional embroidery and other fiber arts into his very modern vision. And, if we can figure out how to do it ecologically sound and under budget, we may just have a winner!

In-depth Machine Embroidery Art Framing Patterns

My little family of three is staying with my father-in-law while our household goods make the slow trek from Greece to California. Over the years, this has been the norm, but it is much different this time because my mother-in-law is no longer here to run the household. That now falls to me. While I’ve cooked in this kitchen off and on for 25 years, it is so different now actually doing instead of just helping. I find that even my tried-and-true recipes aren’t turning out the same. Very strange. I’ve begun making notes on my computer so that I’ll have some idea of what I’m doing right or wrong. Luckily, I won’t be in charge of holiday meals this year!

I have similar problems in Best machine embroidery. I’m rarely satisfied to leave things exactly as the designer suggests or the embroidery patterns insist on. Of course, sometimes I just understand they my machine will be happier if certain adjustments are made. As long as I think things through before making changes, all is usually well. Of course, these are intentional changes and not the weird, unidentifiable ones happening in the kitchen.

There are several things that can go wrong, though. If I set up a design to stitch over a pocket, I may have to adjust the machine to center the embroidery design exactly where I want it. I love that I can do this. However, what happens if the power goes out? Instead of panicking, this is actually the easiest problem to recover from IF I haven’t skipped a step. What is this miracle step? I simply write down the adjustments I made to the embroidery machine before starting. That makes it possible to re position the machine to exactly where I started the first time before advancing to the area where I need to continue stitching. I even note it when I’ve made no adjustments so that I am never confused.

Then, there are those very in-depth machine embroidery patterns for things like cutwork embroidery doilies or free-standing lace 3D boxes. I don’t make any changes to the actual embroidery designs, but I may change what I do to create them. If they don’t turn out, I can try again. If they do turn out, though, I’ve got a winner that I’ll stitch over and over again. IF, that is, I didn’t skip that magic step.

For example, if I modify a project so that my doily comes out to a different size than the embroidery pattern specifies, I need to make extensive notes and keep them somewhere safe so that they are there if I ever want to recreate the project. No notes? No easy way to recreate it. Machine embroidery thread also comes in so many wonderful colors; if I don’t make notes about those I chose, I can’t color-match properly.

Sure, I’d much rather just be stitching, but these extra steps keep my embroidery humming along once I do get started. Now, if I could only figure out what I’m doing in this kitchen and have my notes be as helpful, I’d be happy!

Take A Little Time to Study Embroidery Designs

NNC ITH Embroidery Designs

It was early afternoon today when my son and I realized that we hadn’t seen our two kittens since early morning. On any normal day, this wouldn’t have been much of a concern. On a moving day, though, all bets are off. Especially when the kittens’ favorite hiding place is inside the couch and those couches have been fully encapsulated with cardboard and tape.

It’s not a good feeling to think of what could have happened. Luckily, with the help of the movers, we were able to find them and remove them from the couch before it began its 12-week journey. The scare was horrid, but the joy at finding them soon overshadowed it. Still, I was rattled for quite a while.

I find myself responding like this more often these days when creating my beloved machine embroidery designs. Once I get the machine set up and going, I tend to do other things until the next color stop. If I leave the room, I keep an ear open for audible changes that could signal disaster. After four years here in Greece, my embroidery machine is making strange noises more and more. Taking it to the dealer for service is something I look forward to.

The problems got worse and worse as the noises became more frequent. I became flustered thinking that I was somehow forgetting my knowledge of machine embroidery. I thought the mistakes were my fault, instead of the fault of a machine that needs some tender loving care. Regardless, each mistake or problem makes me more jumpy than the last. Finally, I watched every stitch as it formed. That, along with listening closely, helped me to finish more projects.

When I become nervous about something, I do a lot of research on the subject until I feel certain that I can overcome any issues. With embroidery, I end up at my favorite embroidery design gallery instead. It’s so much more interesting than reading about a million and one machine problems. I’d much rather be finding new embroidery patterns! And I’m always guaranteed of finding a new free embroidery design for my efforts. Much more fun than research!

Now that I’m an experienced embroidery artist, I think I need to remind myself of the lessons I learned as a newcomer. It’s important to take time to get the project hooped properly. Take a little more time to study the embroidery designs before they stitch so that I am familiar with them. Then, just stitch. If it gets messed up, it gets messed up. There will always be some flaws or issues with machine embroidery, so it’s important to just go with it as much as possible. Agonizing over mistakes or what ifs will only suck all the joy out of the endeavor.

One thing that I do enjoy about watching every stitch form, though, is the knowledge I gain in how each embroidery design is created; how the beauty forms. If mistakes didn’t occur, I probably wouldn’t remember to take the great opportunity of this. Much like my cats hiding in a sofa and scaring me so badly, mistakes in embroidery offers a wonderful silver lining.

My number one tip is to just enjoy the calm after the storm, although dancing in the rain can be fun, too.