Put Your Best Foot Forward with Shoe Embroidery Designs

Shoe embroidery designs are in fashion these days. People look forward to create more unique and stylish shoes. Here at OPW Mall, we have a wide variety of embroidery patterns that you can use to style shoes for yourself, family and friends, some for that can actually be worn, others for decoration only. A few of our best shoe embroidery designs are listed below:

1. Butterfly Booties – Butterfly Booties set is digitized by designer “Embroidershoppe.” These booties are perfect for infants. The design is available in 4 sizes i.e., 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-12 months, and 12-18 months. A complete set of instructions is also available with this set to create the project. Faux leather and suede are perfect to create them. You can also use satin to sew the project. These designs are available in the hoop size of 5X7.

Get Butterfly Booties Here

Butterfly Booties

2. Girls Shoe Toppers – Girls Shoe Toppers is digitized by designer “Digidoodlez.” The set consists of 4 embroidery designs including a flower, a ladybug, a heart, and a butterfly. These shoe decorations sew out with 2 in a hoop, so only one hooping is required to make a pair. Each topper is about 2 1/2 inches wide and 2 to 2 1/2 inches tall. These are made with a loop on the back so you can lace them onto the top of your kid’s shoes. You can also slide them onto shoe straps. You can add hot fix stones to these to make them sparkle. A complete set of instructions is also available with this set. These designs are available in the hoop size of 4X4.

Get Girls Shoe Toppers Here

Girls Shoe Toppers

3. Free Standing Lace High Heel Shoes – Free Standing Lace High Heel Shoes is digitized by designer “Sewaz Designs.” These shoes are perfect for any shoe lover girl you know. The darling high heel shoes are created as free standing lace embroidery designs. These designs can be used as a pin cushion or to give to the bride along with a good luck penny for her shoe. A complete set of instructions is available with the set. This design is available in the hoop size of 5X7.

Get Free Standing Lace High Heel Shoes Here

Free Standing Lace High Heel Shoes

4. Lace Shoes Beatrice – Lace Shoes Beatrice set is digitized by designer “Alinaline.” This embroidery design will help you to create a beautiful pair of unique shoes. You cannot buy this shoe anywhere – it is your own, personalized creation. Lace Shoes Beatrice are embroidered in a durable crochet style free standing lace. These shoe designs are available in 2 sizes including 6-7, and 8-9 U.S. sizes. The embroidery designs are available in the hoop size of 5X7 and 8X12.

Get Lace Shoes Beatrice Here

Lace Shoes Beatrice

5. Oriental Slippers – Oriental Slippers Singles set is digitized by designer “Oriental Embroidery.” The set features 10 different embroidery designs. These designs are perfect for creating unique and beautiful slippers. These are available in the hoop size of 8X9.

Get Oriental Slippers Singles Here

Oriental Slippers

Put your best foot forward and create fun, one of a kind gifts for those shoe lovers you know. For more designs, you can visit OPW Mall –   where YOU are always #1.

Stitch It Crafty – Embroidery Patterns for Your Toddlers

Special treat for new moms! Create amazing and cute embroidery projects for your toddlers with these darling crafty designs. Check these beautiful embroidery designs offered by OPW Mall below:

1) NNC Tim Tom The Cat And Family – NNC Tim Tom The Cat And Family set is digitized by designer “Nonnienoo Creations.” This cute ITH Kitty set will surely capture everyone’s heart. The Tim Tom embroidery project is perfect gift for your baby. You can easily personalize these designs with a name or date of birth, or a message. This set also includes easy to follow photo instructions. These designs are available in 5 different hoop sizes i.e., 4×4, 5×7, 6×10, 7×12, and 8×14.

Get NNC Tim Tom The Cat And Family Set

NNC Tim Tom The Cat And Family

2) ITH Bear Slider and Tshirt Design – ITH Bear Slider and Tshirt Design set is digitized by designer “U&I Unique Embroidery.” The moon and bear embroidery design is perfect for your toddler’s Tshirts. This bear slider design (made in the hoop) can be used as a hair barrette or head band. This Tshirt design is embroidered in the size 5X7 and bear slider is embroidered in the size 4X4 inch hoop.

