10 Machine Embroidery Tips for Beginners

Starting a new embroidery project can be a big challenge unless you have someone to help you throughout the process. Here are 10 machine embroidery tips that will help you enjoy the process.

  1. Relax – You have invested in an embroidery machine and all the supplies that you need for your project. Being nervous is understandable, but if you take it one step at a time, you will do fine. Keep in mind that mistakes are natural and they offer you more opportunities for learning.

Gerbera Daisy String Lights

2. Grow – Learning is a continuous process. The further you explore your craft, the more understanding you will get of how to make things work well together. Try to research online often about your type of art project. You might be surprised at how much information is available and what you can learn from the experience of others.

Festive Christmas

3. Take Your Time – You must practice in order to perfect a design style or pattern. Allow yourself to spend more time reading, practicing or taking craft classes. There are some amazing tutorials available on YouTube which will help you progress in technique and style. Practicing often can help you improve your machine embroidery skills and will pay off in the long run.

Garden Embroidery

4. Start Small – If you are new to machine embroidery, it’s beneficial for you to start with a small project. Start with something easy, then when you have mastered it, proceed to more challenging tasks.  When you are a beginner, a large complicated project can be overwhelming and cause you to lose confidence.


5. Take Notes – Prepare your own notes to help you master future machine embroidery projects. Get a notebook, binder or a journal and start keeping notes of all your projects. Document everything; fabric, the type of stabilizer, thread types and their colors, any machine adjustments made by you and anything else that may help you to improve your results next time. It is also helpful to include photos for reference.

Her Highness

6. Be Frugal – Don’t buy into every gimmick and gadget out there – It’s easy to spend a lot of money on unnecessary things when you are excited about a new hobby. But all you need to get started with your project is an embroidery/sewing machine, scissors, stabilizer, fabric, thread, machine embroidery designs and a creative mind. So do some research on the things you really need before investing in the extras.


7. Get Organized –   Being organized in your work area offers you more productive time in the long run.  It is ideal to have a separate area set aside for your crafting, but you can fit in your hobby in small spaces with some careful planning.  Take advantage of the great space saving modules now available and repurpose common household items.

table cover

8. Test Stitch – A good design heavily depends upon proper stabilizing for the type of fabric used, good quality thread, and sharp, new needles. It’s possible the same design will stitch out in a different way than you expect. The design file may get corrupt during conversion or it may require special handling or stabilizer. To avoid wasting time and materials, get into the habit of test stitching on a similar fabric/stabilizer before starting your actual project.  You can use the test stitches later for quilt squares as donations to a good cause.

TT413 Snowmen Combo

9. Be Fearless – Don’t be afraid to try something new.  Explore new design styles and techniques once you gain some experience. You can try different designs like cutwork, applique, 3D, and freestanding lace designs, to name a few. There is no end to the creativity you can tap into once you get started!


10. Show Off a Little – Once you have completed your project, wear it… share it… display it!  You have worked hard to create a one of a kind, quality craft item, get excited and share your new found love with others.  It is satisfying and fun to share the fruits of your labor with others.

in the hoop santa

We hope you have enjoyed these simple tips to help you get started.  Get ready, get set, GO!  For machine embroidery patterns, including many free samples, checkout The OPW Mall, where YOU are always #1 !


OPW Mall’s Holiday Bonus Offer for Embroidery Enthusiasts

Grab the Best Embroidery Discounts of this Holiday Season!

Are you planning to give personalized gifts to your family and friends on this holiday season? If you’re, then you are in luck, because OPW Mall is offering exclusive “Holiday Bonus Offers” on machine embroidery designs this holiday season.

If you haven’t heard about OPW Mall’s Holiday Bonus Offer, don’t worry we will get you all the information.

There is a 68% off on the patterns from digitizer “Dinkum Designs.” You can avail discounts by using this promo code US20PAYPAL. A large selection of premium embroidery patterns are available in this deal.

Holiday Bonus Offer

Here are some of the best embroidery designs of this offer:

  1. Penguin Fun – Penguin Fun designs can be used to decorate your kid’s clothes like towels, t-shirts, caps, bed sheets, quilts, etc. These cute penguin designs are available in a hoop size of 4X4.

Penguin Fun

2. FSL 12 Days of Christmas – FSL 12 Days of Christmas number patterns can be used for decorating your towels, table mats, kid’s clothes, etc. These designs are available in hoop size of 4X4.

FSL 12 Days of Christmas

3. Cute Teddy – Cute Teddy designs are perfect for greetings and to embellish your kid’s clothes. The cute teddy designs are available in the hoop size of 4X4.

Cute Teddy

4. Bless Our Home – Bless Our Home, one of the best designs of Dinkum Designs. These embroidery patterns can be used to decorate kitchen clothes like kitchen towels, mat rugs, table sheets, linens, etc. These designs are available in hoop size of 4X4.

