Embroidery Hoop

When you think of embroidery patterns, you may think of the holiday season, but many embroidery patterns are in style all year. Some patterns may have lost their popularity, but many pattern designs are always trendy. You can find designs for machine embroidery that have withstood the test of time. Go online today and choose a design that fits your tastes. Whether embroidering items for your clothing or friends or family, you can find just the right pattern to add that special touch.


An embroidered rose, surrounded by greenery, makes a great decoration for a pillowcase or a tablecloth. Roses look pretty on doilies and runners on your dining room table. You can order the pattern for the front of a blouse or dress. Roses bring a little life to a white garment. You can choose from over a dozen patterns with as many roses, buds, and greenery as you like.

Embroidery Playground

Playground patterns are still popular for children’s quilts and wall hangings. Whether it’s a design from the Sweet Lizzy, Vintage Playtime Children, or a Sunbonnet collection, the design will make a great addition to your young child’s bedroom. You can pass the quilt on to your next child, your grandchild, or someone else in your family. Your embroidered item can last for generations.


Playful designs of animals are great for kids. You can choose from six patterns of jungle creatures, like the elephant or giraffe. The animals are done in applique and are easy to stitch to a blanket or a hoody towel. Choose from nine animals in the Ovistin in Africa collection or seven Havilah designs.


A dainty frame will look great on your quilt blocks or the corners of a pillow. You can place your child’s initials or another design in the center of the frame. You can select from ten different frame designs. Each design is unique, so select the one that’s just right for you.

Roses Embroidery


Do you spend a lot of time on the water or live near a body of water? Check out the marine designs. You can get a nautical collage pattern to embroider on your favorite sailing outfit. You have a dozen collage designs to choose from, so choose which element you want to highlight in your pattern. You can go with a pattern of a single element from the collage, like an anchor or a starfish. Decorate your linen in your bedroom, your towels in your bathroom, or the pillows in your living room to show your love of the sea. Check out a collection of beach patterns. Choose from nine patterns, including a sandcastle, a lighthouse, a dolphin, or an umbrella chair on the beach from Allstitch designs.

With over 100 embroidery machine designers available at OPW Mall, you can find the perfect pattern, with any one you are looking for. You may be interested in the playful designs for a quilt you’re making for your grandchild, you may be looking for a design to add an elegant touch to your dining room table, or you may want to add some jazz to your favorite blouse or jacket. Go online and click through the designs until you find the one that’s perfect for you.

Go to https://www.oregonpatchworks.com/embroidery/index and check out the online embroidery designs available at OregonPatchWorks. If you have questions, fill out the contact form online or call 541-359-0879 or 888-Lov2Sew.




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