Get ITH Bear Slider and T shirt Design Set

ITH Bear Slider and Tshirt Design

3) RAG Dolls – Cute And Crafty – RAG Dolls – Cute And Crafty set is digitized by designer “Dancing Needle.” These designs are perfect for your daughter’s Tshirts, tote bags, quilts, and more. These doll designs are easy to sew and the results are amazing. They are available in the hoop size of 4X4 and 5X7.

Get RAG Dolls – Cute And Crafty Set


4) Giraffe Babies – Giraffe Babies set is digitized by designer “Hatched In Africa.” This set is great for cot sheets, burp cloths, quilts, pillows, and even a tshirt or onsie! These darling machine embroidery designs will sew out easily on your next soon to be fabulous project. This set features 16 designs. 10 of these designs are available in the hoop size of 5X7 and the remaining 6 are available in the hoop size of 4X4.

Get Giraffe Babies Set


5) Crafty Catz – Bring out your inner cat lover with Crafty Catz designs. Crafty Catz set is digitized by designer “Embroidery Playground.” These colorful and creative cat designs will surely become your favorite! All the 10 designs come as a part of this crafty set and are perfect for your next embroidery project. These designs are available in the hoop size of 5×7.

 Get Crafty Catz Set

Crafty Catz

Can’t decide which design to choose for your little one? Choose any or all, they are just beautiful on projects! For more designs, visit OPW – where YOU are always #1.


Beautiful Floral Alphabetic Machine Embroidery Designs

Alphabets have been around us for centuries and alphabetic embroidery designs have been passed down to us through many generations. You used to only be able to hand embroider these beautiful monograms, but now, with the powerful embroidery machines available, you can use alphabetic machine embroidery designs to add a personalized message for your loved or to decorate anything you like. Here is a list of beautiful floral alphabetic machine embroidery designs that you can use easily to design your project.

  1. Tulip Alphabet – Tulip Alphabet set is digitized by designer “Ace Points.” The Tulip set includes 26 alphabet designs. You can combine these beautiful alphabets to design unforgettable linens, quilts, t-shirts, mug rugs, table runners and more. The patterns included in this set are available in the hoop size of 4X4.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Get Tulip  Alphabet Set                                                                                                                                                                                            Tulip Alphabet                                                                                           
  2. Polka Dots And Roses Alphabets – Polka Dots And Roses Alphabets set is digitized by designer “Heav’n Sent Creations.” The combination of black and white polka dots creates a very beautiful combination or use any colors you wish. The amazing duo of dots and roses is perfect to brighten up your cushion covers, table covers, kid’s clothes, and tote bags, etc. These incredible alphabet designs are available in the hoop size of 4X4. You can also download a free embroidery design sample on the page of this set.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Get Polka Dots And Roses Alphabets Set                                                                                                                                                              Polka Dots And Roses Alphabets                                                                              
  3. Floral Alphabet – Floral Alphabet set is digitized by designer “Attic Treasures.” This floral set is comprised of 26 alphabetic embroidery designs from A to Z. These colorful designs are great for decorative projects and clothes. You can use floral alphabetic patterns to decorate your girl’s clothes, tote bags, cushion covers, and bed sheets, etc. These floral designs are available in the hoop size of 4X4.                                                                                                                                                                                             Get Floral Alphabet Set                                                                                                                                                                                              Floral Alphabet                                                                              
  4. Victorian Rose Applique Monograms – Victorian Rose Applique Monograms set is digitized by designer “Pattistudio.” These beautiful Victorian monograms are amazing to enhance a special blouse or to personalize your beddings and towels. Monograms are also ideal to stitch on to gifts. These applique machine embroidery designs are available in the hoop size of 4X4. A free sample of design is also available on the page of this set.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Get Victorian Rose Applique Monograms Set                                                                                                                                                      Victorian Rose Applique Monograms                                                                                 
  5. Poinsettia Alphabet – Poinsettia Alphabet set is digitized by designer “Wind Bell Embroidery.” These whimsical alphabet designs are perfect for towels, table settings or holiday welcome banner. They stitch out beautifully. Each letter is available in the hoop size of 3X3.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Get Poinsettia Alphabet Set                                                                                                                                                                                  Poinsettia Alphabet              