Bless Our Home

5. Fashion Girl Silhouettes – Fashion Girl Silhouettes beautiful embroidery design can be used to enhance the girl’s clothes. It is available in hoop sizes of 4X4, 5X5, 6X6.

Fashion Girl Silhouettes

6. Bath Time Cuties – Bath Time Cuties designs can be used to beautify your baby’s clothes. Use these embroidery patternsfor beautifying towels, bibs, frocks, t-shirts, etc. These designs are available in the hoop size of 4X4.

Bath Time Cuties

7. FSL Neon Heart – FSL Neon Heart machine embroidery designs can be used for Valentine’s decoration. You can also use them on cup rugs, towels, bed sheets, linens, etc. FSL Neon Heart is available in the hoop size of 4X4.

FSL Neon Heart

8. Rosemaling Beauty – Rosemaling Beauty designs of a bird can be used to embellish your pillow covers, curtains, table linens, towels, etc. These designs are available in the hoop sizes of 4X4, 5X5, 6X6.

Rosemaling Beauty

9. FSL Baby Owls – FSL Baby Owl designs can be used to decorate your doors, walls. Use these designs to make door hangings, wall hangings, mobile hangings, tots, cushions, etc. These designs are available in hoop size of 4X4.

FSL Baby Owls

10. Heirloom Rose Basket – Heirloom Rose Basket designs can be used to decorate your table mats, linens, aprons, etc. These designs are available in hoop size of 4X4.

Heirloom Rose Basket

You can take a look at all embroidery designs at: http://www.oregonpatchworks.com/paypalusapromo.html

We hope this Holiday Bonus Offer at OPW Mall help you create something amazing for your loved ones. Pick your favorite design today! Offer valid till Valentine’s Day, 2016.

Happy stitching!

Best Machine Embroidery Designs

Machine Embroidery Designs for this Christmas

As Christmas is just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to start looking for holiday decorations and to create beautiful gifts for your friends and family with machine embroidery patterns. We at OregonPatchWorks have dozens of Christmas embroidery collections to enhance your halls and rooms with holiday spirit and merriment. Varieties of design types are available in machine embroidery designs. Let’s take a look at them and their application methods.

As it’s Christmas time, we’ve selected some of the Christmas collections from various digitizers that you can use in your decorations and gift-giving this season.

Applique Embroidery Designs – Applique embroidery features fabric with zigzag stitches, satin stitches or decorative stitches that surround sections of fabric. These machine embroidery designs use pieces of fabric to fill inner part of designs and with smooth satin stitches on the edges. Find various applique designs by writing “applique” in the search box in the left column at www.oregonpatchworks.com . A couple of examples of applique embroidery designs are Christmas village and Christmas fun.

christmas village      Applique Christmas Fun

Freestanding Lace Designs – This type of design is comprised of thread only, digitized in a certain manner in which the threads create the design, after the wash away stabilizer is removed. Baskets, flowers and jewelry are few great freestanding lace embroidery designs. A sample for free standing lace design is Christmas Santa.

Christmas Santa

Cross – Stitch Embroidery – It is a popular form of embroidery in which X-shaped stitches in a tile are used to form the design. Cross-stitch is often done on uneven fabric called aida cloth. These cross stitch embroidery designs can be used for pillow covers, runners, curtains, quilts and ornaments etc.  A sample of cross stitch embroidery is “A Cross Stitch Christmas”.

A Cross Stitch Christmas

Other Designs

Crazy Quilt – Crazy quilt designs feature decorative outline stitches or satin stitches. They can be stitched on a single layer of fabric as well as through the layers. Crazy Quilts can be used to make great gifts, tree ornaments and would be super as gift card holders.

Crazy Quilts

Classic Embroidery Designs – It is the most common design and features tatami (fill) stitches. The stitch count in these designs is greater than other types and need at least two layers of stabilizer with the fabric. A sample of classic embroidery design for Christmas gift is Christmas Classic.

christmas classic

ITH (In The Hoop) Embroidery – In ITH embroidery designs, a project is stitched in the hoop. Door hangers, zippered pouches, stockings, and mug rugs, etc. are a few ITH projects you can make. 3D Christmas 2 is a good example of an ITH embroidery pattern.

3D Christmas 2

Alphabets and Fonts – Another type of embroidery designs to embellish your gift cards, apparel, towels and more. The stitch type found in these embroidery patterns is satin, fill, applique or cross stitch. Christmas Alphabet is a great example for this type of embroidery.

Christmas alphabets

Learning how to do these different techniques can be overwhelming at first, but by learning them one by one, you will soon be an expert. The most important feature of embroidery is to have fun with your projects. Many exciting and creative embroidery designs are available for you at OPW Mall. Check out the wide variety of machine embroidery designs and let your creativity soar!