Embroidery designs

Creating decorative crafts and embroidered accessories is a pleasurable hobby. If creating crafts from machine embroidery designs is your passion, you can derive inspiration from everything around you. Spring is the most beautiful time of the year, when the bleak winter paves the way for sunshine and blooming flowers. For embroidery designers, spring offers the perfect motivation to include vivid colors and cute motifs when creating stunning embroidery designs. For those getting ready for spring stitching, this collection of machine embroidery designs will get you started! This blog covers everything associated with the beauty of spring and has design inspirations that you’ll love working on.

Pretty Butterfly Designs

Spring is when butterflies start fluttering around, unleashing the magic of their colorful wings. Butterfly motifs can easily be embroidered on shirts, skirts, and other apparel. Butterfly embroidered designs are also great for baby or toddler outfits, and make for perfect DIY gifts. Use a combination of dark and light hued threads of the same color to create a striking visual effect for your butterfly shape. Start by outlining the entire shape with a triple stitch line and then use pattern fills to fill it in the outlined areas. Use satin stitch to detail the center of the butterfly and embroider the center with a contrasting thread color to create a stunningly detailed design.

Bold Floral Embroidery

Floral detailing is a hot fashion trend.  Embroidery is the perfect way to bring this style to your outfits. Floral embroidery in bright colors can spruce up your spring wear. Floral motifs look great on solid colored crop tops, shorts, and pastel dresses. Use striking thread colors in hot pink, burnt orange, yellow, and purple to create tasteful spring inspired embroidery. 3 dimensional stitch work and additional features such as beads or sequins make embroidery patterns pop.

Blue Bird Pattern

Chirping birds are synonymous with springtime! Cute bird embroidery designs in alluring shades of blue are perfect for baby or toddler dresses, kids’ pouches, and quilts. Spring inspired colors such as yellow, green, and blue makes a vintage themed embroidery pattern look outstanding. A combination of stitches such as triple stitch, satin stitch,  and candlewick knots can be used to create a cute spring inspired embroidery motif.

Word Designs

Create words and phrases welcoming spring with fonts.  Most embroidery machines have built in fonts or you can use pre-digitized fonts to create the words.  Phrases such as ‘Hello Spring’ and ‘Welcome Spring’ can be machine embroidered using a combination of various stitch styles. Pastel-hued thread work, when combined with a few brightly colored details, make for the perfect embroidery palette to welcome spring. These alphabet embroidery designs can be used to create spring-themed table napkins and placemats, brightly detailed throw pillows and lap quilts, table runners and wall hangings, to name a few.

Machine Embroidery

Spring Branch Motifs

Everything comes back to life during the springtime, and trees are no exception! To celebrate the sprouting of the first branches on trees, use patterns like blossoming branches as your embroidery inspiration. These delicate patterns can be enhanced by including little flowers and tiny buds. Simple stitches such as satin and fill stitch are all you need to create elegant embroidery detail. Branch motifs look best when embroidered with green, brown, and a few vibrant colors, but you can let your imagination soar with other colors you would normally not associate with flowers, trees and plants.

Spring inspired stitching is a fun way to welcome this beautiful season into your home through beautifully detailed embroidery. Visit us online at OregonPatchWorks to find beautiful embroidery designs and essential supplies you need to create stunning embroidery projects of your own.



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