Get these designs to create a personalized gift for your loved ones or to decorate your home and your kid’s clothes. For many more designs in all sorts of styles, you can also visit OPW Mall – Where your dreams become a reality, one stitch at a time!


OPW Mall’s Holiday Bonus Offer for Embroidery Enthusiasts

Grab the Best Embroidery Discounts of this Holiday Season!

Are you planning to give personalized gifts to your family and friends on this holiday season? If you’re, then you are in luck, because OPW Mall is offering exclusive “Holiday Bonus Offers” on machine embroidery designs this holiday season.

If you haven’t heard about OPW Mall’s Holiday Bonus Offer, don’t worry we will get you all the information.

There is a 68% off on the patterns from digitizer “Dinkum Designs.” You can avail discounts by using this promo code US20PAYPAL. A large selection of premium embroidery patterns are available in this deal.

Holiday Bonus Offer

Here are some of the best embroidery designs of this offer:

  1. Penguin Fun – Penguin Fun designs can be used to decorate your kid’s clothes like towels, t-shirts, caps, bed sheets, quilts, etc. These cute penguin designs are available in a hoop size of 4X4.

Penguin Fun

2. FSL 12 Days of Christmas – FSL 12 Days of Christmas number patterns can be used for decorating your towels, table mats, kid’s clothes, etc. These designs are available in hoop size of 4X4.

FSL 12 Days of Christmas

3. Cute Teddy – Cute Teddy designs are perfect for greetings and to embellish your kid’s clothes. The cute teddy designs are available in the hoop size of 4X4.

Cute Teddy

4. Bless Our Home – Bless Our Home, one of the best designs of Dinkum Designs. These embroidery patterns can be used to decorate kitchen clothes like kitchen towels, mat rugs, table sheets, linens, etc. These designs are available in hoop size of 4X4.

Bless Our Home

5. Fashion Girl Silhouettes – Fashion Girl Silhouettes beautiful embroidery design can be used to enhance the girl’s clothes. It is available in hoop sizes of 4X4, 5X5, 6X6.

Fashion Girl Silhouettes

6. Bath Time Cuties – Bath Time Cuties designs can be used to beautify your baby’s clothes. Use these embroidery patternsfor beautifying towels, bibs, frocks, t-shirts, etc. These designs are available in the hoop size of 4X4.

Bath Time Cuties

7. FSL Neon Heart – FSL Neon Heart machine embroidery designs can be used for Valentine’s decoration. You can also use them on cup rugs, towels, bed sheets, linens, etc. FSL Neon Heart is available in the hoop size of 4X4.

FSL Neon Heart

8. Rosemaling Beauty – Rosemaling Beauty designs of a bird can be used to embellish your pillow covers, curtains, table linens, towels, etc. These designs are available in the hoop sizes of 4X4, 5X5, 6X6.

Rosemaling Beauty

9. FSL Baby Owls – FSL Baby Owl designs can be used to decorate your doors, walls. Use these designs to make door hangings, wall hangings, mobile hangings, tots, cushions, etc. These designs are available in hoop size of 4X4.

FSL Baby Owls

10. Heirloom Rose Basket – Heirloom Rose Basket designs can be used to decorate your table mats, linens, aprons, etc. These designs are available in hoop size of 4X4.

Heirloom Rose Basket

We hope this Holiday Bonus Offer at OPW Mall help you create something amazing for your loved ones. Pick your favorite design today! Offer valid till Valentine’s Day, 2016.

Happy stitching!

Best Machine Embroidery Designs

Thanksgiving Day Embroidery Designs at OPW Mall

Being surrounded by family, friends and loved ones is a gift in itself. Without them no celebrations, occasions, and events have meaning and make sense. On Thanksgiving Day, most people gather with their near and dear ones, creating an atmosphere of warmth, comfort and family.

Thanksgiving Day is the national holiday celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November in the USA, tracing its roots back to November 1623, when Governor William Bradfor of the 1620 Pilgrim Colony in Plymouth, Massachusetts said:  “All ye Pilgrims with your wives and little ones, do gather at the Meeting House, on the hill… there to listen to the pastor, and render Thanksgiving to the Almighty God for all His blessings.”

It’s a time to acknowledge the blessings that God has showered on us with each passing day. We all have much to be thankful for in our modern, convenient lives and Thanksgiving Day is the perfect time to share this with others.  It’s a time to be with family, friends and loved ones, focusing your time on sharing, enjoying time together and appreciating each other.

Many people enjoy decorating their homes for Thanksgiving, Fall and Christmas. This year, have fun decorating with fabric art, using machine embroidery designs.

OregonPatchWorks is one of the best sources of machine embroidery, including Thanksgiving Day embroidery patterns.

Here is the list of 10 machine embroidery patterns that you can buy from OPW Mall for your Thanksgiving decorating this year.

 1. Autumn Animals – Sweet Heirloom Embroidery has the cutest set of little Autumn Animals playing in the leaves of Fall.  Perfect for a lap quilt, book bag, sweatshirt or baby book.  These embroiery designs are for the 4×4 hoop.  A big discount is offered now!

Autumn Animals

2. Give Thanks – This is an amazing embroidery collection by Daffy Down Dilly.  Give Thanks can be used to create attractive apparel for your kids or a cute table runner or placemats. Kids will love these darling machine embroidery designs. An average size of the designs is 2 (9/16)” X 3 (5/8)” : 6823 Stitches.  Special offer applies!

Give Thanks

3. Thanksgiving Greetings 2 – You can stitch Thanksgiving Greetings 2 as  gift cards to give as special gifts to your near and dears. Various greetings are available in the set designed by Emerald Originals and are offered at a substantial discount.

Thanksgiving Greetings 2

4. Thanksgiving Blessings – Decorate your table by embroidering runners, napkins, bread cloth and more with Thanksgiving Blessings offered by Attic Treasures.  You can get available special offers on these wonderful embroidery designs.

Thanksgiving Blessings

5. FSL Happy Thanksgiving – This is a fun FSL Thanksgiving Banner, just stitch out the free standing lace designs and string them up to greet your guests.  Very cute and fast!  They are on sale too!

FSL Happy Thanksgiving

6. 3D Turkey In The Hoop – Make this cute centerpiece for your festive table this year.  Change the look totally by choosing different fabrics and thread colors.  This fun embroidery project is perfect for gift giving too.  Bonus offer included from the designer (Digidoodlez) when you get the 3D Turkey In The Hoop.

3D Turkey In The Hoop

7. Thanksgiving Turkey Dangler – Greet your loved ones with the beautiful Thanksgiving Turkey Dangler embroidery design project. The set is designed by Sewaz Designs and is available in 5×7/ 6×10/ 8×10 hoops. Discounted for a limited time.

Thanksgiving Turkey Dangler

8. Sweet Little Pilgrims – This set is sew cute!  Make a cloth book to teach your little ones about the history of Thanksgiving or add an embroidery design to personalize their favorite sweatshirt or jumper for the big day.  Sweet Little Pilgrims consists of 7 designs for the 4×4 hoop, by Babynucci Embroidery.

Sweet Little Pilgrims

9. Thanksgiving Pumpkins – Decorate your home with Thanksgiving Pumpkins embroidery designs, digitized by Wind Bell Embroidery.   Perfect for a fall quilt, placemats, table runner, wall hanging or kitchen towels.  You can also get special offers on these designs when you get them now.

Thanksgiving Pumpkins

10. Thanksgiving Bowl With Doily – Beautiful Applique Thanksgiving Bowl with Doily is a project by Sunshine Embroidery. You can buy this creative set to quickly and easily make this wonderful project. You can get available special offers on these wonderful embroidery designs.

Thanksgiving Bowl With Doily

Choosing Perfect Stabilizer for Machine Embroidery Design

Machine Embroidery Designs

One of the main aspects of the Machine Embroidery Design is something that is hidden to everyone except the person who does the stitching i.e.,  the stabilizer. It’s really important to choose the right stabilizer to insure the best stitch-out quality.  The stabilizer holds the fabric in place and prevents it from stretching, puckering or moving while embroidering and will help determine the integrity of the finished project.

When we choose any machine embroidery designs to go on a  project, our main goal is not only to use a beautiful design but to create a project that is durable, soft, and can be cleaned easily. Since the stabilizer used in an embroidery project is the foundation that determines success or failure of the project, it is really important to have complete knowledge of the different types of stabilizers and their characteristics.

The rules of using stabilizers are simple. Once you understand what  each type of stabilizer is supposed to do, it will be easy for you to match  the appropriate embroidery stabilizer to each project.

Selecting the Right Stabilizer:

The principle of choosing a stabilizer is to select a material that will create a stable base for the embroidery design and prevent the fabric from shifting as the design is stitched out. You should choose stabilizer according to the fabric type, the density, size and number of stitches of the embroidery design and the weight and type of the thread.

Stabilizer  Types:

The basic  types of stabilizers are:

  • Tear-away stabilizer
  • Heat-away stabilizer
  • Wash-away stabilizer
  • Cut-away stabilizer

Cut-Away Stabilizer:

Cut-away is the  most common stabilizer, mainly used for stretchy fabrics. Knits, the fabric used for jerseys, t-shirts, golf shirts require cut-away stabilizer. Also use cut away stabilizer for any fabric that has Spandex or Lycra in it, for stretch denims, or fabric that is loosely woven.

Cut-away stabilizers are available in five different types: Light, Medium and Heavy weight,  Polymesh and Fusible Polymesh.

  • Light Weight Cut-Away Stabilizers are used on sheer and light weight knits. The non-woven nylon is ultra soft next to the skin.
  • Medium Weight Cut-Away Stabilizers are used on medium weight stretchy fabrics. Medium weight stabilizers get soft after washing.
  • Heavy Weight Cut-Away Stabilizers are used on woven fabric and knits, dense embroidery designs, sweatshirts, or on any fabric that needs extra stability.
  • PolyMesh Cut-Away Stabilizers are extra soft and don’t irritate the skin, so they are perfect for baby projects and for areas of a garment that come in contact with delicate skin.
  • Fusible PolyMesh Cut-Away Stabilizers – They are fused to the wrong side of the project before stitching.

Tear-Away Stabilizer:

Tear-Away Stabilizers are suitable for the fabrics that have no stretch in them i.e., woven fabrics such as poly/cotton fabrics, quilt fabrics (100% cotton), vinyl, canvas, duck cloth, linen, leather and towels. Tear away stabilizers are gently torn away from the stitches.  They are made for non-directional fibers i.e., they can be ripped in any direction, so there is no need of crisscrossing the stabilizer in case of multiple layers.

The different types of tear away stabilizers are:  Light, Medium, Heavy, Ultra Clean and Tear, and Fusible Tear away stabilizers.

  • Light Weight Tear Away Stabilizers are used for the lightest weight fabrics to stabilize low  stitch count designs. They are easy to tear away once the stitching is done.    They also are great for printing on for paper piecing quilt blocks.
  • Medium Weight Tear-Away Stabilizers are ideal for any design needing more stabilization. Medium Tear away stabilizers can be removed easily from the project after stitching.
  • Heavy Weight Tear-Away Stabilizers support stitch-intensive designs easily. Heavy tear away stabilizers have a stiff, crisp texture which offer extra support to the
  • Ultra Clean and Tear-Away Stabilizers are of high quality and offer excellent stabilization for medium to high stitch-count designs. This stabilizer type tears away from the stitches very easily and cleanly.
  • Fusible Tear-Away Stabilizers are ironed on the wrong side of the fabric and works best for the medium weight woven fabrics.

Wash-Away Stabilizer:

Wash-Away Stabilizers are first torn away gently from the fabric.  Small patches of wash-away stabilizer can be removed easily with a dampened cotton swab or toothbrush. A spray bottle can be used on larger areas or the fabric can be emersed in water. The stabilizer gets dissolved when wet and are available in various forms: Aqua Mesh, Aqua Film Backing, Aqua Film Topping, and Badge Master. They are also used on top of the fabric to prevent stitches from sinking into the fabric.

  • Aqua Film Backing is a medium weight topper used for fine, lightweight and sheer fabrics. It is used for the napped or textured fabrics. It can be removed completely with lukewarm water.
  • AquaMesh Wash-Away is an opaque mesh, water soluble stabilizer, easily removed with lukewarm water and perfect for the lightweight or sheer fabrics and freestanding lace.
  • Aqua Film Topping is a lightweight stabilizer used on top of textured fabrics. It can be removed completely with lukewarm water.
  • Badge Master is a heavy weight water soluble stabilizer, perfect for patches and freestanding applique projects. It rinses easily with lukewarm water. Use it when you need to remove all traces of stabilizer from the fabric.

Heat- Away Stabilizer:

The best thing about heat-away stabilizer is that you can remove it without wetting your project. Heat-away stabilizer is convenient and easy to use but only if your fabric can withstand  a hot iron. It come in two forms: film and woven. It can be removed completely when handled in the correct manner.  Never use a steam iron with a fusible or heat-away stabilizer. The stabilizer will melt and ruin your project.

The above mentioned stabilizers will help you create beautiful projects using machine embroidery designs. The perfect way to find the right stabilizer is to first know what options  are available, then try several until you find the ones you like best. Most stabilizer manufacturers offer a sample pack that you can buy. These packs include a sample of each stabilizer the manufacturer offers with its description and recommendation for its use.  You can also get assistance at the OPW Mall to help you choose the right stabilizer for your projects. OregonPatchWorks is the best online embroidery design store and offers a wide range of quality machine embroidery designs  for all your project needs.

Make This Halloween Pop with Spooky Embroidery Designs

Halloween Designs

Every year, Halloween is celebrated on the 31st October to initiate the triduum of Hallowmas. It is considered by many to be one of the most amusing and exciting times of the year. On this spooky night, kids and adults perform various activities with full zest, such as pumpkin craving, trick or treating, games, Halloween craft work, house parties, etc… It is also a good time to give personalized gifts to your family and friends to make them feel special. If you find it too difficult to find the right gifts for your loved ones, don’t worry.  Luckily, there is still time to create one-of-a-kind gift projects that stitch up fast and easy. OPW Mall is here to help you in your search for quality Halloween designs. They are offering a beautiful collection of Halloween embroidery designs at discounted prices. This Halloween, let’s add some spooky embroidery designs to tote bags, masks, mug rugs, costumes, door hangers and more.  With the right designs, your projects become really special!


Happy Halloween BagsBags are one of the easiest gift options this Halloween and perfect for your trick or treaters. You can customize a bag with machine embroidery designs and alphabet messages. You can find several patterns at OPW Mall to personalize your treat bags. Personalize them by stitching some really scary embroidery designs with the name of the trick or treater on the front of the bag. This will be one of the best treats they get this Halloween!

Mug Rugs

Mug Rugs

 Don’t let tea stains or coffee spills ruin your table’s finish. Create one-of-a-kind Autumn mug rugs to protect your table tops. Or personalize them with really scary embroidery designs for a real treat.  This Halloween, you can present a mug rug to a friend who is a tea or coffee lover. They are easy to make in the hoop. Choose different Halloween designs from OregonPatchWorks gallery and start your gifts now.


Door Hangers

Door Hangers

Fun and festive door hangers are a great gift option for loved ones who like to decorate their home with seasonal decor. Door hangers will help your friends welcome their guests as they are approaching the door.

No matter what type of designs you are looking for, you will find them at OPW Mall. OregonPatchWorks offers unique embroidery designs created by expert digitizers, available at competitive prices. All their designers are highly experienced and their vast collection of designs is simply marvelous! Providing affordable designs and patterns is one of their fortes. Their timely service, fair pricing, and highest quality designs makes them standout from other embroidery sites. They believe in providing quality embroidery designs with courteous service in a fast and friendly manner. Find a great collection of scary Halloween embroidery designs here and get started now!

Fantastic Machine Embroidery Designs to Decorate and Embellish Your Items

Whether you want to add a crafty look to your home décor or you want to give a personal touch to your gift items, you will find almost every type of machine embroidery designs at OregonPatchWorks. Create embroidered projects, including cushions, table runners, tablecloths, wall hangings, tote bags, kitchen towels, bath towels, linens, quilts and much more. We have a myriad array of designs, all fantastic, some adorable, some elegant and all lovely which can transform your projects from average into something quite spectacular. We believe in providing high-quality machine embroidery designs along with excellent customer service provided in a fast and friendly manner. We have maintained these same high standards since OPW Mall’s inception 15 years ago. Our outstanding digitizers are highly professional and experienced at what they do as they create unique designs of all kinds. Providing the finest quality of embroidery designs is one of our specialties.

If you’re on the hunt for decorative embroidery designs for your home décor items, apparel, gift projects, and more, come to OPW Mall and find your favorite embroidery designs ranging from fill stitch, applique, free standing lace, cutwork, cross stich and more at competitive prices.

At OPW Mall, we have 100-plus fantastic digitizers that offer unique and beautiful styles of embroidery. Some of them are illustrated below:

Attic Treasures by Carolyn

Carolyn is an excellent embroidery designer, who has created beautiful designs such as Floral Alphabet, Glorious Spring, Scrolls and Roses, Lacy Monogram, Spring Flowers, Hearts and Flowers, Christmas Decorations, Roosters and Hens, Holly Berries and more. She has been in the field of digitizing for over 20 years. Aside from digitizing, she also loves to make children’s clothing, do heirloom hand embroidery and spend time with her grandchildren.

The designs listed below are digitized by Carolyn

Floral Alphabet: Stitches well on napkins, tote bags, glasses case, flour sack towels, cushions, bottle wraps, hooded towels, and more. Buy now and get 50% off on all selected designs.

 Floral Alphabet

Glorious Spring: Stitches well on table linens, placemats and runners, table runner, mug rugs, etc. Place your order today and get 50% off on all selected designs.

Glorious Spring

Aljay Designs by Louise

Louise is highly ardent about her work and truly enjoys the world of embroidery. “I first became interested in embroidery about 15 years ago and have been digitizing for 13 years. I love doing designs in a light, variable stitch density, and flowers are my favorite subject.” says Louise. She has created a beautiful assortment of designs, including Lovely Violets Sets 1 and 2 Large, Christmas Décor Table Setting, Aquarium Set 1 Large, Rainbow Star Cushion, Aljay Semi Circles Set 1 Large and more. All of her designs are beautifully detailed and are a joy to stitch.

The designs listed below are digitized by Louise

Lovely Violets Sets 1 and 2 Large: These lovely violets add charm to your home décor items such as quilts, curtains, bedroom linens, table Linens, cushions, etc. Buy Set 1 & 2 together and save $10.

 Lovely Violets Sets 1 and 2 Large

Christamas Décor Table Setting: These Christmas designs perfectly fit hoop sizes from 4×4 inch to 6×8 inch hoop size. They can be used on dining room linens, Christmas stockings, tree skirts or any other Christmas items you want to decorate. Buy now and get 25% of on all selected designs.

Christamas Décor Table Setting

Each design in OPW Mall’s embroidery design library will complement any room in your home; add charm to your personal projects and add a personal touch to gift items on your holiday list.

Bring fun and creativity to all your projects this year with our eye-catching machine embroidery designs.

By OPW Mall – Be the Part of #ILoveOPW Giveaway Contest and Win Free Embroidery Designs

I Love OPW

OPW is running #IloveOPW giveaway contest for its new and existing customers. To win free machine embroidery designs, all you have to do is to enter #IloveOPW giveaway contest and follow us on #Instagram; upload your project’s photos using OPW’s designs. In addition to this you can upload your project’s photos on our Facebook Page too. The best comments will win eight free machine embroidery designs.

Here are the three steps you need to follow:

  1. Follow @oregonpatchworks on Instagram
  2. Take a photo: Show us projects using OPW designs
  3. Tag @oregonpatchworks #ILoveOPW #Embroidery

OPW Mall is organizing a Treasure Hunt Contest: Win Free Designs

OregonPatchWorks has organized a treasure hunt event for everyone to participate in, to celebrate their 15th Anniversary on the web. Starting September 1st, the hunt is on! They are hiding a darling image of a “Tribal Fox”, which will be hidden in plain sight on OPW Mall’s web pages. Over 100 machine embroidery designers’ stores are at the online mall and one tribal fox will be hidden at each store. It’s your job to find the tribal foxes to win free machine embroidery designs!

Everyone’s a winner! FYI: The prizes range from one design for finding one tribal fox to 60-100 designs for finding 100 or more tribal foxes and other prizes in between, so expect to spend some time hunting to win the big prizes. Don’t give up! If you get called away or busy with something else in the middle of the hunt, no problem… just set your list aside and get back to it later… you have until September 15th to turn in your entry. Keep going until you find them all to get the fabulous grand prize!

The OPW Mall team wants you to HAVE FUN looking through the fantastic embroidery designs at the mall. And they have just added a great new WISH LIST feature on the site, so now, when you see designs you love while you are looking for the tribal foxes, you can put items on your wish list and email it to yourself, so you can shop later! You’ll see the “Add to Wish List” buttons on the pages that show the embroidery designs.

Find the Tribal Foxes and Get the Exciting Prizes

  1. If you find one tribal fox, you will get a free embroidery design (OPW’s choice) for participating in the treasure hunt contest.
  2. If you find ten tribal foxes, you will get a free design collection of 10 designs plus the one free design (OPW’s choice – 11 designs total).
  3. If you find 50 tribal foxes, you will get three bonus samplers with 8 designs in each plus the one free design (25 designs total – you choose the samplers). There are 138 samplers to choose from, including 10 brand new ones (to be released September 1st), plus more coming soon after that!
  4. If you find 100 or more tribal foxes, you will get a Silver Threads Golden Needles Club archive. No membership is required – you get your choice of your favorite archive of 60-100 designs plus the one free design. There are 146 archives to choose from!

Instructions – Hunt begins September 1st

  1. Download the master list of Designer Stores here:
    vintage embroidery designs
  2. Open the Main Embroidery Index that shows all of the designers’ sites here:
    discount embroidery designs 
  3. Click each link to go to each designer’s store. Check each collection or single page until you find the Tribal Fox, then go back to Step 2 and repeat Step 2 and 3 until you find them all. There is one hidden in every designer’s store. Keep hunting, they are all there!
  4. Email your list to support@oregonpatchworks.com with “Tribal Fox” in the subject line. Remember to tell us your machine format.

a) If you find 1-49 tribal foxes, the OPW team will email you the designs you qualify for (either just one free design, or the free collection and free design).

b) If you find 50-99 foxes, tell them which three samplers you want; each sampler has 8 designs and can be viewed from here: Embroidery Sampler Designs

5.  Submit once only and wait up to 10 days for processing. After 10 days, if you have not  heard from them, resubmit your entry or call them at 541-359-0879.

6. The hunt ends September 15, 2015 at midnight Pacific Time.

Enjoy hunting through their talented designers’ beautiful web pages and take advantage of the great offers you find on them! Happy Hunting!


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